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hello g+ buddies
went out night shooting with the new Olympus E-M5. it is a pretty cool camera, got it so i could carry something around with me that was light unlike my Canon! it has pretty impressive high ISO low noise results. this was hand held and shot at ISO 3200. i did apply a little noise reduction, but i am very impressed with its performance. this is taken at a university precinct and WolfCub obligingly turned his head so i could get his profile at just the right moment :-)))

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Everyone seems to be getting an OM-D at the moment.

Nice shot.
Hi Kirsten, I was just looking up that camera since I am really interested in a lighter kit due to my arthritic hands but the Olympus Australia site says it only goes up to 25,600 ISO! Does yours really go that high?
+Kim Sinclair it definitely does. ISO tends to require a bit more work after about 6400 from reports I've heard.
Yay fluffy Wolfcub again !! and its a great shot for low light conditions. 

Thanks for sharing with #FidoFriday  :))))
I never said it didn't go up to 25,600. It does. Nods
It depends on personal taste as to how much ISO you're willing to use. :)
Great pics, next week my om-d is come too lol
Oops! My is late isn't it?
I was reading the post as 32000! D'oh!
It's time to retire shame-facedly to bed. :( 
You all just carry on...have a good day/night etc. :)
Wolf-Cub is the new William Wegan weimeraner - only much more primal.  To see him appear to smile for the camera is making me smile right back at him.  And I know what you mean about carrying a heavy 7D.  I only take it when photography is my mission.  The Olympus looks like it was an excellent choice.
Cool! I hope Panasonic will produce a sensor as good as the one in the E-M5(Sony's) soon.
Everything a b&w photo should be.  Well done!
Nice contrasting +Kirsten Bowers I have been thinking of another "smaller and lighter" camera, too.  My wife and I share our Canon  right now.  My thought was to get another 60D body, but Cathy has fibromyalgia.  There are many times the Canon is just too much.   I'll keep an eye on your photos and check in to the Olympus.

While on the topic of equipment.  I was curious about your 100mm.  Do you have the IS version or the reg. USM?  I've been saving up for the 100mm.  I know I should keep saving for the IS, but the money is "burning a hole in my pocket" as we say!
Ada M
Yay, I missed WolfCub!! This is a very beautiful image!
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