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Tabletop Nature Macro! [ ]
Table... what?

I know, I know. The purists will give me a hard time for this. I shot this macro on my desk, using 3 speedlights, a syringe with water and a blue card board in the background. See for details on the setup.

For this image, I had a specific idea as to how I wanted it to look. And here comes my personal philosophy: 

If you envision an image, do what it takes to produce it and be honest about it afterwards.

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I don't see anything wrong with that method.  And it's a breathtakingly beautiful image.
Art is art. Whether found or constructed. This, sir, is art.
Beautiful composition, execution and delivery! Unfortunately it seems that people think you are trying to pull one over on them if you don't announce your process... especially when they draw their own conclusions and then find you "manufactured" the result. But yes, I love how you manufactured this:)
How you captured this photo isn't important. It's an absolutely fantastic image with stunning clarity and brilliantly contrasting colors. Great idea and perfect execution, +Klaus Herrmann.
It's a very nice shot, +Klaus Herrmann.

I don't mean to be giving you a hard time for it, but why call it a "Nature" macro when it is a domesticated flower, artificial background, artificial lighting, carefully placed water drops, studio-type indoor setting, etc.?
For me, what's matter is the final result. I love the details, the sharpness and the strong colors, and the composition with the water drops. Beautiful!
I agree with +Mike Spinak I don't know if I would call it "Nature" but, I totally LOVE the color contrast and the drops, loved it the moment I saw it on TWiT Photo with +Catherine Hall :) I must try this setup sometime.

Thanks for sharing all of your tips +Klaus Herrmann 
Great colours, details and composition! Wonderful work!
Great and honest! I admire the picture..... and even more your position/credo! Have a good day and fair light!
Lovely - I like your philosophy - and it does say Tabletop Nature :)
WOW! Thats really beautiful.
I am totally in agreement with you on your philosophy.
I agree with +Christopher Woo and +Jeff Garris . No one asked Picasso, Michael Angelo, or DaVinchi how they did what they did, but instead admire their art. So my friend, AWESOME pic, beautiful colors, well done!!!
That is so cool. My sister loves to take water drop photos.
Nature's beauty; lovely camera shot.
Such a lovely shot..thank you for sharing..:)
what light modifiers are you using on the speed lights and also how did you determine the power settings please.
Reagrdless of how it was captured I wish I had thought of the idea and executed it half as well.
wooo hoo.. i like!!!!
I totally agree with your philosophy.  I love "natural" nature photography, but it doesn't have to be just one way! Your technique has a wonderful place, too. By constructing the photograph you've taken us to your vision of the flower: its architecture, color, texture... Thank you for letting us see it your way!
hermosa fotografia, la naturaleza solo es asi de facinante y sencilla en su complejidad!!
Picture perfect, I Love water drops!
Don't give the purists a second thought. Beautiful, artistic work.
It's art, if everyone wanted to see the world as it is they would simply get out there and see it.  I like the colors! 
Beautiful.  And thanks for the explanation of how it was done.  I appreciate it.  
E muani
I love It.....

I actually made a nice large background for larger objects or portraits.  Just posterboard with different shades of pink, blue and purple.
so majestic the water drop lets are nice
does anyone else find this unexplainably cute? kinda like a pear with a kawaii face..... :D
To those that like to be negative instead of giving the photographer/artist huge congrats on a spectacular photo....this is what I have to say....try it yourself ....and what isn't manufactured or digitized now a days its 2012 people!!! So congrats Klaus Herrmann beautiful job and please keep up the fantastic work!!!
I assume the name comes from 4 water drops perfectly placed!!! :-) 
Wow!! This is very very beautiful!!!!
I think the purists are way outnumbered here.  Wonderful shot!
Das ist ja ein  traumhaftes Foto ! :)))
It's perfect capture result is more important....goodluck...
The whole world in a single drop of water. Multiple it by four and you are rich. Thanks klaus for bringing this beauty to us.
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