The Definitive List of HDR Photographers on Google+ - Circle 3/6

In a Nutshell
I share the HDR@G+ list (860+ people) split over 6 circles over the next days. This is circle 3/6. The last circle will contain all the people that join over the next days. So make sure you add yourself NOW at [ ] !

Previous Circles
Make sure you also add the previous circles in this series. You can add all circles to a single one of your private circles just by adding them one after the other. But beware of the restrictions set by Google (see below).
- HDR Circle 1/6 (A to C): [ ]
- HDR Circle 2/6 (D to I): [ ]

Due to public demand, I decided to share the HDR@G+ list [ ] as a circle such that you can add these people more easily. This list currently contains over 860 HDR photographers on Google+.

More precisely, I am going to split this list into 6 circles with less that 200 people each. This makes it easier for you to add them without getting into any trouble. You may know that G+ will not let you add any arbitrary number of people in one go. If you try that, they'll effectively disable circle management altogether for you for the next few hours.

So, here is the third circle containing the people whose first name starts with letters from J to L. I will share one of the remaining circles on each of the next five days such that you can conveniently add them. The last of these circles will contain those people who joined after the last update (version 1.3 posted on Oct 26th).

How to Join?
If you want to be part of that final circle, add yourself ASAP! To do so, just go to [ ] and follow the instructions.

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