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Do you have too much time, too much money or both?
Then this is for you!

This must be the most useless gadget that ever existed. Watch what it does! But be aware: You may want to have one! ;-)

Thanks to +Alireza Yavari for sharing!

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Wes Lum
Um...yeah lol
just what i always needed LOL
+Vipin Udayanan Or maybe someone who isn't rich or spoilt at all but simply gets it that it is funny as heck! ;-D
i think the box is still working on something. be patience
Will wait for an Android version.
This is excellent! My kids would play with this for months. I would play with it for months. It even beats the cardboard boxes that toys are packed with.
the same happens to my wife when i try to turn her on
I all ready have this but it still makes me smile
Crazy!! They don't share this kinda stuff on FB :)
It's not useless, it's a cure for OCD. Eventually the patient will just give up. Or he could end up mad.
really!!!!!!!!!!!!  i want one....
That is not Useless box."It's a power generaiated box."
looking for an argument here ya go..
The rational part of my brain tells me it is a waste of time but a part of me wants to play with it. 
My Tang
only at this time of the day
Hours of fun for the whole family!!!!
don't fight the machines... you'll never win :D
That is great! I want one!!! Dear Santa...

hahaha that is funny
Need one. But once it's I'm my hand I'll probably start sobbing over the amount of money I spent on it. 
Do you have too much time, too much money or both?
Go volunteering and give your money to orphanage or some poor, homeless people.
This box is cool, but after 5 seconds it's boring, totally useless, waste.
haha that really seems addicting. 
 (Pushes button, pushed back.  angry face.  Continues until customer throws it onto the floor. )
That's brilliant. I want one.
munju s
love the non-sensical things of life too.....!
It's a switch durability tester. You can count how many switches before it breaks.
i have only alittle money but more than enough time
i know its sweet but sometimes these kinda things irritate
i have the direct opposite and how much!!!
wow,this is the best among all gadget cause its need of manual!
It's medium-tech Zen... I LOVE it, just for its existence.. 
it shouldent be expensive..But in any circumstance I will just get bored of it in time..SOOO  I wont buy it.
I have one of those in my office, it never fails to amuse. Except my boss who is irritated that he can't work out what it's for.........
Will Smith has a BLACK Box at's called JADA.
Haha, that's very clever! Now that's something that would keep you occupied for hours!
This actually made me chuckle. How cute!!
as Homer Simpson once say`d : It`s so unnecessary I MUST HAVE IT 
Madness Creation.... I loved the way you thought creator
My one year old son would really love this... He likes to play with switches... This will keep him busy for hours
Saw an early version of this more than 50 years ago a BYU's engineering week.
OMG if it's sooo useless why doesn't it look that way o.0
I couldn't own such a box without taking it apart.
The intent is useless, but the idea, design and engineering behind is great.....
The perfect gift to the guy who already "has everything"
warnings   advovaats
I'd get pissed the fuck off! I hit the switch for. Reason stop pushing it damnnn!

Pushes switch slowly
Throws box against wall
SMASH we go...
Pushes switch
just...just one more
Pushes switch


That is so crap but yet I need one lol
it is actually one of the most useless but funny thing...!!
I bet it would still hurt if you threw it at someone hard enough......See.....Not useless.
You are so correct, I want one!
The switch definitely causes something to detonate after 3 or so seconds. That box is technically saving a nation. 
Klaus herrman i think you try it before
Is there is only one switch, they should push the switch for you as part of the manufacturing process
Shut up and take my money!
Hahaha nice!!!
OMFG!!!!! i want one!!!!!!
Really is useless but i could see myself getting one.
Does it work with the middle finger as well? If yes, I have a cheaper alternative You sure do know what I mean, right?
Im in china having business trading source n export , do tell me is there Anythings I can do for it. Respond.
Brilliant, good entertainment value at a party.
The 2.0 version is only 50 bucks!!! My birthday is coming up, guess who's getting one?!?!
Tony Lu
I want one now as well
Son of B, now I want one!
I watched this and the result was some kind of vocal mirth emission.
Yippee, they've made the story of my working life into real life gadget.
Kang Li
seem useful 
Want one? I don't think so! (that's so funny).
That's much more important than you could think, son. 
Stick a piece of gum to the switch, and then turn it on. Watch it did in frustration by getting a taste of it's own medicine. :-) hahahah
that is soooooo coooooool
lol lol lol who the fuck says lol that much
I love it, my friends and I would be like chimps cavorting around the monolith in 2001 playing with this thing lol.
I WANT ONE ! loool
Rita R
how annoying can a useless gadget be!
nice! i want one! :D
lol I really WANT one would keep me amused for hours
I need one for my pedal board and one labelled 'Do not touch' for my desk!
kh. s
i want one :)
Hmm. Clearly the rich didn't get rich from intelligence but simply by fluke. I don't even think apes would play with an annoying box like this. Lol. We are all doomed! 
I could easily spend hours playing with this
I dont get it, is it a joke or something? can't watch to the smh
ahahaha, I want one for my kids who are always on FB, hehehe
It needs to have a cat paw for the thing inside.
This is so stupid
Damn them I love that store have not been there for awhile think will take a little visit again >:¬}
Oohh!! What a kit!! Only I could smile while looking at it and playing with it too!! Money is safer kept in my bank account, not in here in this beautiful black kit!! 
My useless box I made was sposed to be a contoller for a lighting array, but all it did was electrocute me.
I work with a number of morons, this would be useful for keeping them out of my way. 
...maybe that was its purpose... Maybe it wasn't so useless after all.
THIS is really the stupiest thing I've ever seen :D but I like it :D
Hilarious, I believe this would provide minutes of entertainment.
Apple releases the highly anticipated iBox ...

