HDR Photographers on Google+ - The Definitive List

How to get in:
1. Share it! (promote the list and promote yourself )
2. Add a comment! (introduce yourself)
3. +1 it! (make it more popular to make yourself more popular )

You probably all know about the various lists that circulate here on G+. Some were carefully composed by hand, some are "enter yourself" lists. This has proven to be a very helpful resource for everybody - those already here, trying to discover new people, and the newcomers as well.

A far as I am able to tell (and you may correct me if I am wrong), there has been no attempt to build such a list of HDR photographers yet. But now there is!

So here's the deal:

If you use HDR on a regular basis and if you want other HDR enthusiasts to know this, please do three things (in that order!):

1. Share this list wherever you can! This will promote the list in a viral fashion, disseminating it quickly which is a great way of promoting yourself.

2. Add yourself to the list by writing a comment. You may enter yourself and anyone you think should be on that list. Don't be shy! If you are in a writing mood, tell us something about you.

3. +1 this post to make it more popular!

How to Share:
Simply click on Share. Then add Your circles, Extended circles, and Public. Click the Share button, and you're done. It's quick, it's easy!

The intention is not to build a best-of-the-best list. I intent to compile a complete list and publish it here on G+ and elsewhere on the web as well, so that other people outside G+ become aware of the strong G+ HDR community and have somebody to add to their circles when they enter.

Ok, let's go!
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