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Big News and Updates for +Klinker Apps, Inc.

Let's start off this holiday weekend, for those of us in the US, in the right direction! How about some updates for your favorite apps?

I am happy to announce that, as of yesterday, I am officially the sole owner and developer of Klinker Apps! +Jacob Klinker and I have had an amazing run, but unfortunately he is getting ready to move away and the new job isn't something he can do along with this work, so you are all stuck with me now :)

Along with this BIG news, I have got some pretty sweet updates ready for everyone! Talon for Twitter, EvolveSMS, and Source News Reader are all getting sizable bumps this morning!

Go ahead and check the pictures on this post for the full change logs, but some highlights:

- Pitch Black primary color option
- View media types (GIF/video) when looking at a users pictures on their profile
- UI improvements in app and for Android Nougat's multi-window
- Plus WAY more if you check out the changelog picture or the "What's New" section in settings

Source: Build for Android Nougat!
- Huge tablet UX overhaul
- Pitch black primary color option
- New article viewer
- Again, WAY more if you check out the changelog :)

EvolveSMS: Build for Android Nougat!
- Support for Android Marshmallow's internal "secure notifications" settings (Evolve had this before on its own, just supports it with Marshmallow's setting now too)
- New image viewer
- Transition animations
- And, for the last time, more if you check out the app!

Enjoy 'all - I can say with confidence, the future is looking so good for Klinker Apps! Look for more updates to come and maybe even a few more apps if I get around to finishing up some of my ideas and in-progress work. Let me know what you think!
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Talon for Twitter + Android O

After a bit of beta testing, the latest release of Talon is now available for everyone!

Being the progressive developer that I am ;), of course it has full support for Android O. In terms of user-facing features, you will see the new adaptive icon, as well as support for notification channels. There are tons of other requirements for Android O, but you have been seeing most of them roll out over the past few months.

Not on O? Most aren't, no worries. There are goodies for you in this version too!

- Improved launcher icon
- Send attachments in direct messages
- View GIFs and videos in direct messages
- A quick settings tile to compose new tweets (Android 7.0+)
- Dynamic launcher shortcuts for quick access to your profiles (Android 7.1+)

More awesome stuff to come in the future, enjoy the update!

Note: I think it goes without saying, but obviously Android O is not finalized yet. There may be bugs when using Talon that aren't possible to anticipate due to system issues. Please recognize that that is a preview release of Android and that improvements will be made to the system as a whole.

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I am so excited for this version. Worth all the time that went into it!
Talon for Twitter 6.0.0

After a great beta test, I am happy to release my massive revamp of Twitter, to everyone!

Talon 6 overhauls all of the pieces of the app you use most, from profiles and tweets, to the image and article viewer. Everything is faster, everything is sleeker, everything is easier to use, and everything looks way better. Plus, this version comes with a ton of new features.

New Features

- Massive overhaul of the UI for the tweet viewer and profile viewer
- Advanced filtering options for a user's profile. See all their tweets and interactions in one place and choose which types of tweets you want to see
- View threads on a tweet, instead of just the direct replies to the tweet
- View a user's lists on their profile (if they are public)
- Option to only show people you are following, when auto-completing a mention


- Improved drag-to-dismiss on the tweet viewer, profile viewer, image viewer, and article viewer
- Article viewer: better quotes, faster image loading, and a black theme
- Image loading: improved speed, consistency, and data usage
- Fixes for the video and YouTube players
- Simplified the in-line tweet expansion
- Improved UI for replying to, and quoting, tweets
- Better tablet support and layouts
- Long clicking a chip on a user profile will de-select all the other filters
- Twitter Moments links will always open to the Twitter webpage, since they don't make these available to third party apps.

I have been working on this update for quite awhile and it is the biggest update to Talon in the past year. Your Twitter experience has never been better. I am so happy to get it into everyone's hands!

Let me know what you think, and enjoy the update! If you are a developer, I will be open sourcing the drag-dismiss activity sometime this weekend, so look forward to that as well :)

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ICYMI, Talon getting a massive update to 6.0, currently in beta!
Talon for Twitter - 6.0.0 BETA

Today, I am happy to be releasing Talon 6.0.0 to BETA. This version has been a ton of work and time, but it is well-worth the wait!

I iterated on all of the pieces of the app you use most, from profiles and tweets, to the image and article viewer. Everything is faster, everything is sleeker, everything is easier to use.

Along with a huge UI overhaul, I put in a ton of new and unique features as well. I think everyone will appreciate this changelog:
- Advanced filtering options for a user's profile. See all their tweets and interactions in one place and choose which types of tweets you want to see
- View threads on a tweet, instead of just the direct replies to the tweet
- View a user's lists on their profile (if they are public)
- Simplified the in-line tweet expansion
- Option to only show people you are following, when auto-completing a mention

For a full look at the changes and improvements, and to find out how to get into the beta version, head to our blog (link attached).

