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Quote of the Day - Genius

Many people think that a genius is someone who is born with the natural ability to create ingenious things without much effort. However, the things that we call ingenious are often simply the result of unbelievable amounts of hard work.

So maybe, being a genius is more about being willing to invest what it takes and about never giving up.

What are you working on right now?
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Genius to me is how easily they can get thier heads round the basics and then the leaps of logic they make from there. Reading the same material that generations have before them but seeing the dots that lead to new and amazing techniques. But yes, without hard work that genius goes to waste and lies unnoticed.
Genius is a way of getting interest on valued things to secure your state of ability on things you can do that man has not discovered yet they are moving on hard ways.Make thing easier.Go green.
Being a Genius is a God-given gift!
A GENIUS is someone who understands why GOD is so perfect to have people which such talents!
I think a genius is a person who being inspired to work at something, is not afraid to work hard to achieve it. A genius is also not limited by thoughts of success and failure, because a genius believes in what he/she is doing.
brains rather than used!
touching my heart :)

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it is right,it depends on how much of you you wish to give over to whatever,tho' the more you do it the easier it get's,unless you take on bigger and more complex challenge's,the downside's can be unable to take care of yourself,unable to socialise and other ordinary skill's,
"Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration." --Thomas Alva Edison
James Kay
It doesn't matter how much I (or you) work at it, I (and you) won't ever be another Michelangelo. We won't even be 99%. The quotes are pablum for the masses, but they are not particularly accurate. The truth is that some of us are born with particular capacities which must be developed to become 'genius.' But without that start, perspiration is wasted.
As a child at times I have backed down in my talents and stopped progressing in skill because it seemed to make others feel bad I was using them. Don't back down no matter what. If your using the best of all you have don't stop for any reason.
genius does not know why he is genius
working on a graphic novel for 3 years or so, producing a song that's completely different to what i've been doing the last 6 months.

why isn't anyone else doing anything? XD
I'm beginning a YA dystopian western novel, and this quote and sentiment is just what I needed to hear today.
Genius is what comes naturally - and it'll show. I have an excellent eye for color (Color Specialist) really without even thinking about it. Some people are trained for years and years in school and still … well, need more schooling. Take your natural ability and use it to your advantage - THAT's genius!
Working hard on my sequel. "Hard" being the operative word here on how it's going. sigh
YES ...................................
wow! never thought of it that way before!
We would still call it 'genius' and it's not a matter of anybody's choice to choose wether to be a genius or not. As Thomas Carlyle put it "Genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains."
I think there are some skills that come naturally, but still these skills have to be worked on and improved, i doubt any 'genius' just rolls out of bed without any effort or work. I think being slightly eccentric and obsessed helps :-)
99% persperation 1% inspiration.... works 4 m3..... ;~}
Yes look what happened to proffesor ohms 'ohms law'
i agree with with u Donna, i draw professionally naturally, and i never been to art school or fellow any specific rules . as u said i have an eye for it is naturally.... some have it, some not
We Indians believe in the formula, "Right person - right time - & right place"! These three factors should unite to produce great results.
So very true. It is the genius of persistence that so often gets overlooked.
Genius, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.
I think been genius is all about hard work and determination for what u want to achieve and goals
Rightly .. defined.. -Richmond
maybe you guys can a little bit be wrong. Being genius ,of course, is all about hard working but in the other hand there is always something in your head that follows you since you were born. And by working you develop it.I think being genius is just the fusion of that 2 two thing
So true, and instructive to me personally.
I don't get this...
So true... for so many. And yet there are those special few who so consistently outperform in ingenious ways. I admire them greatly.
true i experienced it myself first handed
So English was his native language? (j/k)
this is very true
It is known that intelligence is just %2 and the other is % 98 effort. All great achievements have depended on the desire, the will, and determination.
Alot of people dont know what hard work is...what's that say?
It is so f#xing true
Rachael Phillips the abillity to see patterns in data is the skill that is most valuable to behavior deemed genious. Tge recognition that everything irrespective of how seemingly disorganize and random has some underlying pattern is essential. And the knowledge and patience to identify and apply the theorem, law or principles governing the discipline is essential. But it all boils down to being able to seeing complex ideas as a collection of very minute,simple ones.
I wish if have this kind of perseverance . actually once I start something i get bored very fast
Being a genious can be taught to any person who has the abillity to think really fast.
well maybe its say that people should know how much work has been put on it and they would call genius
I don't think that only hard work is a fctor bcos natural factors to some extent, enviromental factors, economic & social factors & power (lion share) which determine opportunity are more powerful determinants. 
I am trying to rub the lamp to get the genie Out@@
hyper'parabolic flight & compression technology.
ha ha ha that man is soooo old
John Prescott, you have to tell me first how successful you've been at accomplishing your objestive first.
I'm working harder than Michelangelo to let everyone know about my book The Borealis; A true story about living aboard while restoring a 90 year old wood boat. It is available on and it is a truly funny story.
still something good from Italy.. great minds are gone :(
A "genius" was originally (in ancient Greece and Rome) a mythical creature that lived in an artist of musicians place of work. And it assisted them in creating their pieces. It would come to them with ideas etc. And if they got a creative block, they would say that their genius was not doing its job.

