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human can't define exactly before he walk on
Dzīve turpinās, mums pārējiem citā dimensijā.
long article , but very interesting ,a good read , leads one to believe there IS more to life than just this life
Final Gifts, a book by a pair of hospice nurses, offers great insight on approaching death. A good read in the event you or anyone you love might have occasion to die. Dealing with dying is a good way to get on with living, as it helps put things in perspective.
I'm quite sceptic. For one thing, the clicks don't click all the time, and you can hear other things. And, as the clicks do show reactions, it is obvious that the brain is not completely shut down, the patient is merely unconscious. We are not conscious when we dream, either.

My mother had a appendix operation about 20 years ago. She told me afterwards that she had significant memory of the operation, voices, people doing things inside her intestines, etc., even though she did not feel pain or could move or say anything.

The dreams I have during illness, even something very remote from life-threatening like common flu, are so weird that I don't have any problem believing even more weird dreams in more critical situations.
i have experienced out of body...and i did see the lite when i had to be yes i do believe in it...souly
Had open heart. So when they stopped me I didn't see anything or anyone. The gas passer said I had died a couple of times and they had a hard time starting me back up. I was actually pissed that I didn't even get a "go back, not your time" telegram!
Vel Ma
I RTFA'd and it made me wonder. A friend had an NDE when he'd been operated on to repair some damage from a traffic accident. He was in a semi-comatose state before the operation, during which he had a massive coronary shutdown.

He was clinically dead for about five minutes. But the guy was talking to a sort of an interviewer (during an otherwise typical NDE), who told him to go back, because his time wasn't yet. He actually died three times. Third time's the charm?
Quite an interesting article. Thanks for sharing! Even if they are hallucinations, some people can see things happening beyond the room, or things that are impossible to see with eyes closed. So... it's not as simple as that.
I had an NDE with what I perceived to be an OBE, when I was 12. Bothered me for a long time.Read alot of New Age crap, resolved it, to myself as an anomaly and put it out of my mind. Good article. Thanx for sharing.
No living being can define it. We can't know some things. That's just how life works.
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