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About Truth in Photography
For my photo post yesterday, I received the usual "That's fake!" comments. Whenever you post something and label it HDR you will get these. Here is my take on this:

Some people think that an image that comes straight out of the camera represents the scene as it was in reality, and that any manipulation (especially HDR) alters this reality in unacceptable ways. The same people keep telling you that the original scene cannot possibly have looked like your image even though they never saw the scene.

I always tend to be very careful with terms like truth and reality. First, due to several technical restrictions, a photo is only a projection of reality no matter what you do and don’t do to it. If a scene has a high dynamic range, then a well-made HDR will be able to capture it more realistically than a single exposure as it lifts at least one of these restrictions. Second, each person perceives reality differently. What our brain creates is a projection too, and our memory constantly keeps changing this projection depending on our experiences, mood and situation.

So, in essence, everything we think of as being reality is only our subjective interpretation. Instead of insisting that someone else’s photo should depict reality as you see it, you should enjoy that person’s version of reality since it may offer you a different perspective and enrich your own world. That is what we generally call art.

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