It then moved to calling a person a genius and the old meaning of the word was lost...

i am trying to become a genius!
this is so true, my bosses always say to me that I am so smart and really have my shit together, but they do not see the hours I put in prior to them seeing any finished work.
Mo-ath Abu Raddaha you become bored due to distraction.
Unless you can visualize the successful completion of your objective and feel the satisfaction of the changes that object will achieve it is easy to get bored snd abort the project.
not true, cause when you're genius you're just genius, nothing more. you don't have to be a hardworking to be a genius. it's completely different.
I derive principles of my hyper'parabolic technology from Archimedes & Da'Vinci. Feel free to look it up. If both of these greats were to come into a room and build a flying device, this is what they probably would have invented.
I am working on Latin, but my teacher is sooooo boring!!!!
A cheap, simple easy to build, good sounding powered iPod speaker in a wooden cigar box. Hopefully for publication. The more work I put into the design the better the benefit/cost ratio will be for the hobbyist builder. But that's not genius, just basic product design.
I worked very hard ,and very long , I am now seventy six years old , am I a genius ?
Ashish Sinhal.. you are one big freaking perv.........
Ross Hershberger, a genious is only genious to the observer.
He/she usually consider him/herself more or less a hard worker with lots if imagination and above average patience.
+Sam Hunt I'm working on my own weird dystopian western and I was interested in what the YA stood for?
Henry Romney you probably are.. what are others saying?
If I think of genius, I don't equate it to "easy" - just that someone has the right combination of gifts to produce a lasting work of great value to those who deem it genius.
Did someone already mention the 10,000 hour rule and the book Outliers?
Well, March Plotington-Blyte, I can say, as a former member of MENSA and friend of several certified genius-type folks, then there would be few of them. For non I have know is readily about to convey the honor on another. With a few exceptions Genius wants to stand alone at the top of the heap. At least within his or her own field. They may begrudge anther the title, but in their heart there will always be doubt. And doubt renders all humans ordinary.
When a person is given an IQ TEST the results tell his ability to learn. Above 160 is genius. If you have an IQ of 60 you will never be genius no matter how hard you work at it.

