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Photomatix User Circle - You can join too!

I'm in the mood for some circle sharing today. I haven't done this in quite a while. Well, here is an update of my circle of Photomatix users on G+. Feel free to add them, if you are interested in Photomatix.

I generated this circle from a group at group/as called Photomatix Users. Join the group at [ ] and be a part of the next Photomatix Users circle I share.

You don't know what Photomatix is?
It's a widely used software for merging multiple exposures into an HDR image and for tone-mapping this image. Go to for details.

Why would you want to be in that group?
To get in touch with other like-minded people in order to share tips, tricks and experiences. To ask questions and have the people on the list answer them... you get the concept, right? :-)

How do you join?
Go to [ ] and enter your Google+ Profile ID at the top. Then click "ADD GROUPEE". Since this is a curated group, I'll have to approve you as a new member. I'll do this as quickly as I can, but it may take some time. So bare with me here.

What do you have to do after you join?
Group/as is not integrated into G+. In order to address those people in the group and to follow what they have to say, you should create a new circle and add them to this circle. Check out the Circle+ extension for the Chrome browser in order to add many people at once:

#hdr #photomatix #usergroup #photography
In this Circle:
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Hi everybody!

I am very sorry for the errors. I have tried to add you manually, but I get the same error. Unfortunately, I have no control over the system. I will contact the developer +Daniel Treadwell and ask him about it.

Please stay tuned!
+Klaus Herrmann, Unfortunately due to the last round of changes by Google the site is not currently allowing new people to be added, I'm looking to get this back up and running at the first chance I get.

Sorry for the trouble.
+Daniel Treadwell Thanks for getting back to us so promptly, Daniel! We will stand by and wait for the fix!

Keep up the awesome work you're doing, Daniel!
Looking forward to the issues being resolved. I tried to add my profile as well, but I was unsuccessful.
Love being there trough your eyes. THANK U
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