Interesting. This aims the "I" in IDEs so much further than what we have now. The Kickstarter page for the project lists an ambitious timeframe - only a year, but the guy is not new to the world of IDE development itself.

For all the nice things enabled by the embedded inspect / live edit tools in the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox, they feel very awkward and un-integrated.

I know i've posted quite a few jabs about Eclipse, but it is a fantastic development environment for Java. But, once you want to go and venture into debugging and tweaking, things become more awkward and unhelpful, very fast. Some of it is the limited capabilities of the compiler, some of it is the limited capabilities of the runtime / virtual machine, and some of it is the sheer amount of UX and UI work needed to understand and crystallize how to expose the "post-code-writing" flows in simple yet powerful ways.

For Android I certainly wouldn't mind being able to change a few places in my XML resources (font sizes, margins, paddings, alignments) and seeing the live changes happening on the screen "magically". Of course this magic has to be fast to be truly magical, and that would require big investment in quite a few pieces. Such investment is measured in multiple man-years, which is why i'm not overly optimistic how far Chris Granger will be able to take this concept outside the scope of a few dynamic languages that seem a better initial fit for his project.
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