Death by a thousand paper cuts, ongoing.

These things usually slip through the sieve of teardowns, but they are still annoying enough to mention and fix. In the redesigned Play Store, full-row highlights/taps are reserved for section headers. Headers that have large title (and optional subtitle), with the "more" label styled as a button. While the button styling aims to convey the clickability of such a header, the full-row tap target aims to make it easier to browse full content of the relevant section.

On details pages we show three reviews and add "All reviews" footer to view all reviews. The styling of the "All reviews" button is consistent with the "See more" buttons along the right edge, but it's not really a section header. However, the highlight/tap behavior was the same. And it's not really a good idea to mix visual/behavioral paradigms for content of different type - unless that's an explicit intent.

So in this release only the button gets the highlight, and you have to tap the button (including some space around it implemented using a TouchDelegate) to go to see all reviews.
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