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HDR Photographers on Google+ - The Definitive List

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You probably all know about the various lists that circulate here on G+. Some were carefully composed by hand, some are "enter yourself" lists. This has proven to be a very helpful resource for everybody - those already here, trying to discover new people, and the newcomers as well.

A far as I am able to tell (and you may correct me if I am wrong), there has been no attempt to build such a list of HDR photographers yet. But now there is!

So here's the deal:

If you use HDR on a regular basis and if you want other HDR enthusiasts to know this, please do three things (in that order!):

1. Share this list wherever you can! This will promote the list in a viral fashion, disseminating it quickly which is a great way of promoting yourself.

2. Add yourself to the list by writing a comment. You may enter yourself and anyone you think should be on that list. Don't be shy! If you are in a writing mood, tell us something about you.

3. +1 this post to make it more popular!

How to Share:
Simply click on Share. Then add Your circles, Extended circles, and Public. Click the Share button, and you're done. It's quick, it's easy!

The intention is not to build a best-of-the-best list. I intent to compile a complete list and publish it here on G+ and elsewhere on the web as well, so that other people outside G+ become aware of the strong G+ HDR community and have somebody to add to their circles when they enter.

Ok, let's go!
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I love HDR and it's my preferred method whenever possible.
I'm in! Still working on my skills though.
I'm in. It has been a while since I photographed some. But when I do it'll always be HDR
Yeah, we have some early adopters! Great!

But don't forget to share this post with your circles!!!
I use it but only when I need it. 
HDR-er over here also! - Started with Covered Bridges, and have been hooked ever since!

BTW - Klaus thanks for the awesome info on your website!
Not an HDR photographer.. but would love to learn the tricks of the trade
My Nikon has the auto-bracketing feature stuck in the 2 stops position. Drives my wife crazy when she borrows the camera ;-)
I have a passion for photography and HDR. Thanks all of you for sharing tips, photos, and your marvelous creativity.
I am also an avid HDR photographer. Check out my work.
Love doing HDR - still so much to learn
I take a lot of HDR photographs; mostly of the sites around Washington, DC but also landscapes and some macro.
Starting to do HDR more and more. Thanks for sharing your tips!
I've been doing a lot of HDR lately. Check it ou!
Always loved HDR, great people on this list so far. Be sure to check out Cliff Baises work, he's a beast
We are out for a good start!

Please, don't forget o share this with your circles!
I've been developing my HDR style over the last year or so and try to be a bit more creative and colourful although I do like the effect of HDR on monochrome also I've followed your posts here but mainly on Flickr and find your Vertorama techniques very interesting.
Love HDR. Dig the creative flexibility!
Enjoying HDR and all the possibilities
Hello! I do HDR pictures of Japan. I'm from Indonesia btw :). Let's learn together!
Please add me. I do HDR. I'll be adding more examples to Google+ in the near future.

I figure you've already added +Trey Ratcliff He's probably the most prolific HDR person on Google+
Sounds like a fun list to be part of - a lot of talented folks here commenting. My work is produced using iPhone and smaller digital cameras. More towards "A moment in life" rather than large landmarks.
I am beginning to use hdr and love it.!
I shoot almost exclusively HDR images, and have a photobook featuring the Canadian Maritimes' Lighthouses in HDR publishing in the spring of 2012.

