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If +Barack Obama is Gay,. +Mitt Romney IS not Gay. One is heading to Heaven, and the other is destined to Hell. Are you Gay ?
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I love the internet. One finds so much (junk) food for thought!
Why does it matter? Oh ya it doesn't just leave people alone
Well in my opinion your fighting over something that's never gonna change no matter what you say or do people will always feel what they feel, period
Dunno 'bout that Tess...sometimes people actually calm down and dialogue about stuff instead of fighting over it...but then, I'm a confirmed idealist.
Ya well I'm a teenage Catholic girl who's best friend just happens to be bi and I love him to death no matter what
i thought you didn't believe in hell....
It will get better Tess...I firmly believe that. Like I said, I'm idealistic, but I've seen this country change a lot in my life. And I am happy that you and your friend have one another!
Ya maybe... The thing that I find funny is I think that younger people are more understanding of it then older people are, no offense
+Angela H I believe in God and I also believe that God is more forgiving than you think he is
+Tess Hebert no offense taken...I grew up Catholic and was taught to hate homosexuality and had to learn how to not feel that way by being open to people and their stories. Most people are set in their ways and it takes a lot to get them to listen compassionately...I think young people perhaps have learned to not close their minds and hearts so much.
I grew up Catholic too I go to Church every Sunday, I went to a Catholic school for seven years, so I hate homosexuality? No way.
I hate the sin of homosexuality, but that should not be confused with me hating homosexuals. What they do in the sack is [should be] their business.
I'm surprised that a Catholic-raised person would be taught to hate homosexuality, honestly. Especially with lesbian bishops, etc.
I'm saying that even though it's in my religion to look at it as a sin I don't because you can't control how you feel.
You have to defy your natural/carnal desires, leave them behind, and follow Christ...right?
Um actually no. I'm a girl, I like guys. I have a best friend who's bi, I have no problems with this no one else should
Well, I am no expert but the bible does say God created Adam and Eve, he created woman to be man's helpmate. Now to my thinking for every man God created a woman. And also if you read the bible you would see the reason's why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Because to my understanding it was because they were gay and corrupt. SSSoooooooooooo, I don't know about you but it seems to me that God was sending a message to the other nations by making an example of them, by destroying them. That being said he also give us the free will and the freedom to choose between right and wrong. every body has to answer to their own judgement.
Because it's not me, it's not my body, it's not my problem
+Tess Hebert so you actually don't believe when the bible says you have to control the lust of your flesh..
Don't forget, to not acknowledge homosexuality as a sin, you have to omit Leviticus.
2 Timothy says you should watch who you are yolked (friends) with.
+Sidney Sivile What?
And I'm not trying to make people believe what I do I'm just saying that no matter your religion you do have a brain and you can think for yourself
+Tess Hebert No i actually get you.
People mistake knowing about God and believing in God.
It's not birth determinate...that assumption is dependent upon your worldview (not Biblical, obviously).
Well, I was just saying where my beliefs are founded. By the way I do have gay friends and we agree to disagree about the way they live their lives. Yes sometimes I have a problem with it, I try to understand that's its their lives, not mine. But let's face it what they do affect us all, because some of us may not be as fortunate as Lot to have angels come and warn us to get out of the city before it is destroyed.
Touche, +Douglas Gentry, I was just about to say the same to you ;) I believe you are asking me to effectively downgrade, sir.
Having faith in something other than God (ie: pseudo-science) is simply irrational.
You're right +Philip Smith it is irrational because faith requires no scientific basis to believe in it. Science, is based on evidence. Most people who believe in a scientific beginning to the universe use the known evidence to form their opinion. Not what they read from a single book. So for someone to have "faith in science" is very irrational.
This psychologist is nutz. How crazy do you have to be before other psychologists say you are too crazy to practice.
+Greg Kellogg but there is evidence in history hat jesus existed, he died, raised again, people saw him can you disapprove that??
and not only few but many, can they all be lying about a single event??
I can't disprove Jesus existed, I'm sure he did exist. To say he raised from the dead is hearsay. There is no empirical evidence to suggest he died (by our standard definition of death) and then came back from the dead.

We all know word of mouth is the worst way to transfer information.
+Greg Kellogg well why is hes grave still empty or where are hes bones, we all know bones take millions of years to decompose.

