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Among pixel-level changes that went into the latest Play Store release, my favorite is the hero overlay mode on a few of our pages. I'll be writing a bit more about how this is working over the next few days.

Hope you like the new visual direction we are (somewhat belatedly - compared to the other Play apps) taking.
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I'm starting to love the newer designs you guys are putting out, great job!
It really looks amazing. Is there a reason that you dont have it go under the status bar like google now and the launcher do? 
For now we're not doing this as transitions between screens with and without hero images are going to be pretty jarring.
+Kirill Grouchnikov ok cool, thanks for answering! the original mock-ups of maps with it looked so good that I was wondering when other Google apps would have it
It depends on how many screens have these hero images. If you have only few of those, or even if you have a lot, but most of the time is spent outside of those, then going into action bar / status bar and back is not ideal UX.
I pulled out an old Rezound that had not yet updated to the new Play Store and was reminded how awesome it has become.  I love the design sensibility and the color schemes.  And you have almost entirely removed the jank on scrolling.  It is honestly one of my most "pleasing" apps to work with.  As for the hero overlay, the small detail of the color bar on the bottom of the picture is very appealing, but not sure why.  
I love the Play Newsstand transition animation. Any chance it'll be extended to other Google Apps?
The books screen seems slightly out of sync with the music and tv/movie ones without a corresponding blue horizontal separator between the top image and the description.
We only do the separator on the individual item page. The last screen is an editorial collection, and not an individual item.
It's looking more and more similar to Play Music, Play Books and the rest of the bunch. Almost like these screens could belong to those apps instead of the Play Store.

Actually, +Kirill Grouchnikov, have you considered doing that? Letting us buy content right from e.g. Play Music?
I like the updates, but there's no longer touch feedback anywhere in the drawer.  I know the last release had touch feedback for all items in the nav drawer.  Is this a regression or is it intentional?
+Kirill Grouchnikov Just got the update and it looks beautiful! Love the way the transparent action bar is implemented and  I love the bigger buttons, so much easier to hit. On the apps which are already installed though, 'Open' and 'Uninstall' take up too much vertical space, especially coz they're fixed when you scroll. Can't they be side-by-side instead of one above the other, thereby showing more content below?