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KISS To Sell
Online sales training for non-sales people who hate sales
Online sales training for non-sales people who hate sales

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I have been working for a long time to change how we view sales and was inspired by a meeting today +Sally-Ann Charnock
So ... here it is What Charlie Chaplin Can Teach Us About Sales

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New Video blog just out.
We know this makes sense ... and yet we wait for results before we commit.
Learn more here >

What is stopping you?

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NEW BLOG. Just out.
Ever heard people say .... People buy from people they Know, Like and Trust?
It's true ... so here I help you think about what ACTIONS help you to build trust with your clients. #sales #salescoach

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Being deeply wrong about something is sometimes it is a hard pull to swallow ... when it is about your baby (your business) ... it gets personal!
After swallowing my pill ... I've been in a cocoon and my business has been transformed and here I am as a shining new butterfly ... happy to share my journey and insights.
Would love to know your thoughts.

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New Blog Post
I read an article recently about a Cafe in Spain that charged people less when they used their manners ... it got me thinking ... what are the 3 key steps you can take to build clients you LOVE!
Here it is :)
Article for +HerBusiness +Suzi Dafnis #sales

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[PODCAST] New just out my chat with Petra Jones from I Am Mumpreneur #sales +Petra Jones
The art of authentic selling

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I have been speaking with lots of people recently who are smack bang in my target market … that is ... people who don’t like sales and want to be better at it.
Something struck me ... there was one MASSIVE central theme that stood out for me from these conversations.
Here it is >>> Most people think and act like they are rotten at sales … and you know what – they are right! Because what you think ... you do ... and you see.
Here's how to change it ! xxx #saleshack

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So wonderful to have my Podcast for #womeninleadership with +Annemarie Cross released today.
Listen in here to the Hidden Secrets of Sales

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I have been collaborating with the amazing +Annemarie Cross - here are some lessons we have learned about business in the process #igniteyourbiz

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Sales Confidence is about trickery - it's about being YOU.
Learn why and how in my latest blog post. #sales #salesconfidence #kisstosell
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