Geniuses are born and not brought up. Right opportunities raise them to fame who leave immortal works of art for generation to preserve for eternity.
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A genius is not someone you will find working in a church or an apple store.
Look at Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Stephen Hawking. I would call them Genius cause they helped move the world forward with their hard work.
not really agree, being talented and hard-work is a different in result
talent always influence your work
Writing, spiritual growth, spiritual writing.
One of the most over-used (and subsequently) impotent words in the American lexicon today is "genius". This is genius.
Talent - natural ability to do something that others may find hard.
Gifted - natural exceptional talent, intellect or ability.
Genius - persistent development and use of gifts and/or talents.
I guess that means I'm disagreeing with the quote..... I'd agree if he used the word gifted rather than genious.
Umran Beig, nice nonsense.
Surely, genius is a hard working person, but not every hard working person can be a genius. Genius is like a gift, blessing from the Source.
You pay through your hard work and hard work repays you with turning you into a genius.
The author is a philosopher.
Rasmy moharram, that doesn't make you a geneous. You are a natural yes, but genious you are not.
It's extermly truth.....
Nature is my favorite genius.
So maybe, being a genius is more about knowing what to invest in and being willing to invest what it takes and about never giving up.
it would be genious because millions of people do not even try
Putting intelligence into action and not giving up is what u called genius....
Tom Daley IQ only measures the speed at which you think. It takes much more than that to be condidered genious.
IQ at above 150 recognizes the potential to become a genious but not confirmed
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True When You Blv, Acceptable When you Think of it;
Hard work makes you as good as you can be
But you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear!!!
Genius is made of 2 words geni(The one who has to work all the time) and us !!
work doesn't make the man genius
And that's how genuis thinks... hehehe! It seems he never measure how much he went through...
+Keri Generalao I was just about to point out that a lot of genii have been speculated to have been ADD, too. And then I chuckled to myself for thinking, in essence "My mental disorder makes just as many genii your mental disorder" A lot of it is just flat out seeing the world differently, and being able to show others that new perspective.

I'm happy that I'm lucky enough to live in a time where mental disorders can be treated and managed while stifling the benefits as little as possible.
going back to rest hopefully can cure and thx zi yin xue jie advice and some tips ^-^
Being a genius in this present generation makes the subject be like a fantasy; cos people won't give what it takes to be a GENIUS 
I agree! Concentrate on the work and the rest will come. I spent all morning trying umpteen texture combinations on an image. :-)
everyone can be a genius if they put there hearts to it and try work there buts off
I read out loud letter for letter and in syllables, while a whole classroom of eyes were darting me as the idiot of the school, my teachers at the source, and had my parents and brothers and sisters convincing too at 13, I was fit to clean chicken manure, at 15 to shovel concrete and in my recluse from being judge by people challenged the world by been ahead always - dyslexia wasn´t know - Something clicked, some 35 years later, when accepted at the University of New York I was set into that driving seat of life fearing the shadows of the human mind catch up with me and swallow me alive! Orson Wells said it; ¨The reason they don´t understand me, is their supid!¨ (I heard it because I don´t read - in the academic sense.)
Disagree, if d likes of Thomas Edison, Einstein, and other geniuses are like u and i, then nothing can't say we also can't be genius. Just we won't give the sacrifice it demands. 
This quote goes to show talent is another word for patience or passion, Einstein once said "I'm not smarter than others, I just spend more time with problems than they do".
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Early management writers in his book says that leader were born not to be made.Its means genius is also a gift of nature.wht do u say???????

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Genius is the ability to unlock intelligence from common sense and use the two separately.
Practice Doesn't make Perfect... Perfect practice makes you perfect, anything less simply makes you well-practiced at doing it wrong.

