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Here's what happened to the artist page in the latest release of Play Store. In addition to displaying the section that launches Music Explorer, we also scaled down the appearance of cells in the Similar Artists section in the left column. Why?

Take a look at the first image. We display up to four similar artists (if we have that info), and using full-bleed artist images with overlayed names creates this gigantic block that completely overpowers the main artist image. It's just too heavy, and it constantly draws your attention away from the rest of the content on this page.

The second image shows how we tweaked the visuals of that section to be more scaled down. The artist image takes half the cell, and the artist name is displayed to its right. And now we can also fit more of these cells above the fold.

The tl;dr version would be this - the positioning and styling of a content block should follow its relative importance in the overall hierarchy.
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will the "explore similiar artists" feature also make its way to phones, or is it just for tablets?
^Yes, I was looking forward to this on my current Galaxy Nexus and my future Nexus 4. I am a music lover and seriously need this. But thanks for the attention to detail!! Google is really doing great stuff -- Keep It Coming!
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