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This is Perfect!, I have gained a deeper understanding!, Thank You, My beloved!
Time Shaft

Consider time as a shaft which is continuously moving, moving from the right to the left; the future is constantly flowing and becoming the past. The time shaft represents incidents, memories, or cosmic intelligence.

Usually our mind wanders between the past and future, jumping back and forth. If we decide not to think about either past or future, we cannot have thoughts, because a thought is nothing but a jump from past to future or future to past. Every thought is to do with some past incident or some future idea. If we take 10 jumps in one second in this fashion, we can say that our TPS or Thoughts Per Second is 10. A person who is restless will have a higher TPS, say 50 TPS. These thoughts are so subtle and swift that it is difficult for us to believe that we actually harbour so many thoughts in one second! But it is true! The mind is like a drunken monkey that jumps from one thing to another without any rhyme or reason.

The higher our TPS is, the further away we are from the time shaft, as indicated in this diagram. If we are continuously jumping between the past and the future, we cannot become truly aware of the real past or the real future. To become truly aware of our past, we have to be in the present moment, which means we have to lower our TPS and come nearer to the time shaft that is available to us with the past and future.

Great Masters have access to the entire time shaft because their TPS is almost zero! They can clearly see the past and future. Being able to harness the time shaft is what cosmic intelligence is. When we are able to do this, we are actually in tune with Existence and its play. Once we have access to the time shaft, we can go back in time and get any information. All our past is available before the present moment (left side of the time shaft), and all the future is available after the present moment (right side of the time shaft). The present moment is where the future and past meet. Read more: by
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