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Speaking of things coming soon...

The latest version of Play Store is in its first rollout phase starting today.
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It looks beautiful.  Even better with tinted statusbar.

That being said, I guess it's a lost cause to ask for a paid apps section.
Isn't the word "downloads" in the downloads section kind of redundant? Other than that, very nice. Me likes the extra whitespace. 
Can we expect some in depth analysis like with old one? 
Let's hope that D-Pad support has been improved.
+Kirill Grouchnikov now that you can install games right from the Play Games app, don't you think it's a bit redundant to have:

- A place where you can install them and see their description / GPG features / achievements / leaderboards / people playing.

- A place where you can install them and see their description / GPG features / screenshots and trailers / +1s and reviews / what's new, and so on.

Wouldn't it be better to have a single place to manage your games and see all their info?
+David Prieto - there is indeed overlap between page listings in Store and other Play apps. If the past is any indication of the future, things will continue to evolve, hopefully mostly for the best.
+Solomon Taiwo LOL I am more than well aware of that. 

I was asking if they knew about it rolling out today, if they've gotten any word from anyone who might have it already.

I've seen a couple of his speeches actually, as I live just outside of Atlanta :)
Awesome work! Now I hope that you guys ditch the simplified permissions and go back to the real permissions. 
+Kirill Grouchnikov also, I can't quite figure out why the description has a white actionbar with an X but the reviews have a colored actionbar with the usual Up button. What's the rationale? When should the X be used in other apps, if ever?
Taz Hoque
+Kirill Grouchnikov please add a section to view just paid apps, I'm surprised after so many years such option isn't available, I have brought many apps and which are not installed and would like to know what they are just instead of hunting through 100s and 100s of free apps. It makes no sense to have paid and free combined. 
+Artur Vizdoaga I've used the app before but can have issues here and there sometimes but honestly a simple thing like this shouldn't have to be a app. In any other stores you can always check your purchase, this should be like 1 of the 1st things in a app store list. 
And then I was all like...dat content focus.
Looks really bad without the entire app being changed. It's jarring going from the main page into an app page. I like the look. But it needs to be all or nothing. 
I'm not complaining, but why are you using Nexus 4 as the 'dummy'? 
Nexus 4 had the best bezel-swipe feel of all time [citation needed].
+Kirill Grouchnikov Agreed! Nexus 4 had the best bezel swipe, and the best headset speaker position.
So many times I'm struggling to find the speaker on the N5 :D
How do you get to the detail screens with the X in the action bar? Any particular reason you went that route as opposed to a standard up indicator?
Looks great! Lots of new UI improvements! 
+Tadej Rudec my point exactly. I don't want to do everything from the Play Store, quite the opposite.

I want to show a game's screenshots, trailers, +1s and reviews directly in the Google Play Games app, so that the whole process of seeing a game, deciding if you want it and installing it can be carried out from there. I'd also like to do the same with music, movies series, books and so on. Allow the user to carry out the process right from the respective app, without ever having to visit the store.

Exactly as +Giampaolo Frello says.
By the way, +Tadej Rudec, I love that you used the Drive / Docs example.

What they did there is remove features from the "central" app and move them to specific apps. They moved document editing to Docs, spreadsheet editing to Spreadsheets and slide editing to Slides, and Drive now basically serves as a gateway to those.

This is exactly what I'd like to see here. I want game purchasing moved to Play Games, music purchasing moved to Play Music, and so on. With Play Store maybe serving as a gateway, some place to showcase content but nothing else.
+David Prieto, where does "Zombies, Run!" fit in your demarcated stores? Or "HabitRPG"? Or "C:Geo"?
+Gavin Golden that's actually a very good question. To answer it open the GPG app and search for them.

They don't show up in the search results, which seems to indicate that Google, or their devs, don't see them as games even though they have game-like elements.

Therefore, you would probably install them in the same place you install the other non-game apps. I guess that would be the store, since there's no "Google Play Apps" app?

But they are games, you'll probably say. And I might agree to a point, but right now they don't seem to be considered as such.
I've already installed it, its fabulous
So what's up with the auto scroll back to the top of the app detail screen each and every time the user comes back to that screen (ex from another app, or flag inappropriate screen), +Kirill Grouchnikov ?