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A Subtle Hint (HDR) - ... and a little Story about German "Gründlichkeit"

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About us Germans
You probably know what they say about us Germans, don't you? We are relaxed, laid-back, and lay our fate in god's hands, because he (she?) knows best. ...oh wait, I was on the wrong page! Germans are perfectionists. They do not leave anything to chance! Even more so when it comes to cars, because that's what we do best, right?

Ok, here you go! A perfect example of German "Gründlichkeit" (does that word even exist in other languages?): When you come to the site of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, you will find about 20 of these arrows telling you where to go for exactly one museum (the little thingy in the background). Imagine something like this for every museum in Rome... got the picture? These things are pretty massive too. Not as big as suggested by this photo, of course. This is more due to the 10mm focal length that exaggerates anything that is close to the lens. But still, they are impossible to ignore.

Irony disclaimer: I think Mercedes has done a brilliant job in building this museum. If you ever happen to be in Stuttgart, this is worth a visit... and you will be happy about the signs! ;-)

By the way, I am German. ;-)

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Wes Lum
At least you can't get lost!
You are German? Who would have guessed?

Great shot!
+Patrick Ahles I know that comes as a shock to you, but that's what I am. ;-)

+Wes Lum "At least you can't get lost!" Exactly! That's why you will be happy about the signs once you're there. :-)

+Angelika Messerer "Much money for polluting the air" Well, it's their money. And automobile pioneers have surely brought some positive aspects to the world apart from pollution.
Great shot as always... And yeah your "Gründlichkeit" is the reason I drive a Merc.. :) And that word actually translates to thoroughness or possibly exhaustiveness.. In Swedish it's "Grundlighet" See the similarities?? :D
Ha! I would have thought that you make your "mark" on the museum itself. I'm a bit disappointed here ;-)

I lived in Untertürkheim, about 10 minutes from the museum. I am really astonished to see the museum "free standing" in this picture (i.e. no people, background buildings, 6 lane Bundestraße). I like this! Great blue btw.
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