HDR Photographers on Google+ - The Definitive List (Part 3)

I have just published update 1.2 of the HDR@G+ list. We are now 795 members!!! Welcome everybody!

Look at the entire list at [ http://bit.ly/gphdrlist ].

Since the previous registration thread is reaching the 500-comment limit for posts, this one here shall serve as the new registration thread.

How to get yourself to the list:
1. Share this post! (promote the list and promote yourself )
2. Add a comment to this post! (introduce yourself)
3. +1 it! (make it more popular to make yourself more popular )

Details can be found at the host site of the list at [ http://bit.ly/gphdrlist ]

Additional Info
I have made the cut to collect new people today at about 16:45 CET. Those people who added themselves after that will be included in the next list update over the next couple of days.
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