Samples can be found both at and here on Google+!
I enjoy very much HDR photography.
I occasionally do HDR, is that counted?
I love doing photo-realistic HDRs, especially black & white.
I just love to watch HRR and start learning about it myself. Haven't had my best yet. :)
I guess most of my pictures in Google+ are HDRish
I plan on going all HDR (ok, most ) now too. Begginer though.
just started to do HDR. Will become more, because its very interesting
HDR 80% of my landscape photography, more brackets, the better!
I dabble :) << HDR Photographer
I'm an HDR photographer, speaker, presenter, and traveler.
Hey there. I am a HDR photographer from Bielefeld in Germany. I Love landscapes, cityscapes and dreamscapes. I shoot with a Canon 60 D and I have a 17-85 and a 10-22 lens. And I really Love my wideangle. I will go on a trip to the Dolomiten later this month and hope to come back with some awesome shots. So check my steam from Time to Time. So it would be nice if I was added to that list you do. Thank you so much. Jens
I've been doing it for the past 3 1/2 years and have loved every moment of it.
I'm a huge fan of HDR and trying to learn more about it.
Love HDR and use it about 30% of the time.
When I shattered my leg and could not work anymore I switched to photography. In my passion to learn I tripped over HDR it really appealed to the intensity I approach things with now addicted

You are abusing our patience.

Say, please, something more you be interested in them.

Great graces.
Hmmm... don't know if I'm worthy of being added to the list (SIGH) however, I also enjoy processing in HDR format! thanks! :-)
I am just starting to learn the HDR process. Once I can get back home, I can start getting more than PS Elements to work with.
Spent a year in Stockholm and travelling europe and now returned back to Australia where i will continue my studies and photographing which is majoritley HDR. Feel free to look over my photos.
HDR enthusiast here! Its taking over my life...please add me, thanks
I'm with several others here - I love HDR and have been experimenting for a while with it though there are a great many people who are far better at it than I am. I do recommend circling +Brian Matiash and +Bob Lussier!
Wow, so many HDR photogs. I'm adding all of you as time allows!
Best add me too (if ya want), probably shoot 80% in HDR, tend to process in Photomatix, Photoshop and Nik Tools
Sign me up! I use HDR in about 50%-70% of my work.
Just started it, but I just love the pics I see here on G+! Would really love to learn more about it!
I was waiting until somebody starts a HDR photographers list :) Sign me in :)
I do some HDR but I don't like it to look like it's HDR
Great stuff, guys! The list is growing: We now have 100+ people. Please keep adding to it, and please DO SHARE it to spread the word!
I saw many Photographer's HDR on Google+ that make me more interested to do this. I love HDR !!! HDR Rock!!!!!!
Yes.. I'm in.. will be adding you folks to my Photography circle
Been doing it quite seriously since last summer.
I'm always learning and HDR is one of the most fascinating photo techniques that I know (or am beginning to know!). Glad to have a list here for you all... please add me to your list. Check my photos here or
Love the HDR process, have done Trey's webinar and can see the improvements in my shots, all comments welcome
I have not yet done any HDR work. But seeing the fantastic pictures being posted in G+, I am planning to start working on it. Will appreciate any advice and tips.
A similar list has been created over at Trey Ratcliff's page from Stuck in Customs fans/friends. It's not just for HDR though, so this is nice to have as well!
Ken Wah
HDR is the main type of photography I deal with nowadays, even though I still like some non-HDR landscapes. My favorite is to make both HDR/non-HDR panoramas. Thanks!
Completely addicted to HDR now and will never go back, its like going from black and white to colour!
Please check out my work! I specialise in automotive and Golf Course Photography.
Great idea Klaus .. more people to learn from. Add me please.
It's a bit like a drug. I couldn't stop, even if I wanted to ;-)
I love HDR that produce natural looking results. I do all my blending Manually in Photoshop using Layers and Masks.
I use it where its needed. If I need to bring more colour out of a picture. :)
I use it a lot in scenes with more range than my camera can capture in a single exposure. I used it a lot with my D200, less with my D700 and even les with my D3s, but I still do use it. I try and make mine as realistic as possible and difficult for the viewer to tell if it is HDR or not.
I use HDR for landscapes and also for artistic scenes. In 2010, I teamed up with +Tony Sweet to write The Photographer's Guide to HDR Efex Pro, a comprehensive HDR guide for people using Nik Software's plug-in.
Jim Nix
I shoot a lot of travel-related photography and use HDR quite often! great idea to creat this list!
Completely hooked on HDR! My current camera isn't the best for bracketing (have to hold down the shutter) so many of mine come from a single RAW. Just adds so much life to shots!
+Ricardo Williams Thanks very much for the mention but PLEASE don't group me with the pros you have mentioned. Ugh, that's embarrassing. :D
Awesome, guys! The list is growing nicely. We should now have about 150 people. Everybody who reads this may feel free to add those people to their circles. Also, I shall collect all the people soon and make a list that is somewhat more accessible for everybody.

