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"The freshest thing in this kitchen is that pigeon flying around. And he's lucky he's still alive."

Which episode of +Kitchen Nightmares is this quote from Gordon Ramsay from?
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There's a station Fyi that shoes all his old shows
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Kitchen Nightmares

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Imagine Chef Ramsay is a dinner guest in your home. What dish do you prepare for him?
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Steamed Hilsha!....yum!:9
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If you could watch Chef Ramsay cook up anything, what would it be? 
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Do you still have a hankering for an episode of +Kitchen Nightmares? Watch your favorites from this season here!
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In Case You Missed It: Gordon was none too pleased with the 'freshness' of the food at Bella Luna.
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He's not pleased with the freshness of the food at any restaurant he's visited
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Kitchen Nightmares

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What was your favorite Kitchen Nightmares stop this season?

Tune in to catch "Bella Luna" during tonight's Season Finale at 9/8c!
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Have them in circles
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Kitchen Nightmares

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Caption this moment from "The Old Neighborhood". 
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I would love to have chef Gordon Ramsay come to my place for dinner the knowledge and skills not to mention edaquecies he could provide me with are immeasurable he takes such passion in his cooking and training all I can say is that even though the chef s in those kitchen nightmares get a chip on there should switch Ramsay they in the end endue him as family 
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Kitchen Nightmares

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The first word that came to mind when you saw the size of this Pantaleone's pizza was ______. 
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No mas pantaleones!
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You're not the only one who's bummed that +Kitchen Nightmares is over. 

What's your most memorable moment from this season?
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Love your show you save so many restaurants 
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We're just hours away from the Season Finale of +Kitchen Nightmares. Check out a sneak peek of tonight's episode!
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I'm pissed it's the season finale at it's only ONE FREAKING HOUR!!! What the bloody hell? 
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Kitchen Nightmares

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Tough love: Gordon provides some harsh feedback after tasting a piece of tough, overcooked veal. 
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Kitchen Nightmares

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Spoiled turnip, broccoli rabe and veal - oh my! 
Watch this Zap2it exclusive clip from the Season 6 finale of 'Kitchen Nightmares,' airing Friday (May 16).
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Official Google+ for Kitchen Nightmares
World-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay returns for a fourth season as he treks across the country to help fledgling restaurants turn their luck and their businesses around. With the economy hitting the restaurant business hard, these restaurateurs are looking to Chef Ramsay to wake them up from their KITCHEN NIGHTMARES.

Each week, Chef Ramsay will visit a new establishment with myriad problems. He will delve deep into the inner workings of each eatery and explore everything from unsanitary refrigerators to lazy and inexperienced staff to diagnose the real problems. Whether he changes the restaurant's operations, updates the menu or gives the establishment a complete makeover, Chef Ramsay will do whatever it takes to try and turn these restaurants into popular, successful and, most importantly, money-making businesses. It's up to the restaurant owners to take his advice and use it, or face closure.

Using his five-star culinary expertise and knowledge, Chef Ramsay will put his name and his food empire on the line to help transform these restaurant nightmares into the American dream on KITCHEN NIGHTMARES.