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I was thinking. I got family all over the world. My parents families who are still in Japan. (Both Grandparents so I have a lot of cousins in Japan) Then my Husband who has family in the Philippines. (His Grandfather is from the Philippines) And he some family in Canada as well as his Great-Grandmother's family from the Azores. I think it's time he picked up his passport so i can take him traveling. tee-hee! ^_^
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Well if you two do take a trip to Japan, I want to come along. It's been way too long since I've seen our grandparents. ^^
Sure thing. Grandma was just asking about you the other day. ^_^
Grandma is always asking about her. Playing favorites. Damnit. j/k lol
Well I am the youngest (and cutest) out of all of you. So of course. tee-hee! I'm kidding! ^_^
We were waiting for you to say that exact thing. lol