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Powerwolf - Show review
6th of March 2014, Tavastia, Finland by Pete Alander

Lupus Daemonis / Sanctified With Dynamite / Prayer in the Dark / Amen & Attack / All We Need Is Blood / Sacred & Wild / Resurrection by Erection / Coleus Sanctus / drum solo / Kreuzfeuer / Werewolves of Armenia / Dead Boys Don't Cry / We Drink Your Blood / Lupus Dei / Prelude to Purgatory / Raise Your Fist, Evangelist / Saturday Satan / In the Name of God (Deus Vult) / Wolves Against The World

This was the long awaited night when Germany-Romanian wolfmen hit the stage in Finland for the very first time. I had been expecting this night since 2005 when their debut album 'Return in Bloodred' was released. I was immediately impressed by their music and so far I've seen many live clips from their shows, so I thought I knew what to expect. 
The stage was decorated with the very unique visual style of Powerwolf and the fans (let's call them a 'Wolfpack' shall we) were ready for the bloodshed! Little did I know about their live shows, from the very first track 'Sanctified With Dynamite' they kept the energy level of the crowd higher than I have ever seen before. This was their first show in 2014 and it was obvious they had really been waiting to hit the stage again. Matthew and Charles Greywolf kept shredding the place apart and drummer Roel van Helden blasted like a madman. His drum solo included many personal tracks including the intro of 'Painkiller'. Respect! Funny detail, which only a Finn can notice happened when keyboardist Falk Maria Schlegel drank few Finnish Bear beers during the show. A wolf drinking bear... Anyone? Schlegel was really on fire throughout the whole show and cheered the crowd on, together with Attila whose notes were perfect as always. The setlist was well build from faster material such as ' Amen & Attack' and 'Dead Boys Don't Cry' to a bit doomier stuff like ' We Drink Your Blood'. My personal favorites and much anticipated 'Saturday Satan' and 'Werewolves of Armenia' were also played. Nothing to complain expect the high price of beer in Club Tavastia (I mean 8,50 euros what's up with that?). 
I hope to catch them again at Tuska-festival 2014 where they are also performing. It will be amazing to see their macabre show in a bigger stage. This is a band you really want to see live. Amen and attack!
Powerwolf 6th of March 2014. Tavastia Finland
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Here we go:

Holidays approach and it’s been a while since our last update, we promise to make up for it with one of our heaviest offerings yet!

K.K. has a new video blog now released, and there is plenty more to come!

Also remember to check out his previous written blog, touching on his latest birthday, Lemmy and memories of legendary tours of the past among other things!

The 12th part of Fuel Of The Furnace is now out of printers and this time focuses on the 35th anniversary of “Stained Class!” K.K.’s comments naturally included. The classic Scrapbook-feature is back and running presenting rarities from the early days!

Legendary US thrashers Metal Church have returned with excellent new album “Generation Nothing.” Vocalist Ronny Munroe discussed with Steel Mill on various subjects ranging from his solo work and influences, up to past and present with Metal Church!

To round it off there is a stack of new album and concert reviews to be found, including among others “Dante’s Inferno” by 7 Deadly Sins!

Also don’t forget Project Rock feeding the flames! Featuring Ripper Owens, James Kottak, Rudy Sarzo plus other legends, the band is currently amidst a heavy touring schedule so don't be sure not to miss them coming to a town near you. Upcoming tour dates can be found on Steel Mill will be covering the tour later on so stay tuned for more.

Steel Mill want to wish you a heavy metal Christmas! Keep the metal fires burning and we’ll see you again soon!

- K.K. Downing & Millworkers -
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Hou, hou, hou fellow metalheads! Steel Mill Christmas update coming within 15 minutes or so! While waiting, listen to some new Metal Church:
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