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The Google+ Sign In

Google+ is offering a "Sign In Button" that can be used on 3rd party websites and apps to authenticate a user.
If you are interested on how to use this button in your project you should check the Google+ Developer Pages:

We would like to explain here the Sign In from the view of the user and describe the main points regarding your privacy and what kind of access you give the app.

1.) Give access to your circles while using the Google+ Sign In
General: In the Sign In popup/window of Google+ you can choose which circles you want to show to the 3rd party app. By choosing circles the app will be able to get a list of the persons/pages in this list but not the names of the circles or the number of circles a person/page is included. It is just a list of id's that are in at least one of the circles you have chosen.
CircleCount: You don't need to choose any circles here if you don't want to. The only features that are using these information on CircleCount are so far:
► the Map of your Circles (
► the birthday list ( and 
► "Your Google+ Elements" (
But you have a button to update these information on the pages of these features, so that you can unselect all circles on your first Sign In and check out CircleCount without showing us any of your circles. It's your choice!

2.) Allow people to know you use this app
General/CircleCount: Here you can choose the visibility of the app / CircleCount on your profile page. You can see the full list of apps you have signed in to with Google+ on this page where you can also change the visibility or disconnect from this app.

3.) General Sign In
CircleCount: On CircleCount we are using the Google+ Sign In to replace a user registration. You don't need to create a CircleCount profile, you have it as soon as you have a Google+ profile.
With the Sign In you are telling us who you are, so that we can show you 
► your dashboard (
► your follower map (
► your favorite posts (
► your custom ranking using the criteria you define ( and 
► many more features that are available with a free Sign In

There is no official / publicly available Google+ API that allows apps to post in your name.
There are the interactive posts ( which can be used within an app as a button. You will have to click this button and choose the circles/persons you want to share an interactive post with. Default setting is that the post will be private.
You can find such interactive posts on CircleCount
► on our A vs. B pages (
► on your follower map (
► on our polls (

There are also the app activities ( which can be generated automatically by the app without that the user has to do anything. These app activities can be found here ( and can be shared, but you still need to go to this page and choose an app activity to share it publicly or with your circles. 
CircleCount is generating such entries when 
► you sign in, so that you can get a good overview of when you have logged in on CircleCount
► you add a tag to a person/page (here is the complete list of tags on CircleCount:

If you have any questions please comment on this post. We will try to answer them and update the post.

This post is based on a question of +Gail Pasternack ( in the Communitiy of +SEOWiSE ( Thanks also to +John Ellis and +Atilla Vekony

#googleplus #signin #interactiveposts #appactivities
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Kirsten Plotkin

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Till forty years ago, people got up in the morning, had their breakfast and went to work with a packed lunch. Many probably had a morning or afternoon break and went home to have a healthy, nutritious dinner just as our parents and grandparents had done. Through the entire day we didn’t stop to think, even for a moment: Am I overeating? Am I eating the right food? Am I putting on weight? Am I looking fat? Am I getting enough exercise? Questio...
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How about a guaranteed Fast weight loss: No diet, no exercise, no hunger pains. Read details, and if you like it please share it with friends.

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Kirsten Plotkin

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Kirsten Plotkin

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Pre Launch: The Diet Terminator. Best Kept Weight Loss Secret:  This is what we have all been waiting for. This is for  Anyone Who's Sick Of Diets, Tired Of Exercise, Hates To Be Fat And Wants The Weight Gone Forever.
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Link to The diet Terminator Pre Launch Page:
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Kirsten Plotkin

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Kirsten Plotkin

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Search for: Recent Posts. Hello world! Recent Comments. Mr WordPress on Hello world! Archives. August 2015. Categories. Uncategorized. Meta. Log in · Entries RSS · Comments RSS · · Hello world! Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!
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Love great graphics? Check this out!  
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Kirsten Plotkin

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I just posted episode 2. You can find it here: Don't miss it
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Kirsten Plotkin

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Have you heard of the 3 world events that made us fat?
Don't be another victim. Get the facts:
The truth never hurt anyone. But lies can kill

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Kirsten Plotkin

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It's helpful and it's free. What more can we ask for/
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Sugar addiction is close to epidemic. Our body is not designed for the type of food choices we make today.

Learn why we are not meant to be fat. Our body was not designed for diets.  We can change our outside. But inside we have not changed for eons.  Our body does not adapt, it evolves.  The evolution of life is a very slow process.

Website: Healthy Lifestyle-News!

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