I can't tell if they are being ironic or just never read any of the comic books... (I got this off a Ms Marvel Youtube video).

For those who also have not read the comic books... Clarification. Ms Marvel was in the Avengers comics. She dates back to the late 60s, but didn't receive any powers until the early 70s. So, what does she have to do with the Avengers?... Everything. Iron Man, Thor, Captain and the Hulk are the only Avengers? And Black Window and Hawkeye are "new additions"? There is such a large list of Avengers, I don't even want to try listing them all. Hawkeye and Black Window are certainly not new additions. Wolverine and Spider-man 'were also' Avengers (1990s for Spidey and 2005 for Wolfie).
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