Apple Fanbois say ...
"OMG its so innovative, it will change the universe as we know it !"
"YEA ! Apple patented it first, eat that Google"
"This has changed my life !"
"Another brilliant invention by Apple ... The iBox and its only 700 bucks !!! I bought 2 of them !
Don't you just want to have one of those?
Can't wait for the iBox4s!
Omg.....I finally found it. Something that demonstrates my live in a nutshell.
Next time I see someone I haven't seen in a while and they ask "hey how are things" or "how's life treating you". I can simply pull out the box.....and point.

Anyone else think the same thing when they saw it.....or maybe it's just me :) more thing. The only thing to make it better is if it played the looney tuned theme song. :)
Maybe there's a better song to play. I'll think about it....but not to long......I have to flick the switch now......
I want one!!!!!!!!! it's the best thing ever, I hope Apple make one
Now that's power saving lol
Put a random delay in it.
That's a must of have :D
Yeah, I would totally put that on my desk at work
This is so cute. I couldn't stop laughing.
They rip this idea off a japanese company invention but the japanese is so much better
Tthis is a funny concept and so useless, but good for people who are bored
That's just Genius. I love it!
I know some folks that would spend all day trying to overcome this quandry.
I would fit one to my mates telly for when east enders is on and watch his mrs create an eastenders of thier own.
Im getting 'off', 'on' this
That looks soooo addictive! Want one!
S it is very usefull i like it iwant 2 buy it
OMG! Different strokes for different folks! I don't think I need one!
it's structure are simple so that I think I don't need to buy one... I'll make one...
I just ordered two.

/if I could put them together that they kept flipping each other off, perpetual motion!
If it was white, had no screws, and knock off the corners, Apple could sell millions of these.
Was wondering if it would -1 my +1....
Definitely the most stupid video I have ever watched in my life! 35 seconds of my life that I will never get back haha
i like pressing buttons so trust a box to take it from me...crazy it ...
I 've got one of these at work thats supposed to shake paint. Scarry!
That is wonderful. I do want it.  What a great gag gift that would be.
Too D××n funny!!!! I nearly woke everyone in the house.
35 seconds ill never get back!
This is great! Did not expect that
Click. I want to say that... click... Click. I really want to say that... click... Click. Come on! I'm just gonna say someth... click... Click. Let me just... click... Click. This works so... click... Click. Arghhhhahh... click. 
Damn it! I want one Hahaha. Do the box come with the song from the video ? I think i can really enjoy it :D
Absolutely sheer genius. Has all all smiling at work. Except on guy who just doesn't get it. Humourless idiot.
This is stupid and awesome. Why do I feel like I have to buy one?
Never before have I wanted something so pointless so much!
the box doesnt like him xD
need it, need it, need it. . ..  or do i?
I saw what I think was the original one of these created by Claude Shannon back in 1980 (I went to school with his daughter)
Really useless. Wasted my bandwidth. Lol.
That's cool lol...when it breaks does it mean I won
We had a "Officer of the Watch" button on our watch area on the ship. A button that barley did anything to the Sonar system. 
Pleees.. book one for my useless bodyguard..
lol, at least u find someone to play with "forever alone"
That's the US Congressional debating box!
Kevvy C
Class design!'re right...I have to have one!!! :-P
same as u all right mother fucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahha
Perfect for those rainy afternoons. Where do you buy one?
Laughing so hard! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA- my dad would of loved it too!
Hehehe,it really is useless,ha ha really is useless.
I have a Use Less Box, thank You!  
First word come to mind. . .@##^@!  It's one step up from the 'Pet Rock', and three steps down from the Rubic Cube!
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