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The Refuge (HDR Panorama) ( Details: )

I think I owe you an apology!

Over the last few weeks, I have been less active here on G+ and elsewhere in the Internet than I used to be. I am sorry if I ignored any of your comments or posts lately. I do cherish every one of them, and I try my best, but I just have very little time at the moment.

The reason? A new project!
The reason is that I am fully engaged in a new project that I am very excited about. I am taking the basic concept of my website (hands-on practical information about photography), enriching it and putting it into a new format for you. If you like my HDR Cookbook [ ], you will love this. It will be more detailed, more accessible, even more hands-on, and it will eventually cover a much broader range of topics.

I will give you further information soon. So, stay tuned!

About this Image
This is an HDR panorama composed of 25 shots. I have manually taken 5x5 exposure series, merged and tone-mapped them before I stitched the panorama and did the post-processing. If you want to learn more about the techniques I use, go to [ ].

#photography #panorama #hdr
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hello who's in the house,somebody talk to me,is it not to early to start offending by now!
godfather of HDR imaging, great!
Ian Hex
Looking forward to your project, Klaus. This is a kick-ass panaroma; love all those lines bending like that.
اعوذ با الله
I think that is nice church,but is it exquisiting?
ohhhmiigosh..... this is so cool... love it though its a church grumbles.....
is there a perfect church and then a perfect religion to then a faith in sitting inside since it is insurable...larry
What a fantastic image. With a fish-eye, right? Beautifully sharp too, congratulations
Kiana H
Very interesting view...nice!
+Patrick Begbie Probably not fish-eye - the description says it's a 5x5 grid of exposures, probably using a conventional lens - any panorama stretching over a wide angle will produce a similar effect.

However, the bulk of the work would have been in tone-mapping and post-processing the images so they appear as one large image with no obvious joins between the individual shots in terms of exposure / brightness / contrast / tonality etc.
koi bat nahi bhai we are the BHAI..........ABHI AAP KIDHAR CHOWDHARY SAAB?
It does have a feel of being in the presence of Holiness! Thank you!
wow its very nice project
wear it is or which country
You put us there. Great work!
oh my God,what a theater of dream
When it comes to HDR, you be the man!
Very cool to hear about the project +Klaus Herrmann! Great shot too - I would have assumed you'd stitch before doing the tone mapping.
You think that this is the World for you bit you have nothing see jet your to jong for that excuus me
muito interessante. gostei. zilda -São Paulo-Brasil
+Willi Bolg "godfather of HDR imaging, great!" He he he! Thanks a lot, Willi! You're to kind!
+Patrick Begbie "With a fish-eye, right?" Hi Patrick! No, this is a panorama taken with a wide-angle lens, no fisheye!
+Ben Norwood "Probably not fish-eye - the description says it's a 5x5 grid of exposures" Almost right, Ben! It's not a grid but a single-row panorama made of 5 HDR images, each of which was created from 5 exposures.
+Gregory Urbano "I just found yourwebsite and can honestlysaythat you give the best informationon hdr processing i have ever seen!" Thanks very much, Gregory! I hope you find a lot of useful stuff on the website. Have fun!
+Michael Stuart "Very cool to hear about the project" Hi Michael! Yeah, it is! Stay tuned, details will be coming soon.

"I would have assumed you'd stitch before doing the tone mapping." I mostly do it the other way around because it is quicker, simpler and less demanding on the computing resources.
It looks oversharpened on G+
But otherwise, fantastic!
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