Japanese testing of Chinese knotting skill level
Ryoko Minami (https://www.flickr.com/photos/minda-atelier/) seems to be helping out (or administering) tests of Chinese knotting skill level in Japan.  This is what I get out of this 8-): - It's the website for the Japan Chinese knotting association! (http://www.ac.auone-net.jp/~j-cka/index.htm)
- following the links (eg. http://www2.ttcn.ne.jp/~cyu-gokumusubi/kenteij4.htm) you get lovely catalog images of each knot, plus the Chinese name and the Japanese name.  (eg. pipa knot 琵琶(びわ)結び).  Not to mention terminology in isolation.
- it's a glorious trove of information for the translator.
- like zhongguojie.org, they are certifying JCK Association instructors (http://bbs.zhongguojie.org/thread-38743-1-1.html)

Many thanks to +Ana Pozo for the tip!
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