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HDR Photographers on Google+ - The Definitive List (Part 3)

I have just published update 1.2 of the HDR@G+ list. We are now 795 members!!! Welcome everybody!

Look at the entire list at [ ].

Since the previous registration thread is reaching the 500-comment limit for posts, this one here shall serve as the new registration thread.

How to get yourself to the list:
1. Share this post! (promote the list and promote yourself )
2. Add a comment to this post! (introduce yourself)
3. +1 it! (make it more popular to make yourself more popular )

Details can be found at the host site of the list at [ ]

Additional Info
I have made the cut to collect new people today at about 16:45 CET. Those people who added themselves after that will be included in the next list update over the next couple of days.
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Am... Hi :)
I come from Poland. I'm no patriot but I shoot mostly this beautiful country. Add me too if you like.
Good to see a circle taking off so well
I'd love to be added :D (i have just started to add photos to my account - lots of HDR to come)
Your blog is my bible when it comes to HDR. Please add me to your list.
Hey there :) I love HDR photography and would love to be added to this list. Thanks.
Best wishes from Colombia - South America.
New to HDR but interested in learning more. Please add me to the list. Thank you
Please add me to the list as well. Is the circle shared anywhere?
Hello +Klaus Herrmann, I'd love to be added. Most of my land/seascapes as well as architecture are HDR, but I also dabble in street, and most recently, portraits. Still, HDR is my real passion, though there's still a lot to learn and improve, which reminds me: thanks for the wonderful recipes in your HDR Cookbook!
Hey from Barbados! Have started using HDR much more often recently.
Yep, I work with HDR. Please add me.
Hello +Klaus Herrmann - I have started working a lot with HDR and tonemapping. Trying to learn the subtleties of it, and would love to be added.
Please add me to the list. I am somewhat new to HDR, but would love to keep up with others.
My urbex and abandoned asylum sets are all HDR. Would be honored to be included. Thanks for this.
Ainda sou demasiado amador em fotografia, por agradeçia imenso que me adicionassem ao grupo para aprender algumas técnicas de imagem com vocês os grandes profissionais.
I work in both HDR and BW (using HDR as a jump point for many of my BW post pieces). This is a wonderful idea and I would love to be a part of this grouping to view and share with more people interested in this great technique.
Please add me.... I just started with HDR (today I published my first HDR) and it was fun to create that picture... so I will continue....
I am learning and improving my HDR one image at a time. I look forward to joining a community of photographers who share my passion for HDR and sharing of information. Thanks!!!
how many people speak, images worth a 1000 words... congratulations..
Greetings- I am a digital artist and love morphing fractals that carry you through portals of infinity:) Thx for this list. Please add me and visit my pages:)
Hi - I do some HDR - only post what I think is interesting and worth sharing - thanks!
+Klaus Herrmann I've tried several times for you to add me to your list. Let me know if you do.
I would like to be added too pal ;-))
Great list, great photographers. I'm a HDR Photographer :) please can you add me?:)
Jeff P.
Please add me to the list. Thks
Hey... nice list, I would like to join. Now using the Sony NEX-5N and enjoying the HDR Paint mode when I don't want to use Photomatix, it does the job quite well. Take a look at some examples... Cheers from Frankfurt! Pierre
Nice job, I just started getting interested in HDR & this list will help point me in the right direction I'm assure!
I have some examples of my HDR photos in my G+ album's. I'd love to be added to your list.
Jack L
Me to! Thank you
Great list, would be an honor to be added.
HDR is a fantastic creative tool. Thanks for spreading the word.
I'd like to be added, please!
Please add me to the list. I have shot a number of auto-bracketed HDR images. Thanks.
Please add me to the list. Thanks
Looks like a great HDR community you are building here. Please check out my fotos and add me.
Doug M.
Bring on the HDR!
Please add me as well! Cheers!
Thank you for the inclusion on this list.
Hello Klaus, most of what I shoot is HDR. It would be an honor to be included in this list.
I am looking forward to being included in the HDR Community. Please add me
There are so many greatly talented people on G+ - thank you for getting this list together and maintained.
Great resource for learning about HDR. Please add me.
What a great list - would be pleased to be added.
Looking forward to learning more of this art form from others with the same interest. Please add me.
Just getting started with HDR... using it more for blending to get realistic results. Please add me.
Please add me to the list of HDR photographers. Great to find so many other photographers who are using this technique!
I have had some success with HDR; even sold some prints, esp on Metallic paper. Please add me. :-)
Thanks for managing the list and yes, please add me too. Cheers!
Pleas add me, I just started in photography and HDR is one of the skills I want to learn. Thx
I have a great interest in HDR, pls add me
Around 90% of my work is HDR, so I'd like to join the list.
Please add me, another humble hack attempting HDR photography (enthusiast)
Just recently introduced to HDR and loving it, please add me. thank you
