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Get your tickets people!  #anticipating2025  
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How was the event? Is there any recorded talk or written review ?
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This Saturday we are running a unique event: +HackHumanity - Leadership Hack. The event is for leaders and teams to attend, we will hack on your culture, values, purpose, roles, definitions, processes, policies, value proposition. It's a mix of brand strategy, culture hacking and tribal leadership. If you have a team and want to get to the heart of who you are for each other, for your customers, for the world I invite you to come along and get involved. Register here:
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Thank you +90 Main Yard +Bernie J Mitchell for the venue!
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I finally get the power of social media from a non business perspective - will def make you think
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Klaus Bravenboer

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The new +Trello is looking great!
We just launched a major update to Trello with starred boards, a new boards page, and a huge focus on speed.
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Klaus Bravenboer

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I've backed Seedrs through Seedrs. Check out its campaign at
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Klaus Bravenboer

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I have just been to the Landmark London Landmark Education - which is a leadership, communications, psychology and emotional training experience with deep personal and social impact.

I am recommending you to go to one of the taster evenings and check it out for yourself.

I have invited my friends and family - and to you - the other members of my community - who I deeply care for and respect - I want to share this with you. 

Imagine that possibility and energy that you get at SENS Foundation or at Quantified Self events, and with startups and hackathons - Landmark has this and its own valuable contributions to offer.

I invite you to check it out. I promise you personally that it will change your life and be important for your relationships, mission, health and life!
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Klaus Bravenboer

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Congratulations to +Peter Thomson  now CMO at +Seedrs, loving the insight and attitude!
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Klaus Bravenboer

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Love that shirt! Get along to +HackHumanity this weekend guys, it's time to do some creative battling on behalf of humanity!
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Klaus Bravenboer

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What are you doing this weekend? come and Hack the workplace! here's a video of me explaining more of the concept and the experience available.

What’s possible in one weekend?

HackHumanity is a 2-day full immersion experience that combines the best of hackathons, workshops & personal coaching into a unique Hackshop experience. 

By participating there is an opportunity of becoming healthy, happy, effective and engaged and creating this possibility for your team, workplace and for others.

A recent study Gallup on Employee Engagement in 142 countries revealed that only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work. 

How do you feel about your workplace? 

At the next +HackHumanity weekend we Hack the Workplace.

The weekend consists of a Hackathon-on-rails format. We guide you with experiential training and fast paced actionable exercises to create your story, to design, build and grow your solution with our Heroification process.

You will learn about best practices in lean startup methodology,  real-world customer validation, leadership, high performance teams, communication frameworks and organisational culture. The outcomes and value created at HackHumanity include progressing your ideas into creations, with the potential to transfer your innovations to your work and share them with your team and become part of the HackHumanity community and culture.

Think about your worklife and the people in your life that would benefit from the weekend and creating solutions for a happy, healthy and productive workplace. We invite you to speak with your teammates, family and friends and get them involved. The experience is £98 and includes 6 super-healthy paleo and gluten-free meals cooked on-site by a private chef. 

There is a limited number of 48 tickets with 6 scholarship places (50GBP). There is a discounted team rate available (80GBP per person for teams of 2+ people).

You can Apply on
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Life & business hacker for hire. Liferhacker + Business System Architect. Former software developer & systems architect.
Systems Thinking, Brand Strategy, Business Model Generation, Ideation, Service Design, Design Thinking, software development, marketing, social media
  • FuelStory
    Brand Strategist, Founder, 2012 - present
    Systems Design. Specifically designing organisations, teams for objectives, special tactical events (hackathons), business & brand ecosystems, product architectures, software architecture, online product hierarchies, online/offline communities and social media presensences.
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Hastings, New Zealand - Wellington, New Zealand - Auckland, New Zealand - San Francisco
Brand Strategist at FuelStory. Founder of The Caveman Club, Converge+UK
Who am I

Systems hacker & designer, former software developer & systems architect, west coast swing dancer, Kiwi in London, quantified-self hacking geek, quantified teams, runner of hackathons experiences.

I work with individuals to hack & design a model for the systems, structures, flows, people and resources they need to optimise their lifestyle for what's important to them.

I work with businesses to hack & design a model for the systems, structures, processes, people and resources that they need to optimise achieving their objectives.

I was an enterprise software developer & systems architect for 7 years. I now apply this same level of Systems Design & Systems Thinking to everything I do.

FuelStory - systems for life and business

It all starts with a good story. What's your story past, present & future?

Our process:

1. Review: first we understand what's your past story, what stage are you at, your motivations, what's worked, what hasn't worked. Then from a place of empathy & understanding we map out your ecosystem, search and discover insights.

2. Reflect: next we take stock, run a healthcheck, audit and identify both the bottlenecks and opportunities, then prioritise the areas to focus on that will leverage and accelerate the most change right now

3. Roadmap: together we craft a strategy and plan with a timeline and layout your short, medium and longterm actions, milestones and objectives.

Recalibrate - schedule periodic waypoints to check we are on target, measure, reflect and then create the next roadmap given your trajectory.

At FuelStory we have a collective of specialists individuals & businesses that we bring together and deliver workshops, training and implementation.

What we do
  • Culture: values, purpose, vision (the base of why you exist, what is compelling, why people will work for you and with you)
  • Communication (internal teams, external PR, Media training, digital tone of voice)
  • Brand Architecture & Strategy: Name, Tagline, Key Messages, Stories; internal: Essence, Values, Traits
  • Workflow, Time & Resources: a structure for daily timing of work, breaks/play, food/fuel cycles to optimise energy, productivity & creativity
  • Physical environment optimisation
  • Operations, finances, accounting & internal systems audit with recommendations
  • Customer discovery, research, personas, journey, empathy maps, value proposition design
  • Testing, hypothesis validation and experiment design
  • Product Architecture, Design & Management
  • Design process (Design Thinking, Service Design, UX/UI)
  • Development process (Agile, Scrum, XP)
  • Ideation, Innovation workshops and methodologies (The 5 conditions for creativity)
  • Business model generation, audit & review
  • Strategic partnership development, investment and funding
  • Sales cycle (margins, pipeline, supporting sales materials) & in-person methodologies (rapport, ascending engagement, trust, NLP)
  • Content marketing, Channel selection, Community Building and Growth hacking (data-driven marketing & analytics)
  • Exceptional Customer service methods & and user centred process
How we work

  • University of Auckland
    Software Engineering, 2000 - 2003
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Anticipating 2025

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Chris from Shaping Change really knows his stuff. He took me from around 22% to 14% body fat in 3 months. Lot's of unconventional exercises, smashing tires with sledgehammers and the like, loved it. Chris is a life long learner and committed to being top of his craft using the latest techniques, supplements and blood testing options. I highly recommend Chris.
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One of my favourite places in London. I always feel welcome and like I belong. The layout of the cafe is deliberately designed to create space where you sit in the middle of the buzz of the coffee creation process. The staff are friendly and despite being busy have often taken the time to have an attentive 2-5 minute conversation with me about coffee which is amazing given the queue out the door. The table design is about 8 to a table, this is deliberate paired with signs to NOT talk on cell phones, this structure creates chance encounters, serendipity of conversation with strangers because use must share a table. Every time I come here I'm having fun, feeling welcome and meeting new lively characters. Come chat with me over a coffee -- Caveman Klaus
• • •
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The products are first class, every time I am here I explore and discover great new items to support a healthy and environmentally conscious life. The layout of the store works, the staff are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful with any questions I ask. I live 15 minutes walk away so it's perfect for me and a great complement to the green urban sanctuary which is Regents Park. Caveman Klaus
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