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A somewhat more serious entry in the #pixelpushing series. On top, how the top part of a details page for a magazine looked like on 7" portrait form factor. On bottom - how it looks now.

The alignment used to be all over the place. The three texts in the subscription section didn't align with the thinner color strip above them. The "Subscribed" text was aligned to the Cancel button, but they didn't align to the Read button above them. And so that ended up with unequal space on the left and right sides on the subscription section. And finally, the price/next payment texts were way too big. Not anymore.

Long live the grid. Here and in a whole bunch of other places in the latest release of Play Store. Not that we caught them all, of course. The hunt continues.
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It's good too know there is someone protecting neurotic OCD people such as myself by fixing this massive injustices.
Is the reason READ is in all caps but "Cancel" is not in order to emphasize you'd rather people read them than cancel?
On my Nexus 7, limited to what types of media I have, and hence can see buttons for: In Magazines, BUY and SUBSCRIBE are in caps. In Movies, RENT, BUY, DOWNLOAD, and PLAY are in caps. In Apps, INSTALL is in caps, however Uninstall and Open are not in caps. In Music, LISTEN is in caps. In Books, READ is in caps. It seems like for buttons in the top section, non-capitalized text is a fluke.

I was theorizing Cancel and Uninstall might be lower case because they're removals, but Open being lower case in Apps broke the theory. I'm tempted to buy an app just to check "refund".
(Since I'm on a short roll, and I just noticed this... +Yonatan Zunger, on the comment above me, viewing from my circle, shows an "Expand this comment"/"Collapse this comment" that does nothing. Actually, expanding it shifts what's below it by what I estimate to be one pixel. Do you know who tackles that part of the Google+?)
+Jake Weisz A Wizard Appears!

You mean your own comment above? The expando widget is working properly for me. Are you seeing this in the stream view, or in the notifications drop-down?
+Yonatan Zunger I'm in stream view. But not All, I'm viewing a specific circle. (Specifically, I hit the button for my Following circle at the top, right next to the All.) And yeah, my comment from 2:38 PM (CST)

The expand/collapse widget is not hiding or showing any text. Just moving a pixel up/down.
Here's what I got out of this: you subscribe to Marie Claire magazine. We'll be discussing on Monday.
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