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The only reason to use the word "pivot," in its new Valley context, is to hide something with language — largely, to avoid talking about failure. Your app didn't fail, you pivoted. Sorry, you failed. But failure is fine! Most experimentation is failure. Good things come out of failure. But you failed and now you are doing something else.
Why The Word "Pivot" Should Die: I liked the word pivot. And then Silicon Valley got a hold of it. ..
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That's not a use of the word pivot that would be treated seriously in the UK - a bit like a phrase that was knocking around a couple of years or more back when schools decided that kids didn't fail exams, they were experiencing 'deferred success' - no, really, I kid you not.

That aside I always say that if you don't make mistakes, then you're not learning anything.
This is called language deconstruction I believe. Where words are chosen based on emotion rather than their meaning. Pivot shouldn't die. Accountability should come alive.
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