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You know it's actually getting pretty funny now. Every time I tell a friend about Google Plus and they ask for an explanation, I dumb it down to basically: "It's about sharing, but has more depth that twitter and is more broad than Facebook. But more importantly, it is what you make of it"

I then get asked if I'm being paid to advertise...
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I would have thought concentration of early adopters is higher in younger cohorts. So does it look like G+ is for folks who are older and do not have that much fun with real life friends (simply because they are less accessible) any longer?!
Haha I don't know about the last part, but so far it is looking like the older folks are most prominent. Younger people are still playing over at facebook.
I saw a post explaining it as an "interest" network. It is base around what things you are into. If you like astronomy you can circle some of the best in the field posting amazing images and thoughts on astronomy. If you like naked pictures of girls there are people who posts all sorts of those. I can be anything and that is what makes it great and everyone's experience is unique.
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