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Creepy: A time-lapse video from New York without any humans in it

No, this is not due to Sandy. It was a clever Photoshop trick. Check out the behind-the-scenes video at
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Very creative! I'm there is a lot of time invested in this project
Great idea.Its strange to view this usually busy city with no one there.
Gosh ! Was is it really like this ? It looks surreal.
awesome jobs with so many point of view .... .
Cool but it sounds like a lot of work. 
+Ivan Ciego Indeed, this is a lot of work. The man has got a lot of passion for what he is doing.
nderek prihatin kagem rakyat ing NewYork City. Mugi-mugi tansah dipun paringi kaslametan sakin gusti ingkang maha wikan
Como la película de Zombis donde apeteció "Will Smith" y que en este momento no recuerdo.
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