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"I believe in utopia" – brand new interview on über-cool @the_talks, with director Michel Gondry
MICHEL GONDRY: “I believe in Utopia”. July 27, 2011. Mr. Gondry, why are you still doing commercials? I do as few commercials as possible, maybe one or two per year because it allows me to do the movi...
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I find refreshing his honesty about "not being proud" to do commercials, but find his rationale self-serving. I'd rather see artists, especially those I admire, embrace doing commercials as a way to elevate the form, and to bring a measure of creativity to the discussion. Also, I feel the expression of squeamishness or disdain for the business end of the art-and-commerce equation is a bit of an anachronism for our times. I'd rather see Mr. Gondry approach the relationship this way:

"I'm going to bash those ironic glasses right through your skull." "Bring it on, Cape Cod!"
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