Keep them coming, guys! And do not forget to share this post to spread the word and also make yourself a little bit more well-known!!!

+Darren Humphries : No reason to be embarrassed at all! This is not about pros and non-pros. Welcome, buddy!
Is there any other way to shot that HDR? Thanks for creating the list Klaus!
I love shooting HDR - my biggest problem is hauling around a tripod! Had to get creative to take it everywhere I want.
I'm about 5 months into shooting HDR, and get out at least once a week to play with it. It's gotten my back into photography after a nice, crispy burnout.
Every time I grab a camera I shoot several HRSs
I am a bit of a strobist - however the final images are technically HDR because of the way I process them. Please take a peek at some of my portraits!
I use HDR as often as possible. Too often a scene I think needs HDR, doesn't! (or looks better without it) Haven't posted much here yet, but that's changing daily. :)
Very new to HDR, but loving every shot.
I heard HDR described as "the new film." It is a natural extension of digital photography, and will become much more integrated and natural within digital cameras soon. But for today, I nearly always use HDR and/or commonly associated with HDR (e.g., tone mapping) on every image to some degree, sometimes nearly invisibly, sometimes mildly, and sometimes brashly. |
I heard of HDR when I stumbled upon +Trey Ratcliff and was hooked ever since. I am always developing my skills when it comes to HDR and photography. Really into making HDR photos within a city and architecture envirnoment. Hope you enjoy having a look :-)
great idea! I often use HDR techniques in my travel/landscape photography :)
love HDR, been doing it since 2007.
I shoot with HDR in mind about 25% of the time. Depends what and when I am shooting.
I have been wanting to learn this technique for some time -- the HDR Cookbook has now become my reference and I hope to have something to show for the time spent in the very near future.
I am a willing slave to that siren of photography, Ms. HDR. I'ved learned the techniques, now I am slowly perfecting my ability to turn out images that don;t all look like they have clown marke-up on them.
Well, I'm not totally new to HDR. Doing it now for 4 Years but right now I got the feeling for it and get closer to what I want. So please add me to your list. It's good to see so many people sharing so much wonderful work.

