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Some people just have the wrong attitude!

As you may know, I am starting to build a new YouTube channel for you with making-of videos and tutorials. This requires a lot of time and effort and, of course, it is completely free. I had the impression that most people receive this offer quite well. But it seems that there are people that are quite angry and demanding about it.

Here is what one of my visitors has to say:

"Pointless videos, seriously??????, they are of no help at all. When I seen you were starting up a youtube channel I would have thought you would include proper paced instructions with the videos. The videos just show getting a to b but you dont give us the directions?"

I am fascinated by the type of attitude that some people display.

Read the comment and my response on the page linked below.
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Please simply ignore such ignorant people. You are giving a lot to the community!
Good handling of the "critic". Lots of people out there seem to think they are owed everything. Thank you for the free instruction on your website...and the time and thought you put into it.
waw u are a  genius !! Who can ever say smthg not wonderful about all this excellent work?! i can't believe that there can be ppl that don't like all this O.O , maybe they don't like the music so talk in a negative view about the whole video :D 
its magnifique ^^
Great work, please just continue it! Fantastic tutorials, I've already learned a lot, thank you very much! Keep on making such excellent tutorials - thank you in advance! And pls just ignore the idiots ;-)
There will always be a few bad apples in the batch who jump to complain. I've found it best to just remain polite and concentrate on the vast majority of people who are kind and generous.
Clearly that guy should get an immediate refund.  :)

Klaus, I for one appreciate the videos and other advice you've offered.  I'm sure many other people do as well.  I think that if you had to form an opinion of humanity based solely on the comments from youtube videos, you'd have to conclude that we were not fit to exist.
+Klaus Herrmann Really nice and excellent video!  I had no idea one can do so much for an image.  Also I really like your web site!
Fascinating video!  Probably instructional to someone who already knows a fair amount of what they're doing, and utterly unhelpful to someone who doesn't have a clue.  And, sadly, most people can't/don't read, so he probably just missed that this was not a how-to manual.  The world is filled with jerks, and they seem to come out in droves on the internet.  Keep doing what you want and ignore them.  
you have to respect everyones opinions as we all have them leslie,i am an admin in 7groups and i run 1 alone,and yes their is bad apples as you say,though you will tend to find these people have underlying problems,so i talk to them and try and offer advice,at least 80% have been successfull,jason you tube is only their for those "who care to watch it"it is mostly joke videos though the only time i visit you tube is to listen to my music,take-care everyone x
+Christian Öser +Erin Frederick +Patrick Ottoy +Chris Cehov +Viktor Veres +Leslie Nicole +Jason Noble +Bob Rickert +Angelika Sensebusch +John H. Moore Thanks for the kind words and the support, guys!

+Jason Noble "Clearly that guy should get an immediate refund." LOL Exactly that was my feeling. It seemed as if I owed him something.

+Michael Martin "mostly joke videos though" There are lots of useful things on YouTube (among all the joke videos). I hope, I am able to contribute to the useful side of it.
Funny how people get really upset when the free thing they get isn't the free thing they want.  Ignore non-constructive criticism and haters and know that there are multitudes of others that appreciate the effort that goes into your instructive videos.
Don't listen to the haters. I loved your video and I look forward to future videos. 
if i can add something more... it's not only about ignoring them ,but even not get the bother to read even the first letter that they click , people today don't like or accept someone that can provide something more useful from what they are used to see, so the only way that they have to make you think what they want you to believe , is only by talking without any valuation about someone else work or creation.... if someone don't like smthg , he/she should know that education is smthg very useful and while it is useful , USE it !  if someone don't like smthg ,can only say don't like it and that's all , because every single work that someone make shoul be valuated even a little bit ... :) 
Sounds like the typical person who wants to be told how to do something step by step (and usually like being told what to do about everything in their life) rather than having a bit of imagination and ingenuity. I watched both of your videos and I learned a lot even at their fast pace... not to mention as you said they are FREE. Lets see what I can remember from your vids.. Proper ordering / organization of layers, using layers for global and local adjustments, a way to use Topaz re-mask that I hadn't thought of, vignetting for more depth, desaturation of pillars and darkening of blacks for contrast.. ect.. ect..  I appreciate your vids and they have already open my eyes to some really stupid post mistakes I was making and have also given me ideas moving forward.
Haha, like you present a total stranger a delicious cake with with whipped cream and he starts to scold you that there is no cherry on top!
The end result looks great! but it seems like it takes a long time to produce. Would you not prefer to use Adobe Lightroom since it has the same tools as your other programs all in one place?
+Tim Wright What you mainly see in this video is Photoshop, and a large part of the work can simply not be done in Lightroom. One reason is that Lightroom does not have the layers concept. The other software is Photomatix for the HDR creation and Topaz Labs filters. 
Honestly, I can actually kinda understand this guy... If his reason to watch the video is to learn how to Photoshop and edit HDR images, well of course he gets disappointed. Clearly, this wasn't why you put you the video - I guess it was to show how YOU edit your photos, and to show the huge amount of work that goes into producing such a stunning photo. 

Like the person who commented on your video, I'd also like to learn your techniques in detail, but I also learned something from watching your video, even though I assume it it was made for teaching purposes :-)
Gobshites! You're one of the best in the HDR community Klaus. Keep up the great work. Please. Smiley face.
Klaus, don't worry what the others say, just continue doing what you do, always you will find somebody that not agree with you, but in my opinion, you are doing it very fine. Thanks for you contribution to the understanding of the new technics on art creation. You are right!
I find your videos great, keep the good work going. Thanks 
Please remain fascinated by others behaviour, but don't worry about it. The human ego thrives on pain and suffering, with some egos having a larger appetite than others. The ego survives in the past and future, and does not represent the true self, which lives only in the present. So don't worry about the ego of others, as the real trigger for their negative reactions is only known to themselves, and not directly to anything you may (or may not) have said or done. Also, when some people (men in particular) get upset, they get quite angry (the ego has taken over). Your visitor's comment seems to reflect this. All the best :))
Always people like that in life im afraid ,Out with the bad in with the Good ,You are an Inspiration +Klaus Herrmann and i for one thank you and i know many more do too. Have a great day :) 
Some thrive on negative energy (and wasting energy :)) 
Just ignore - but like you say - fascinating in a strange way to see some reactions !
I found the video interesting, but if I was trying to recreate your image solely from the information presented I would instantly become lost.  Like other time lapse videos it's a How I Did It, not a How To Do It.  You clearly put a lot of effort into your images and this video does a great job of showing your attention to details others might overlook. 

There will always be people who leave comments that baffle, amaze, and occasionally infuriate you.  That's the nature of the medium. 
Yeah, don't worry about that.  Really he is just frustrated that you didn't give him a one click solution to mimic your photos.  

I, along with many others on the other hand, happen to find these videos incredibly helpful.  While there is something to be said for slowing down and explaining certain bits, there is also really something to be said for a broader overview such as this that really shows the workflow and steps from "higher up".  

Great job! 
unfortuanatly jealousy is a major problem with too many people.i for 1 give you "respect"you are doing a great job and i hope you dont let random fool,s irate you as that is probably their fun in their sad existence...m n m....
+Michael Martin Don't worry, Michael! I don't take such people too serious. It's just interesting to see incidents like this. It teaches me a lot of things about human nature. :-)

Thanks and cheers!
your more than welcome,not enough humanitarianism thougth theres guys like us willing to change all that,ever need help im here k klaus you t/c asa i care...m n m
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