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Ever wanted to use your computer like Tom Cruise does?

Do you know the movie Minority Report? Surely you do. Coming from a computer science background, I was always fascinated with the gesture-based computer interface they show in the movie. For those who don't know what I am talking about, check it out here: interactive ui in minority report

It seems that we are getting much closer to interfaces like this for regular desktop and laptop computers, only without the gloves. Check out this new technology by a company called Leap Motion. The demo looks incredible!

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i always think abut things like this but i dont have the smarts to actually make them. i need this on my phone 
Cool! I always longed if I could change screen of my MBP screen into a touch screen...and I find this! what a bliss :)
get Ready to be sued by evil apple i dont know how but i can tell they will some how or other way .
15 secs of adverties.. god this ppl are sick.
looks like a modified version of kinect but only to track hand movements?
As an artist this really does something to me lol
Why am I seeing this in my feed? It's promoted? It's on 'fire'?
combine this with samsung transparent panel and minority report - here we are!
I never liked the Minority Report interface. It looked very exhausting. That arm-waving and gesticulating is a terribly inefficient way to interact with anything, much less technology that would in reality require some fine control and precision. Mouse and keyboard still represents the most ergonomic way to have complex interactions with a computer. Open to new ideas, but gesture-based interfaces don't do it for me.
I like it. But this is just a part of the puzzle. Combine it with decent voice recognition, code it so any web based content can be manipulated (even stuff as dull as online forms) and it is a winner. I want this in my work life. I am BORED of keyboards and mice!
Keep up the good work!
I like the way this guy talks. He seems humble, and not quite aware of just how cool his product is (though he's fully aware, I'm sure). Yes, this is what I'm looking for to take art to the next level.
how close should you be to your machine to get this thing work?
Plz dont sell urself to apple. This s a cool technology and shouldnt be limited to just apple users.
Sure, it looks cool, and works well in some limited applications. But not real-world practical. 
No, but, then again, I don't like Tom Cruise.
Ugo Ano
Mix this with the Cyman Mark 2 for Android - and you have Iron Man's Jarvis!
All we need now is a Holografic Display in mid air  "thingamajig" and we are there.. in the future 8-)  
I want to be able to use mine like Iron Man.
Seen this Leap motion few months ago-- but still awesome 
The price was estimated at 70$, I would pay that for this :). 
How long before we start talking about 'touchless' devices?
Much easier to use one finger.
We'll see how this technology might help us in the future :) very exciting :)
Using this with SketchUp would be just awesome.
Even though i hate mac this looks cool
Wonder which company google or apple have or want this technology...the battle continues.
When will something like that become a reality 
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That is really cool, and again shows me why we can never predict what is going to happen with this stuff...
Ah ha let's teach computers sign language. Maybe conduct an orchestra. Or perhaps the basis for a sophisticated personal targeting system. 
"Ever wanted to use your computer like Tom Cruise does?" --- no.
And esp not if Scientology is part of the game.
Uhg. This stuff is all lovely experimentation, but anyone buying this is going to watch it gather dust pretty quickly after they realize it's just another gimmick interface. Lack of tactile feedback is ultimately going to make this a chore to use. False positive gesture detection (you won't MEAN to make half the gestures you make, but it'll read them none the less), invisible detection zones. Even when using a pencil, you want some form of resistance (i.e. the page), because the human hand wobbles a huge amount when it's not in contact with something else.

Having a conceptual separation between body and interface is a useful aspect of traditional interfaces - not something we need to fight with jumped up eye-toys.
While it looks cool, the gesture based interface in minority report is so inefficient, you would get sore arm muscles within a few minutes. Nothing the average office worker can use all day long.
What gesture should I use to look for porn? Let's face it, stuff like this is just a cooler way to look for it. 
Just looking at the title I thought, "I really don't want to even know how Tom Cruise uses his computer."
Nice tech, may have some future. :-D
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Very cool, want to beta.
Artistic applications aren't nearly as impressive as those that must be precise - the real trick is handling noisy input...
Joe S
ummm...hasn't microsoft been doing this for a couple of years w/ their  kinect?
Tom Cruise operates his computer with OT powers.
This is so amazing!!!
Brand new interface to learn.

How do you type?
Let me tell you what I'd like to do with Tom Cruise and his computer....    :-D
Superb, only problem I foresee is that the demo is on an apple product, therefore its an apple patent lol
already pre-ordered mine. its a usb peripheral just demo'd on an apple.
Imagine having an operating system like that. With 3D space! Pull your folders and files back and forth!
This is what the xbox connect should have been
Use this to interface with Google Glass...
This is the next generation user interface. Incredibly amazing. 
No that we have the touch and/or gesture motion down, we now need a projector like display to reach out and grab.  Kinda like a hologram. I like this tech, looks years beyond where it needs to be.
The discovery of electricity has gone far and deeper, 100 years ago, no one would believe electricity could do this
Gorgeous! But on the long run one need quite strong arms: Isn't it just uncomfortable to raise the arms all the time? Anyway - obviously that'll be part of the future...
We should be allowed to test the beta version. :) is there any open source close to this project?
It's good. I replaced the tablet. And for this healthy movement on the computer ;-)
hi people of google how do you spend your weekdays?
O my god. That video card must be powerful.
What if you had someone over your shoulder would they interfere with your results. I hate it when someone touches my screen so I like it sort of . Would it be easier to write. As far as court reporting. What they need to do is not put someone out of a job.
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