My HDR-Blog is reachable under
What a great idea. Please do add me to the list. Even though I'm a teacher not a photographer I've been HDR shooting since... hmm many years ago. I still remember me and a friend trying to change the settings on our cameras without shaking it too much and merging them together in photoshop afterwards. It's been great fun seeing the evolution in HDR photography and following some great shots from time to time. Thanks Klaus for bringing this list together.
Tony Le
Im starting to bleeding HDR.
I am pretty new to this but definitely interested in learning more about the proper situations for using it...
I recently got into HDR and love it! I currently use it about half the time, as all my shots are hand held (gotta get me one of those fancy three legged camera holding contraptions... tripod i think they call it) ;).
Been into HDR since Jan 2010 and haven't stopped since. Suits my Urbex stuff down to a tee. :-)
HDR.... It is like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to me...
My DNA structure is made out of HDR Images.....My name is Frits Vrielink from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Check out my Website which is dedicated to HDR Photography on abandoned locations throughout Europe...
HDR is such a useful technique to have to be able to properly capture a lot of scenes - I've been using it a lot for my work in architecture and landscape particularly . You can see some examples at
HDR gives me the option to create art with my photography. I am still trying to wrap my head around it, but love the options it gives me.
HDR here - and I LOOK for opportunities to use it - clouds and stormy - and sunset sunrise are my friends! Water too.
I'm an HDR enthusiast.
I have been playing with HDR for a few years now, not ALL my photos are tonmapped HDR, but most of them are now. - I think that tonemapping is an art form in itself, and that there is no "right" way of doing, but I personally like to keep it "real" .. Thanks for the list!
I shoot quite a lot of HDR, using as a tool where necessary to capture the full dynamic range of an image and not really as a "look". I tend towards the more realistic than the surreal though I have been known to fall off the tracks on occasion. LOL
Use it for Business photo's and architecture.
I've included HDR and tone mapping in my work for years, and will continue to do so. It has amazing functional and artistic uses. I'm interspersing them in my posts here, and it's wonderful to see everyone else's work.
Always looking to learn from others, I'll be posted all my pics soon. Please add me to the list, thanks
HDR enthusiast. Please add me!
One more HDR proponent. I use HDR when I feel it will benefit a particular scene. I am often shooting bracketed exposures so that I can use HDR as indicated. Photomatix is my current HDR tool.
I use HDR processing only and only if the contrast exceeds the camera capabilities. A good HDRI is when you can't tell that the photographer used that technique.
Ive been doing HDR for the last 3 years i Believe. Nikon guy:-D, Regularly go with 5 or more Exposures, Photomatix user, PS User, Topaz, Nix, etc. From Houston, Texas!
HDR = High Dynamic Range ???
Yes I use HDR sometimes and would like to be added to the circle.
I'm an amateur in need of a HDR blood transfusion. Would love to be added to the circle.
Count me in!! love the possibilities offered by HDR, interested in learning from others and sharing own work.
Somewhat new to the world of HDR, looking to expand my horizons a bit with some critical feedback, and seeing what others are doing that's new and interesting.
I'm a big time HDR shooter having shot for 4 years on a little point and shoot, now I have a Nikon D7000 and I love it! Thanks for putting together this list, I Look forward to connecting with all these great HDR shooters.
Hi! Klaus, this is great! You now i´m into HDR, and i will love to be a part of this network and share my interest with other(^_^)
I discovered HDR a few months back and I am now getting really serious with it. half of the shots I take now are HDR and Im adding new shots every week.
Addicted to HDR and started in 2008. You kan see my work at Unfortunately this pages are in Norwegian. But the picures are not.. ;-) You will find almost every pictures on my Google+ pages.
Man I love HDR, especially the stuff Marvin Gaye did. Wait, HDR stands for Highly Distinctive Reggae doesn't it?
Several cool HDR photos of and around Mount Rainier on their way, also I'm a real estate photographer by trade (among other things) and I'll be putting together a gallery illustrating how HDR doesn't necessarily have to look like HDR.

Nice work with the HDR list Klaus :)
Not sure I posess the requsite skills just yet, but I'm all about having a go!!
I still consider myself a novice with HDR but I love taking the bracketed photos and giving it a go. There are so many options on how you want the image to come out from very realistic to very surreal. Such a creative way to express yourself.
loving HDR... want to join the list...
Hi Klaus, I would like to be added to your HDR list.
Trying to do as much HDR as possible recently.
Now that I'm not on my iPhone (that this list crashed!) I can add myself. I've been toying with HDR using Photomatix and HDR Efex Pro and various other freebies. I also tried in PS. I found HDR Efex Pro to my liking and will buy it one of these days. I like a fairly natural HDR with a good range of light and colour. The others can look more like cartoons than photos to me.
I love making time lapse HDR and stills just 2 months into it. now the best is yet to come
I have been using HDR processing in my photos for a few years. There is a ton of bad HDR out there but sometimes I find some good HDR. I have not decided if I will use Google+ for posting photos.
arjun v
great list man... I love takin' and watchin' not too washed out HDRs :)
I use HDR when the opportunity is there and it looks appropriate...
HDR - What All Digital Photography should be.
HDR for the win! Thanks Klaus for this!
Oh I do HDR whenever I can!
I will take a add on this when possible... no rush....
HDR as a tool for helping me make the artwork I want - Yes! I'm all over HDRlandscape panoramas.
I <3 HDR and planing to join and work on it, sometime soon :)
HDR is my preferred shooting method whenever possible. I have work posted at It's a great place to see some excellent HDR photography!
I have been using HDR not only to cover the range I cannot capture with a single exposure, but also to tone map like crazy.
I bracket my shots whenever i see a good dynamic range, am just taking my first steps in HDR world.
Like your ideas, keep on the good work.
Good Morning All! I'm Terry Eggers, My wife Julie and I have been working with and teaching HDR photography for some time now. Although we have used many programs and still do, we use Unified Color the most. It produces the most natural results. Please check out Unified Color's blog that followed us along our last trip.
Its all about hte brackets and using HDR to bring out realism in an image - not overcooking the saturation and making the photos look like they were outa Disney. you can find me here >> Mostly urban exploration and street art.
I cover the whole spectrum from realistic to "DISNEY" as Mark calls it.All's good in my book.
Feel like I'm arriving late to a party. Can I waive my banner too and say timidly, "I love HDR"?
+Todd Douglas Hi Todd, don't worry! The party has only just begun. You're welcome. Grab a drink and make yourself comfortable.

