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Kleverson Royther

I just installed it and I'm loving it so far! Is there any plans to add double-tap-and-drag zoom functionality (a la Google Camera) or at least slide up and down (a la Motorola Camera)? Also, it would be nice to be able to swipe from the right edge to access the gallery. Those gestures can really make anyone's life easier. Also, how do I join the beta program? The Play Store card says it's full.

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Well, some seriously great apps by a seriously great team! One can only dream!

Happy holidays!

To celebrate this festive period FKUpdater will be on a 30% OFF sale until the 1st of January. Get it here:
It recently added support for the Pixel, One Plus 3 and One Plus 3T and has a boat load of features to help you manage your rooted device with FK (and with some other Kernels too), and more to come!

But that's not all! Up until the 1st of January you also have a chance to win a bundle of promo codes containing some of my popular apps, worth at least $10/10€:
- FKUpdater
- 5217
- Focus

You simply have to re-share this post and I'll randomly choose 25 users from the re-shares pool. I'll announce the winners on the 7th of January, 1 week after this sale ends.

Xmas icons made by the one and only +Liam Spradlin, follow him for more of his magical work.

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I'm creating a sprite sheet just now, and a question came to me.
I have the base sprite and I need to do copies of this base to create the animation. Is there a way to automate this process?
Like, I have the character standing still, now I need to make it walk. I want to be able to just lift its arms and legs to the end point of the animation and Illustrator would create the other ten steps between still and with legs and arms lifted.

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Sorry for bothering you again, but what Pebble Time color looks best with a steel watchband? White or black?
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Black version
White version

For Pebblers in England.
Did you order your Pebble through the website? Did you have to pay anything to pick it up? I'm not English, but I have a friend there and I'm gonna ask him to bring me one when he comes back.
For instance, if I choose Free Shipping on their website, is it completely free? Or are there customs taxes? 

Quem comprou o Pebble direto do site? Teve que pagar alfândega? Ou o envio via UPS deles já cobre isso?

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Pebble Steel or Pebble Time? Please read before voting: (also, please share your reasons if you don't mind)

My Pebble Classic is dead and I need another one ASAP. But I live in Brazil and I'll have to buy a used one.

I have a friend in England that I could ask him to bring me a Pebble Time I found at Amazon UK for around £80 (roughly R$440).,but I'm afraid of the risk of issues in the process and the watch either not getting here or the transaction not occurring.

I also have found a Pebble Steel for R$600 here in Brazil in a store that's kinda like Brazil's eBay. It's guaranteed that it'll get here, but it has fewer features than Pebble Time. 
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Pebble Steel
Pebble Time

Does anybody out there have a Pebble Steel or Time catching dust to give/sell?

I'm feeling kinda lost here after the screen on my Pebble Classic stopped working (and seen in this post

And, since I live in Brazil, if I buy a new one from their website I'm gonna be painfully taxed (the one I had was a gift).

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So, my Pebble finally gave in. I already saw many pebblers with this issue, yet I don't know what to do. Tried the pressing-up-and-down-repeatedly trick but no luck, contacted the support team but no answer. Any help? Or does anybody have one to give me?
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