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Buenos Dias my friends,
Cup’O’Joe in hand wishing you and yours Happy Holidays and well wishes on this amazing #ColdSmokePowChristmasDay #GiftOfSnow :)

24hr early read: 5a–5a = 24hrs
* Kirkwoood@7800’ – 4” to 6”
* Heavenly@8000' – 4” to 5”

• Kirkwood: 1@7800’ 8@the summit
• Heavenly: 6@Tamarack Lodge 9@Top of Sky Chair

* Kirkwood: SW 10 to14mph with gusts in the mid-teens / low 20's
* Heavenly: SW 12 to16mph with gusts in the mid-20's / low 30's

• SR88 – Carson Pass & Spur Open – Chain Controls
Roads are slick, Slow'yr roll my friends... Four-Wheel drive does not mean 55 ;)

It’s a Christmas day present only #MotherNature could provide... Today the mountain is a #BlankCanvas with a #FreshCoat of #MaNatural and you, yes you, get to paint your picture on it... As you ride on this beautiful day #MakeTheMountainProud, enjoy each and every turn... Celebrate this amazing life and sport that we all share...

NWS forecast: Mostly sunny, with a high near 24. Calm wind becoming west southwest around 6 mph in the morning.


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Evening my friends,
Glass'o'Red in hand with another day at the office winding down...
Snow in the forecast, Let's keep it real with 8" to 12" over the next several days...

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Good Evening my friends,
Glass’o’Red in hand winding down a good day on the mountain…

#StokeLevelBeginsToRise as the NWS forecast is looking much more aligned with a series of storms headed our way…
NWS has a Winter Weather Advisory for snow remains in effect for the Western Sierra Slope with snow levels down around 2500’-3000’ ft. Snow accumulations will range around 2”-4" at Lake level with up to 6" at the upper elevations of the Sierra…

The wet pattern continues as additional waves of precipitation arrive Thursday into Saturday. The main difference is that snow levels are expected to rise significantly by Thursday evening. The Sierra will likely see heavier precipitation with these additional waves but snow impacts will be limited to the higher elevations...around 6000’ ft and above.

Timber Creek will open this Saturday for the season with our Timber Creek Express (Chair 7) and Bunny (Chair 9) Snow has been skiing / riding quite well my friends and with the new snow forecast it will only get better…
Stay’nThirsty #StokeForPow

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It started with becoming aware. A homeless community member on the streets near our homes.
Why was he dressed in just a t-shirt and jeans on this bitterly cold winter’s day?
We were 11 years old, and that day we resolved to find a way to help this man and others like him.
We were both avid downhill ski racers, and one day during practice, we went to the lost and found to look for a hat we had misplaced. There we observed a huge pile of unclaimed warm coats, hats, gloves and scarves. We impulsively asked the ski resort if we could give the unclaimed warm clothing to the homeless in our community, and in 2011, Warm Winters was born!
Since starting with a partnership with 1 ski resort, we have now expanded to 30 ski resorts in 12 states, and have helped 10,000 people experiencing homelessness.
In the process, we have learned a lot. We’ve learned that solving homelessness is a complex issue. We’ve learned that youth can truly make a difference in the world, and that by partnering with ski resorts, other charities, corporations and individuals, we can power our efforts and expand our capacity. Winters has grown into a national movement of passionate youth, and together we are committed to change the lives of the homeless!
In the next five years, we will train 5,000 youth to help 50,000 homeless.
It’s really easy to make a difference in the lives of the homeless, and we can show you how! Contact us for more information!

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Bonjour mes amis,
Glass’O’Red in hand prepping for a great weekend for racing here @KirkwoodMtn…
Daron Rahlves and the Banzai tour have arrived and we are full tilt hard and fast building the best course in four years… Huge props to the Kirkwood Ski Education Foundation, Kirkwood Ski Patrol and the all mighty Kirkwood Mountain operations teams as they prep the best course in the Banzai series for this weekend…
Kirkwood and the Banzai tour are 6 years deep with the Qualifiers on Saturday and the Finals on Sunday… The Rahlves' Banzai Tour is racing in its purest form. Big mountain freeride meets ski / boarder-cross action! Taking place at three Lake Tahoe, CA resorts its head to head action four at a time, top to bottom, down a wide open course over natural terrain and snow conditions. This is the ultimate test of ski and riding skills. Open entry for 18 years old and up. Come take part in the fun and find out what you are made of.
‪#‎StokeLevelNow‬@16 with the best in the biz arriving @Kirkwood this weekend for some amazing all out racing…
Stay’n Thirsty my friends,

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Hola my friends,
The Tahoe Jr. Freeride Series @KirkwoodMtn was an amazing adventure  These Athletes are simply incredible… Good time, Sunshine and amazing lines 
Check the footy & we’ll see you on the Mtn. @The Banzai this weekend my friends…
Stay’n Thirsty,

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Evening my friends,
Glass’O’Red in hand, beautiful sunset with a solid weekend of Banzai ahead here @KirkwoodMtn…

Expedition Kirkwood will be hosting our annual 2 day Women’s weekend here on March 5th & 6th. The clinic starts off with a simple skill assessment where we will help you set personal goals for your journey, which may include introducing new skills, refining the ones you already have or exploring new terrain. We want to provide you with the inspiration to push your own limits, tackle terrain or conditions that you never thought you could ski and leave with the desire to keep driving and learning.

• 2 Full days of coaching
• Private party in the Kirkwood Mountain Sports
• Wine and Cheese
• Special shopping deals
• 10% off on kids full day ski and ride school
• Equipment talks on latest gear
• Discounts on demo equipment
• Video analysis (weather permitting
• Special check in at Expedition for your kids

Call 209.258.7360 for more information or to book your two day camp!

Stay’n Thirsty my friends,

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Evening mis amigos.
Glass’O’Red in hand with 24” of #FreshPow on the deck in the past 24hrs… #StokeLevel@11 with the back-side opening tomorrow 
#MotherNatureRocks #GodzillaReturnsToKirkwood #ProofIsInThePow

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Buenos Dias mis amigos,
Cup’O’Joe in hand with ‪#‎MotherNature‬ knocking at the door!
‪#‎StokeLevelRising‬ as we are have a ‪#‎WinterStromWarning‬ in effect for the Tahoe region smile emoticon
A few key updates:
@KirkwoodMtn – Chair 2,3,4,Vista & 10 are currently on a temp wind-hold with gusts upwards of 65mph+ across the ridge tops as #MotherNature moves back in…
@HeavenlyMtn – Dipper, Sky, Gondola, Tamarack, Big Easy, Comet, Olympic, Galaxy, Northbowl & Mott are currently on a temp wind-hold with gusts upwards of 85mph+ across the ridge tops as #MotherNature moves back in…
NWS forecast for today: Pacific frontal system moves through today and Thursday bringing rain and mountain snow. Heaviest precipitation tonight and Thursday morning. Windy conditions this afternoon and evening. Snow levels dropping over night with mountain travel issues through Thursday. A weaker system moves through Friday.
We are looking at 1’ to 2’ in the forecast over the next 48hrs… We’ll wait watch and see my friends…
‪#‎KeepTheFaith‬ ‪#‎GodzillaReturns‬ ‪#‎MotherNatureRocks‬
Stay’n Thirsty,
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