Oh, and please invite all your friends to come too. We have far to much beer. ;-)
Free party and plenty of beer? I knew G+ would beat out Fbook!
I thought HDR would be a gimmick when I first heard about it. Then I SAW the photos!
HD what..? High Definition Radio...;) haha...kiddin' !!
What a great idea! Hello fellow photographers my name is Terry Nelson. I grew up all over the USA (military brat) but now live in Atlanta Georgia. I fell in love with HDR about two years ago when I ran across +Trey Ratcliff and took some of his tutorials. HDR is still fairly new to most and it is great to see so many that enjoy the process of creating an HDR photo as I do.
HDR Sucks! It sucks great color and texture out of subjects. Then it puts it into pictures that sometimes look closer to the reality of what I saw than a conventional digital photography or a print from a glass plate negative. How do I get closer to understanding the nature of reality through photography? That's my question. Question sort of sounds like Quest.
HDR - How Do you Really see things? Love, love, love it. Everything about it!
Thought I'd stick my name here.... thanks for the great list
Hey guys! Thanks for your support in assembling this list. I will publish another update at soon. So keep adding!

In the meantime, please share the list by sharing the link This will spread the word and also bring more people to your profiles.

My HDR process has taken on a new style since following fp's instructions, thank you
I'm newly an HDR addict... :) only about a week and a half, but going crazy with it...
I have snapped one or two HDR images in my life...
Hi Klaus, thanks for your invite to google plus and I am happy if you could add me to your list
I have been getting more into HDR, and I tend to blend it with the original to keep it a bit more realistic. Check out my website (mostly weddings and portraits) at
I love HDR. I am developing my own HDR style!
I love HDR! Have done five magazine covers using HDR in the past few months :)
Great work !!! and thanks for sharing !! Cheers
It's certainly not a constant at the moment, but I've been known to dabble in HDR on a fairly regularly basis and some of my more popular stuff is HDR so there you go. It's another fantastic advancement we are able to enjoy thanks to digital photography and for some of the things I am trying to do with my landscapes I would be remiss to not use it when it fits.
Greetings from winter in Cape Town. I use HDR and LDR or Fusion / Enfusion based photography for 80% of my commercial photography. HDR is a powerful tool for creativity and for capturing images, and much of +Klaus Herrmann photography is outstanding, but some on flickr can be - to be polite - not of mainstream commercial value.

If someone posts a photo and wants and gloves on or gloves off comments / critique, I'd be happy to give comments based on my experiences and love of my craft.

