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Reminds me of the movie Metropolis :))
Beautiful! I love the lone figure climbing up.
Love the composition here - all those strong lines!
Great capture. Thx. for sharing :-)
Urban jungle! Tells a story, and a great metaphor for corporate life. lovely photo
Your sense of geometry and of lines playing off each other really shines in this composition. I love the way the lines of the stars spread fan-like from the vanishing point against the perfectly rectilinear wall, which could be mistaken for graph paper. The addition of the small human figure adds another dimension of meaning. One wonders about the philosophy of creating structures that make man appear to dwindle to insignificance. Perhaps that is a good thing, since, far too often, human ego seems boundless. Perhaps we need structures like this to give us a much needed dose of humility.
The lines and the size ratio impress me
great perspective lines! top shot+++
Splendid lines and great contrast provided by the black human figure. Nice patterns in the background, too.
Excellent shot with impressive atmosphere!
all graphics and architecture... great shot!
Look at that tiny, and yet so important for this picture. Amazing
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