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Klaus Bravenboer
Brand Strategist at FuelStory. Founder of The Caveman Club, Converge+UK
Brand Strategist at FuelStory. Founder of The Caveman Club, Converge+UK


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Elliott Hulse here.  I've had this video removed at least a dozen times from various channels owned by people who have not respected my decision to hide it.  But, I am not going to flag it this time.

Since uploading this video to my channel over, almost 3 years ago, I have met and been contacted by hundreds of men and woman who thanked me for helping change their lives by introducing them to bioenergetics.  After learning about people who overcame depression, anxiety, dissociation, low energy, poor self-esteem and suicidal thoughts by observing my openness and vulnerability in this video... I realize just how important this video is in facilitating the global spiritual awakening upon us.

If you watch this video and are moved by it, I invite you to give bioenergetics a try.  Although it requires the difficult task of setting your ego aside, and yielding into the irrational spontaneous movement of your body... you will find freedom!

If what you see me doing here makes you cringe and feel uncomfortable,  you may need this more than anyone.  Read some of the work by Alexander Lowen, particularly "Fear Of Life".  This will give your rational mind some comfort while exploring your inner world of fear, guilt and shame.

Finally, not only will I allow this video to remain... I invite you to share it.  Or better yet, develop the courage to make your own bioenergetic catharsis video.  The world needs more openness and vulnerability, and by you letting down you not only free yourself, you give others the permission they need to release, relax and breathe into their balls (or pelvic floor) also.

With relentless love and strength, 
Elliott "Big Belly Breathing" Hulse :) 

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Need more hugs!

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Excellent video on Organisational design and strategy. #orgdesign
It took +Jonathan Rosenberg  and me a decade of experimentation and reflection to come up with the rules we captured in How Google Works. With this video, you can learn the key points in about three minutes. I guess things really are speeding up in the Internet Century!

Kudos to +TheDrawShop  for this fun video recap of #HowGoogleWorks.

#google #business #management

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Want to learn as much as I can from this legend of a man.

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Formula E, great to know this exists. Competition will drive innovation in electric cars and engines.

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Looks like a great conference. Love the work Tim 'Mac' Macartney is doing.

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Be Slightly Evil - Full Card Set
Version 0.7

What is this?

Inspired by, the Be Slightly Evil mailing list, and numerous discussions that have sprung from both, I started tinkering with designing MtG-inspired cards that would ideally introduce people to a person or idea through a judiciously chosen quote and a mechanic that illustrated the concept.

The scope expanded to become a full set: 269 cards, plus 8 token cards. As of version 0.7, the set is fully built and stable enough to sustain serious playtesting.

Note that this project is wholly unofficial and unauthorized, and for personal use only.

Please feel welcome to comment on specific cards with questions or suggestions, reshare with folks you think would enjoy this.


Version notes 0.7: All cards have gone through an initial review and most have been play-tested. Will be working out the kinks/balance issues over the next several months.
Be Slightly Evil 0.7
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