For me, using multiple exposures is to make a photograph look as close to what ones eye sees, 50% of my market in South Africa is tourism, so I feel photos must represent what people will see when they come to this great place.
I won't plug my work, its easy enough to find just google hamish NIVEN Photography - darn plugged it after all.
Hey there, my name is Alexius, I like doing HDR, have not added my photos though to Google+, will do so next week, so check out my photos next week or if you like until then in my webgalleri ... i am looking forward to see what you guys and gals do :)
Just starting to get the hang of HDR, though I probably do half HDR/half pseudo-HDR since I don't carry a tripod around with me often. Mostly based in Japan, though will occasionally have travel pictures as well :)
Hi! I am an HDR noob, I've been trying it out and plan to do more! Your HDR tutorials have been a great resource for me :)
add me please... using HDR if reasonable
A follower of the HDR Guru Trey Ratcliff, Long Live Google+. Facebook,Google and beyond
HDR is the future of Photography..... It is truly an art form!
Great idea, please add me to this list!
I love to use HDR photography to take those hard to capture the light moments. That's where HDR shines! But on a single image, the concept of tonemapping helps to bring back some of the lost information. In actuality tonemapping a series of images is really compressing the dynamic range to be able to present to the eye, via the computer or printer, everything in the shot.

I have lots of fun using programs like Photomatix to do the image assembly. But also consider that sometimes just a little raising the shadows and lowering of the highlights of a single RAW file, in your favorite photo processing app, will yield a great looking photo.
Awesome idea Klaus, great to be on here! Looking forward to meeting and greeting other HDR photographers. Since everyone's in a plugging mood, come visit my daily blog!
I use HDR sparingly and process with Photomatix. It's not for every shot, but it definitely adds beauty and dynamism. Critiques welcome at
Fantastic Concept! Yes please add me.....
Thank you for improving my photos 100%. I love HDR and learning from a master like you is a priviledge.
HDR has opened a new world for me and my work.
I've been known to do an HDR or two..
Sometimes use HDR photographs of abandoned places
Great list to find fellow photographers! Thanks for setting it up!
I enjoy HDR photography and learning every day a bit more.
A single basic image even with a high end SLR seems like It is lacking life . Looking at the image and knowing there can be soo much detail that can be released properly ,There is a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment to know you have created something that is true to life . I believe Klaus Herrmann has set the standard for what HDR should be . I have been doing HDR for 5 years now and am stepping away from a "dirty" HDR to a more clean and refined .Pleasure to meet everyone and be a part of the List .
HDR is a passion for me!!! I love that, specialy for URBEX and Cityscape!
I've been shooting HDR for quite a few years.The "look" just really appels to my eyes.
I love HDR...and my new camera means even better HDR shots to come.
Love HDR photography. Love to see it. Love to practice it. Love it.

I started with HDR photography on July 10th at a car show here in Mexico City. Posted some of those photos to the Facebook page of a big car magazine here in Mexico and two months later had the opportunity to go with them to the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez (HUGE race track in Mexico City) a shoot with a Jaguar, Mini, Cadillac, Charger and an Acura! My HDR pics got their eye, alright :)

Now I'm also doing street portrait photography and have been shooting some presentations of a modern dance group. HDR photography, especially cars, remains a huge love for me. I, as many people, first started getting interested in it by looking at some of +Trey Ratcliff 's amazing pictures.

You can check some of my stuff out (HDR, street portrait, even a Star Wars march!) in my Flickr page. I'm slowly starting to upload and share pictures here in my Google+ profile, which I just started last week.

Good luck to all on your photography!
I love HDR photography. My variance between heavy and soft HDR sure changes day to day, most likely depending on my mood... WATCH OUT! LOL Love this spot! THanks +Klaus Herrmann for setting this up! I see people are posting Flickr links... I dont have that... how about my photography site?
HDR was just what what pushed from the bridge into the river of photography.
I love experimenting with HDR. From subtle treatments, illustrative styles and B&W.
I use HDR everywhere I go, which is generally in Southern California
pretty soon   iam  going   to   be   new  Disney  super  pop   rock  star
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