Great Tutorials, incredible details..... love your work.
I have recently posted some of my HDR work on G+ so check it out and please include me when you send it out, unless you've already done so. Thanks.
+Klaus Herrmann I would like to be part of your HDR group. I have example of my works in my HDR album. Would love to be added. Thank you.
Count me in. I really enjoy looking at everyones work.
Great idea to make this tempo of getting ppl on this roller coster faster!!!!
Wonderful this list, please add me to it.
Thank you.
Hi, wonderful list +Klaus Herrmann I am learning my way in HDR and this list has everything, you can add me if you like. My HDR shots will become more over time..
I'm not an exclusive HDR photographer but definitely have my share of them. Thanks for sharing a great list of photographers to follow.
Count me in, also. Always looking for inspiration and education when it comes to HDR.
Yes i would love to be on this list please ;-)
Please add me to the list as well. I Love HDR!!!
I would be happy to be part of your list!
I also try HDR every now and then. Please add me to your list.
would love to be part of this group - please add me! cheers!
Hi, I am from Chile and glad to find this group as I'm just beginning in HDR. Please, add me to the list
Please add me to your HDR photographers circle.
Can you please add me to the HDR list too? Thank you, Klaus.
Thanks for stepping up and your website is awesome
I'd love to be added up. I've only been doing this for about 6 months now and am starting to get a good feeling for it now... My photos are (as of now and momentarily), only of Toronto... but they will grow! Please accept me too! Thanks!
i love HDR photography and would like to be added t this
I am still fine tuning my HDR techniques, always trying to improve. Love the idea of this list.
Seems that about 90% of what I shoot now is HDR, so I'd like to be on this list. More than being on it, though, I'd like to browse the members. There's so much opportunity to mess up an HDR and such a depth of opportunity to make something remarkable out of one. Here's to learning the craft better.
I'm just starting to explore HDR. Please add me to this list.
Would be great to be added to the list ,great source of inspiration cheers +Klaus Herrmann for the initiative much appreciated .
I love HDR. I am shooting every time now thinking how I am going to process the shot in HDR. I would like to be added to your list. Thanks.
Would like to be included. Thanks!!
A great idea and so good to see so many people enjoying HDR photography. Looking forward to joining the list.
That's a Great Idea to make this list, I hope it grows day by day. Please add me in your list an HDRer from Iran
Gute Idee, so bekommt man viele neue Anregungen, Danke
I'd love to be added also. I can't recall when I last shot anything but HDR.
Great Idea! Cant wait to see your HDR photos!
Okay, trying this again -- first time I tried to share it, I ended up with a blank post.... :(
Hi All - this looks like a fantastic Club for folk with similar tastes and problems ;-)
My name is Tom and I've been toying with HDR and panoramas for quite a while now, although far less than I'd like to... Hoping to change that for the better - watch this space. My favourite toys are Nikon D300, D7000, 12-24 f4.0 DX, Photomatix, PTGui, Lightroom.
Thanks for creating this list--and circles--as a medium for inspiring many photographers, both experienced and novice. Seems like a great way to expand one's community, as well.
Great idea, I would also like to be included on the HDR listing
Thanks for making the list and sharing it is great, I have a mixture of differant styles including HDR shots that are tagged and scattered through out my albums...If you could please add me to the list...Thank you.
Great list so far. I'd love to be a part of it.
Thanks for getting this going. Please, add me. Thanks
This is the best idea I've seen in a while - thank you Klaus!
Hey folks. I love HDR and use it often in poor lighting situations. In general I keep my HDR very clean such that looks like a natural photograph, though sometimes the subject matter just screams for a bit of "surrealism". Please add me to the list. thanks.
Klaus: I've visited your website many times and have applied many of your HDR Cookbook techniques in learning HDR. Thanks, and include me on the list and in your circles.
Please add me as well! (Then again, it might just be easier to list the 42 photographers on G+ who DON"T do HDR...)
Excellent Resources. Thx! Please Add.
I would love to learn HDR more. Been doing from time to time since I got my SLR last year. count me in will yah! That's a lot.
Please add me to the list and thanks for all you have done for all us would be HDR photographers.
Excellent work, please add me up . Cheers
I'm Portuguese and lover of photography, and I'm starting the HDR, and enjoyed being part of the list.
Recommended by Mark Hall. Please add me.
I would like to be considered for inclusion. I do it and teach it. Thanks! :)
+Klaus Herrmann how do we know if we've been added to the list now? Is there a current or updated list somewhere? thanks - PS I teach HDR at a local continuing education program also.
Finally got around to signing up. Thanks for the list.
I would be honored to be added to this list.
Great list. would be proud find my name on the list.
+Klaus Herrmann I would love to be added. I've just recently started getting results I'm happy with after almost a year trying my hand at HDR. Thanks!
Please add me to the list. Good Thoughts- Gary Orona
I would like to join. Seems like a great resource. 
Great idea - you can add me.