As far as genius goes: there are many who possess an I.Q. over 140 who have done nothing with their intellect. It is the using of this higher I.Q. to a useful purpose or to a new understanding that determines a true Genius. Anything less is simply wasted talent.
Just because one has a genius level I.Q. it does not mean things come easy to them. The simple things come easy, but they will not be happy with these simple things (unless they are lazy). They will want to achieve the next level.
They strive to understand the cause/effect cycle in order to achieve their desired outcomes. It is a very difficult task. To look at it from the end of the journey without walking the path, gives one a simplistic view of the struggles and setbacks they encountered.
A true genius is rarely understood, often ridiculed, and usually unappreciated in their lifetime.
im working on honing my drawing skills :D
para los ke no entienden habla de como ser un genio 
One thing I am certain of is :- the fact that this fellow was a neighbour of my great, great grandmother, Has no relationship to my extremely high IQ.
Being a genius is an attitude, it expresses itself in ideas that we would love to perfect and perfection is not the final stage of completion, it is the beginning.
Every person has the potential to be a genius at something. They just need to identify what that something is, then apply themselves tirelessly to it. Working hard at this one thing becomes easier for this person than for others- hence they appear to be a genius. Leonardo da Vinci said: "if people only knew how hard I had to work to achieve my mastery, it wouldn't seem to magical"
I don't care if I get laughed at and I will not stop praising God. I will not hide my Christianity because I AM NOT ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST!!!!
Great quote - we truely do underestimate the hard work that goes into executing great ideas!
i agree that genius is from the ability to concentrate on one thing and spend hours and hours on it, this has been a belief for many years, it also requires encouragement from other people, ego, confidence
I think that's supposed to read 1% of you will be inspired, the other 99% will just perspire. Technically I could sit here all day and do nothing but that really doesn't detract from my ability to more easily understand the world around me, and btw yes Hawking is the very definition genius, but steve jobs and bill gates are far from genius, they are just very hard working thieves, taking advantage of a situation and people at the right time. They are just pirates and opportunists, building on the broken backs of others, like the majority of good businessmen do, but I don't call that genius.
Lovely comments....I think genius is an anointing by God, fueled by our acceptance of it and our willingness to exert the relevant hardwork required..
Jobs and gates were salesmen. Wozniak is an engineer and genius.
Genius is taking your idea and making it real. 
i always wont to be a hard digger, but i'm not shore if i am able to take this match pain and challenge >_<
in one sentence génius is the one who do hard work with full sincerity .......
Damn; that's something to mull over today! That's as incisive as this aphorism from Oliver Wendell Holmes: "Death tugs at my ear and says, 'Live; I am coming.'"
I always loved this quote. One I heard was, "If you knew how much work it took to achieve my mastery, you wouldn't think it was very masterful."
that'd is true any one can be genius all of as we were created by god as his samege but the most of as like to drink beers do drugs when we can do rigth thinks 4 others and look like genius god bless y'all 
I tell people that every day :D but seriously, genious is a question of motivation and ability to organize and structure abstract thoughts internally.
This is true. Being a genius is by hard work. Iy does not come easily. It is not by luck. You have to work it.
i think that there is luck, but 9 out of 10 times its hard work
seen the correct spelling of "genius" after a long time.
+Keri Generalao
Every human being has what it takes to be a genius. So you played the guitar for ten yrs but you're still no Hendrix, because playing the guitar is not your "one thing", it was his. Find your thing, work at it and you'll be a genius too. Good luck. Very few people ever succeed at this.
My mom once met a guy and his first name was michael and his last name was angelo. :P
It's the idea that is genius, but persistence that brings the idea to reality.
pure humility , how many many one spend whole life with out doing anything to him self
An Exceptional Human Being.
unfortunately things don't work this way. Take Mozart. Many musicians could invest twice or three time as much time as he did and never be able to come even close to the kind of music that Mozart created. The same with Einstein and Michelangelo. Not a matter of time invested but also of pure, genetic genius. The truth does hurt sometimes.
+alfredo zotti exactly, genetic inheritance is everything. Lack of it is irreplaceable no matter how much work you invest. And it hurts. I spent 8 years of dead regular and devoted work in gym before I got the fact that I would achieve nothing of what I dreamt of.
As usual for the Internet, there are huge semantic problems here - and given the author of the quote, I suspect actually a translation problem.

Nowadays, we use "genius" to refer to someone with a very high IQ.

This is very different from someone who creates amazing art - who have unusual talent, but are often just average IQ.

The author is commenting that from his perspective, the quality of the art depends on how much effort he puts into creating it - it doesn't just happen.

