Carrot and Banana Cake for one - no added sugar 

Talking to one of my lovely friends the other week, she mentioned how she wanted to try out some of my healthy cakes but because she lived on her own she didn't want to make a full size cake... which gave me the idea of offering my delicious healthy cakes in smaller portions 
To be honest, Knit 1 Tea 1 is a home of two so I shouldn't really be cooking full size cakes either! This smaller version is a perfect cake for one or two people

Carrot and Banana Cake

70g Spelt Flour (use Atta if you live in Sri Lanka)
1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon.
1 tablespoon of baking powder.
2 pinches of salt.
25g Walnuts chopped (Cashews in SL)
150g bananas (Or 1 large banana)
100g grated carrot.
50g yogurt.
50g raisins.
4 tablespoons of coconut oil.
1 egg whisked.

2  bowls
Cake tin / dish about 6" round ( about the size of your open hand)

Heat the oven to 180C / 350F / Gas 4. Line your cake tin / dish with greaseproof paper (or oil paper as it's called in SL) and grease with coconut oil. 

In the first bowl, add the flour, cinnamon, baking powder, salt, and nuts, and mix together. 

In the second bowl mash the bananas and add the grated carrot and mix. Next stir in the yogurt. Then mix in the raisins, oil and egg with the banana and carrot mix. 

Next mix the dry and wet ingredients together.

Pour into your prepared cake dish and place in the oven, it will take 30-35 minutes to cook, when you check to see if it's cooked by inserting a knife, the knife will not come out completely clean, as it is a lovely moist cake - just how I like them!

I must say baking a smaller cake also made the portions I eat a little smaller too, which is not a bad thing either! 

I hope you enjoy my cake for one! Would love to hear what you think of it!

Take care, Rebecca x

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