I do HDR. My goal is to make it so you cannot tell is is HDR (I avoid the "HDR look"). I'd be honored to be on the list.
Please add me too, thanks
Just started with HDR. More traditional BW photographer but love the idea of capturing more of the light spectrum for a subject. Anyone check out the Lytro? Would love to hear some hands-on experience with that HDR camera.
I wouldn't mind being added to your list.
Hi, nice list. please add me top ;) Thanx!
I would like to be added - I'm no pro but love all aspects of photography and think HDR gives stunning pictures.
I start learning....hope that I can learn it by using your HDR Cookbook. Please add me to your list. Thanks :)
I'd very much like to be added to this circle.
Hi Klaus, please add me to your list. Thanks :-)
Hey I'm Chris from the netherlands and really into HDR! I hope to find more time for shooting en Processing nice pictures.
Please ad me to your list to. Thanks
Great idea. I'd love to play. : )
Looking forward to learning from all of you! :-)
Still working on getting google+ up and running, but please add me!
I am really enjoying this stream of amazing photos! Inspiring and brilliant!
Add me please, thanks for the great list!
my first attempt to get on a list
Moving over from analog to digital, HDR is one part of creating excellent pictures. I'm very impressed by some of the post from those photogs. Time will come and my critical eye will allow me to post more of my pics ;)
My photography world back in 2002 consisted of E6, C-41, push/pull..... you get the idea. Fast forward to today. HDR to me is like a kid walking into a candy store for the first time. I'm eager to learn and this list is the place!
I just only try to be an HDR photographer...But I'ld like to be added to the list!!
I like HDR. I get crazy sometimes with it, but I think you should always create. I would love to be on the list. Thanks, Jeff
Please add me to your list, Check out HDR Spotting as well.
Me too. I enjoy shooting HDR and love looking at good HDR photos
Wow! There are a HUGE number of people here who are HDR photographers. I love creating HDR images, but it is not ALL I do. I also like creating textures (usually WITH hdr images, but not always), and some portraiture. If I still qualify, I would love to be added to your list.
Please add me as well Klaus. Thanks for maintaining this list!
Please add me to the list :) I love shooting HDR!
Please add me please thank you, great idea !!
Awesome....would love to be a part of this....
I do love HDR! Always looking to learn more
Art does not reproduce the visible, Rather, It makes VISIBLE (Paul Klee - artist)
I'd love to be added to the list I love HDR!!
Video and Photography is what I do :]
Please add me. Thanks.
This is my first day using Google+. Please add me to the list!
Please add me to this list. Thanks much!
I have shared your cookbook many times. Great stuff. Definitely add me to the list.
great resource - Thanks for putting this together. please add me to the list as well :)
can i be in the list,,,,i have big interest in it,,,,,
I am still a novice at processing HDR but I am working at learning more about it and practicing hard. While I will not be a prolific post of HDR images I do enjoy viewing the works of others. Thank you for adding me to your updated circle.
I would appreciate being added to the list. Thanks.
can i please be added to the list... thanks
I follow your work, have an affinity for HDR and dabble a bit in it also. Thanks
Dear Klaus, I am just starting with HDR and would greatly appreciate acceptance into the community that you have started. I hope to learn a lot from here and also to contribute hopefully decent stuff.
Hi Klaus! As you know, I am a regular HDR shooter. I would love to be added to this list to promote my "newly" launched HDR website. Thanks!
Hi Klaus, I shoot HDR at times and use RAW shots for HDR as well. I'd love to be added to the list. Thanks.
Thanks for creating a community for photos on G+. I am still very new to HDR,but hunger to learn and make new friends here. I would love to join the club. Many thanks!
I am a HRD LOVER please add me..
Please add me. I am a learning HDR enthusiast and enjoy all the talent on google plus.
Must be part of this group so much inspiration all in one circle thanks
Hi Klaus, I've decided to give this google+ a try :)
Please add me to your list on the next update, thanks!
Please add me, I am totally hooked on HDR, very much a beginner, but so keep to learn!!!
Please add me ! from Japan.
Klaus, Can you please add me to the list. I have started HDR photography due to using iPhone4S and now with my new Canon. Thank you, -- Bill --
love the idea... can share processing technique from the best. btw ur site help alot in my HDR. do please add me to the list. thanks - artakus mozeryn
Im to HDR but everthing I learned about HDR mostly comes from G+. Please add me to the list
Hey buddy, please add my to your list :)
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