Remember this information was not from a single source, i find it had that hey can all be lying.
Excuse me!!!! Let me see if I understand you Gregg Kellogg correctly you are saying that Jesus did not die for our sins, and was not risen from the dead 3 days later?
You've never heard of grave robbers? If I wanted to create my own religion, I'd be sure to remove the evidence to support my claim.

Again, word of mouth is hearsay. Lack of evidence is not evidence (missing bones).
Maybe he did +Lisa Holder I'm just saying there's no solid evidence supporting the claim.
You do not need evidence you just believe and have Faith.
+Douglas Gentry Should have been more specific, Dr. Paul Cameron who advocates curing homosexuality "by force" I shudder to think what he means by that.
That's the whole point Lisa, someone was comparing faith to science. Two completely different ideas.
+Greg Kellogg i thought eye wittiness is evidence enough to prove that something occurred, am i wrong here?
+Greg Kellogg,+Lisa Holder, The two are completely different and yet they can be complementary if you approach neither dogmatically.
+Sidney Sivile Eye witness testimony is not scientific fact. In fact if I look hard enough, I'm sure I could find recent examples where two people saw the same event and interpreted in two, completely different ways. It may be acceptable in some courts, but people do lie, they do misunderstand what they're seeing.

Even in Science, which is not perfect, two different scientists can interpret the same data in two different ways.
Wait.."touche"? Not a bad word, unless you are racist. :P
+Greg Kellogg so what you're saying these 10+ people who wrote about the same event with such accuracy could probably be lying.
Where in history has such a thing happened
People can be coerced into saying what someone who is more powerful wants them to say. That happens all the time (How many Germans in the 1940's really hated Jewish people?). There are a lot of plausible explanations to account for why 10+ people say the same thing. History shows it is far more likely for lying/misunderstanding than someone rising from the dead (something that has not happened since). Statistically speaking the odds of 10+ people lying or being told to repeat something they maybe did not even witness is higher than someone rising from the dead.

I don't think there is anything wrong, but you have faith the people were telling the truth, and the events happened as they described. It's not evidence.
+Greg Kellogg anyway you're just a carnal mind so i wouldn't want to take this any further, but the truth is that God does show evidence that he exists. You don't have to believe it but it's the truth.

Nice chating with you see ya
+Sidney Sivile I do not believe the 9/11 Commission Report to be completely true, as it is massively incomplete. I believe it to be a lie because the report excluded evidence.
I hope you don't think I'm dodging you question, btw. That is not my intent.
+Sidney Sivile To each their own Sidney, some would call me carnal because I disagree with them, others would think I have common sense. Again, neither is evidence I'm one way or the other :D

People that have studied the story of Jesus even admit, there is no way to prove or disprove the event took place. These are people who have spent the majority of their adult lives studying the history. There is not enough evidence supporting or disproving the event from taking place, or else it would be considered a known fact throughout the world.
This sounds like a Ricky Gervase(?spelling?) joke.
Mitt Romney probably still thinks black people should be slaves.
Obama is stupid. he's trying to get more and more people to vote for him again by supporting these subjects but in the end, more and more people are disliking him. especially Christians.

honestly, i would vote for +Mitt Romney but i'm too young, so who wants to do it for me?!
you took the words out of my mouth; well said
We know who's destined to hell. Obama
some people call him the Anti-Christ...
this guy is retarded
I laugh to all hardcore believers XD

Hey, I am proud to be an atheist

But unlike the rude people (you know who YOU are) here,
I don't mind if you believe in an religion
but if forced it upon others then yea...
Screw you

I do support Obama's same-sex decision.
Marriage between two people regardless of sex is a civil right not a religious one.
+Richard Lam that's not nice; we believe in what we believe and you believe in what you believe
+Robert Lee That's my point, but PEOPLE continue to push their religion onto others. Example: People argue then points out, "Well the Bible says..." or "Jesus wouldn't do that" or "God is all loving and"
These type of people are annoying
well so are you; you also try to force the idea on us that we cannot force the idea on you; actually, we're not forcing it. we're just showing you why we're right
(sigh…) this is gonna last a long time.
this is going to be my third debate in a week...if he decides to keep it going
So basically if you are praising your religion, the only thing I got in my power is ask you to shut up with possibly that may not happen. So basically this isn't really about religion just that you're a douche who isn't curtious even if we don't want to hear it. Correct?
no; do whatever you want; but it doesn't change the fact that my religion is true
Omg.... Ignorance is a bliss.
i guess my work here is done
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