But many posters are ignoring "art" in favor of the word "genius" - perhaps they have never heard of Michaelangelo ! Anyone who has not, please drop everything and go to:
There is a reason for the recognized special truly special genetic genius.
Love the quote, but for those who do complete extremely difficult tasks, accept the "genius" title for a day and indulge, then get back to work.
he is an inspiration. nice....
very true....every success needs hard work
We're all awesome at something
i think it was Thomas Edison who said "genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration. " and I do think that luck occasionally has something to do with it.
"Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them. " - Albert Einstein
Most of the things 'invented' by so called geniuses were actually discovered over long periods of time by many different people, that you've never heard of. Yet, one person gets all the credit..
I think being genius is a gifted

What ever happened to the qualities of simplicity? Does the amount of work always determine if something has good qualities or not?
********9 bu#tells about erth day in hawaii
I will like to thanks to those who call themself a genius. Is a great gift from god. Keep on calling genius name where it is necessarly guyz.
work = force * distance
Geniuses are those that are able to shift fromm the atmosphere of a complicated world that man has created fÓr himself and just perceive things that lies In SIMPLICITY, Look at Sir Isaac Newton just was able to discover the Law of gravitation from only a falling apple. Surely I think Genius lies in Simplicity
What separates the normal man from the genius is the early interest in a subject from their childhood years Their brains then grow into a a specialized tool because the time spent squiring knowledge at a young age is invaluable. We as a civilization need to improve the introduction of marvels in our world to the younglings at an early age to produce genius people. It wouldn't hurt to also teach then a hard work ethic. 
Any force applyd without material benefit is not regurded as labour or work.
Damn touch screen produces too many errors. 
it is true.and maybe if some people saw this they would realize how much it takes to be on top.
I'm trying to get hired by Google...wish me luck!
Thats true but if you did the work or thought of it you would call it brilliant and hard work
Anyone here that can help another human being. Not advertising, or requesting money. Need some family attacked by someone rich.
Working on my college admittance essay, this is so true.
Fine then im a genius because I dont put effort into anything!
nice thinking, i guess i am a real genius
Mentalchange is the hardest. Working on teaching myself digital photography instead of film-so I have to unlearn some old habits and relearn new ones. 
That's such a subjective statement. When I barley made it through calculus based physics, and I would hear stories of how Issac Newton postponed his work in physics so he could go invent calculus, because he needed it to carry on his calculations, I do believe some people have a gift that is beyond hard work itself.
A genius to me is a person with GOD'S wisdom
i know one genius and that is not me.
i think their shouldn't be a genius because no one is perfect in this world that we live in also because no one can be the smartiest person on erth unles you can create a mashin that can make you the smartiest person on earth
At least they admitted he is a genius, most people think that success of others is pure luck....
A Genius to me means..being creative believing in yourself and to be in control.
I'm working on being a better person—the perfect human. Unfortunately, I will never succeed.
He has good abilities of doing things in a perfect ways.good brains.
Everybody can be a genius you just have to believe you can.
Genius is the instinct of self preservation of and in a talent

Art, 3D, architecture, ideas, ways to change the world.  Ways to live on, following my thirst for knowledge and passion.  That was just today.
Michelangelo Buonarroti was right. Albert Einstein would have agreed with him in a split second.

Genius is simple. The answers to some of the worlds most challenging questions have all been simple. Does DNA seem particularly complicated, ingenuous to any one now? How about the periodic table? The elements, the building blocks of all things at their smallest most basic level.

Not so long ago such thoughts would have seemed ingenuous, maybe insane, hopefully correct.
But it cannot be called anything else or less. 
Genius they say, is the instinct of self preservation in a talent.
HA, HA,HA!!! SO, SO True if One looks deep enough and admits this. But the Gift in the talent needs to be opened with a gratitude that is soooo precious, so that Nothing destroys this feeling and the this feeling can expand soooo much until EVENTUALLY through thick and thin of nurturance and endurance, One can EXPRESS this GIFT TO the WHOLE AS A GIFT FOR ALL TO seed inspiration for their unique talent, however Quirky, seen as invaluable/non-profitable money-wise it may appear:D  
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