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Official +Koch Amps page. Since 1987 we build Guitar Amplifiers, Speaker Cabinets and Accessoiries.
Official +Koch Amps page. Since 1987 we build Guitar Amplifiers, Speaker Cabinets and Accessoiries.

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Today we received a nice vid from Dutch guitar player Elco Jongkind playing the Koch Jupiter 112. Elco is touring with The Blueshunters and SUR. Check the website for more info.
A big thank you to Elco for making the vid!

Have a nice weekend!!

Koch Jupiter amp. with Elco Jongkind

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Koch Players/Users profile update!

We've got such great response at our players/users profile this first week!

Thank you for sharing!!

So we decided to make a special page (Koch on stage) at our website. We made it very easy to use!
If you would like to share your experiences with Koch Amplification with us, just fill in the form and we will host a new user story every week on our social media en website!

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Discover the history & techniques behind the effects loop. Use these tone tips to determine what effects loop is right for your situation. What do you prefer to use and why, series or parallel?

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Did you know Ace, the guitar player for Skunk Anansie, plays our Powertone guitar amp! #guitar  

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Today, we've launched our new support portal to improve our customer service. Check it out and don't hesitate to drop us a line if you're in need of support.

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Learn more about getting great tube amplifier tones at low volume. #guitar   #amplifier  

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Have a look at the commercial Duncan Bloom produced and get a taste of the video demo's we've got in store for you! Hope you'll love it!  #guitar  

Premier Guitar did an interview with us at the Frankfurt MusikMesse, check it out and read more about our experience at MusikMesse at our blog:

Musikmesse '13 - Koch Amps Jupiter 45 Demo  

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Get an impression of our experience at #MusikMesse 2013 last week. We had a great time seeing our distributors, dealers, artists and guitarplayers from all over Europe. On top of that, we were also interviewed by and Premier Guitar to present our new Jupiter 212 hybrid amplifier! 

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New blog entry! Find out the story behind developing our own custom speakers for our  #guitaramps  
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