Enjoy the update 'all! I am beyond pleased with how it turned out :)

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Simplify Android Wear 2.0 and Maximize Maintainability

For devs: feeling overwhelmed trying to get your app prepared for Android Wear 2.0? Here are our tips on simplifying the app structure, reducing code duplication, and maximizing maintainability.

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Pulse SMS 2.0 with Android Wear 2.0 Stand-alone App

Finally, Google pulled the trigger on the public release of the new Android Wear!

If you know anything about my work, you know I like being first, and this is no exception. So, if you have an Android Wear 2.0 device, Pulse is now available as a stand-alone watch app!

Downloading it should be as easy as visiting the Play Store on your watch:

Don't have an Android Wear watch? No worries, I still have some goodies for you with Pulse 2.0. The new version improves on the message spacing within any conversations. If you have multiple sent or received messages, they will now be display closer together to show the grouping. A small change, but makes a huge difference when you are chatting all the time.

Enjoy the update folks, and let me know when you get to try the Android Wear 2.0 app!

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See how we made it to all the apps you know and love!
Klinker Apps has a pretty unique story. To really kick off the blog: learn a bit about where we started and what set the tone for all the apps you know and love today.

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Pulse v0.13.0

Talon isn't the only one that gets in on the update fun. Have been working really hard to improve the web experience for Pulse, and tonight, I am happy to announce that it has been released, along with the accompanying app changes!

Tons of new stuff for the web tonight, take a look!

- New for web: Applies the day/night, dark, light, and black theme that you have set in the app
- New for web: Mirrors the global color theme that you set in the app
- New for web: Use the "rounder bubbles" option that you set in the app
- New for web: Settings section in the navigation drawer, to pull in your changes from the app
- New for web: Create new scheduled messages
- New for web: Use the device management page to remove old, unused, devices (My Account -> Devices)

There are a few things in the background, on the Android side, that are used to support these web changes, but, basically, whenever you make a change on Android, you can also go into the web's "Settings" section and apply them there!

Enjoy 'all! Update is live on the web now, and the Android app should be hitting your devices shortly. I can't say I consider myself nearly as much of a web developer, as an Android one, but I am extremely happy with how all this turned out :)

_Note: if the changes don't show up right away, they will if you refresh the page._
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New update for Talon today!
Talon for Twitter v5.7.0

Put out a new update for talon this morning, comes with the highly requested ability to remove images from the compact layout!

Compact layout not your thing? No problem, I have plenty more updates to come!

Enjoy 'all!

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Pulse (SMS/Tablet Messenger)

Texting done right, from any of your devices! Sleek/fluid design with awesome features.

Finally ready to take the BETA tag off of my latest creation: Pulse. Over the past few months, I have worked to bring it to the big leagues, adding feature after feature, and squashing bugs. The result? This is an app you won't want to go without.


Awesome Features:

Here is a small taste of what you get with Pulse:

- Texting, through your personal phone number, on your tablet, Android TV, Google Chrome app/extension, Firefox extension, or ANY device connected to the web!
- Night and black theme
- Conversation archiving
- Share photos, videos, audio, location, and contact vCards
- Attach GIFs from Giphy
- Tons of customizations on a per contact basis
- Blacklist phone numbers
- Scheduled messages
- Search messages and conversations
- Quick reply
- Snooze notifications
- Automatic message backup and restore
- Dual-SIM support
- and so much more!

On top of that, you get the latest and greatest security, so you can know that your information is safe with us. The app uses strong end-to-end encryption techniques so that not even I can see what your conversations are about or who they are with.


Always connected:

With Pulse, you have access to your messages from anywhere[1]. We have support for:

- Android phones and tablets
- A web app (
- Chrome and Firefox apps
- Android Wear
- and even Android TV!

With the web app, you can literally view and send messages from anywhere, on any of your devices. That is as powerful of a texting experience as you are going to get, and something that even the biggest player's haven't always gotten right!


What are you waiting for? Go download!

Pulse is now available for everyone, and it is something special. If SMS is your platform of choice, grab it on the Google Play Store NOW. You will instantly be hooked.

If SMS isn't your platform of choice, then download the app and we will see if we can change that.

Enjoy 'all. Has been an absolute blast turning this one from a neat concept into the amazing reality that you get to see today. The ceiling is the limit, I am beyond excited for this app, I have so many cool things planned for the future :)

[1] While using the app on your phone is, and ALWAYS WILL BE, completely free, messaging from your other devices is only accessible with a purchase. A single-time purchase of $10.99 will get you a lifetime subscription, or you can have a 7-day trial with one of our subscription prices ($5.99 / year, $1.99 / three months, or $0.99 / month). Obviously this trial or these subscriptions can be cancelled or upgraded at any time.

I, along with the current users, think that these prices are extremely reasonable when compared to the competition, and know that you will agree after trying the app.

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