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Kiri Mohan
A Virtual Assistant Who Provides Dependable Services with Reliable Results
A Virtual Assistant Who Provides Dependable Services with Reliable Results


Hi all,

I was hoping to get some guidance/advice/recommendations on some online seminar systems. Some of you have probably used it with clients and/or your own business as well.

I went to a networking event for EA's a few nights ago and presented about VA's and how to become one. There was a lot of interest and people asked if I could do an online webinar. It got me thinking. I know how to use Zoom, WebEx, and GTM, but I don't have much experience with how to get people to pay a small fee to join.

1) What are platforms you recommend? It can be free or not free.
2) I would say it should hold a maximum of 50 people.
3) Unlimited time (though I doubt it would go over an hour)
4) How do I get people to pay?
5) And most importantly - how do I do it so that when they pay for it, they don't have the ability to forward the information to other people? That is, if they sign up and a link is sent to them, it would be annoying for them to forward to 4 of their friends and they all get to see the webinar for free.

Any advice would be helpful!


Are any of you VAs also good at graphic design? I have a very, very simple project. I'd pay, of course, but need an image of a bandana that we're sending to manufacturers in a .psd or tiff file.

Email me at


Hi all...

I'm wondering if there are any stellar executive assistant VA's out there who might be willing to join my team?

I am all booked up but hate turning away EA requests because that's what I excel at.

You would have to love calendar management, booking travel and working with entrepreneurs/executives. If you've been an EA in a corporate life - even better! Any other skills you have are definitely a website editing, social media, etc.

Let me know if that's you by emailing me at


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No idea on the pricing but it looks like Craiglist actually has a real VA posting if anyone is interested:

I need a little bit of outside-the-box thinking/brainstorming.

I have a client whom, as her business has grown, has been taking on more of the management role and delegating. This is great, but she finds she needs some way to track everything.

I'm trying to find something that works for her. Online project management tools have been a dud and we've tried quite a few. Her team is (in her words) "computer illiterate" so email is pretty much the most they do. You can guess that PM tools were beyond them and no one updated it.

Because of that, I opted to create an excel spreadsheet tracking clients and projects. It worked for a while, but there wasn't a good way to update it and they were all uninterested in using google drive/sheets.

I'm really stuck. By the end of 2017, I want to have some kind of project management tool that she and her team uses but I'm hitting a wall. I don't mind being the one who updates it and reaches out to everyone for updates, but it sounds like something central would work better.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Any of you VA's out there an Excel wiz? I have a client who needs help with a project and it's out of my scope. Specifically, one of the things needed is you need to know how to work with macros/data validation to ensure that certain fields are populated.

I would obviously pay you for this project if you could help! Let me know.

Is the client always right?

I just had the first situation in 3 years of business - the client was extremely unhappy with one of my subcontractors work. In fact, they got quite nasty at some points.

Part of their anger seemed to stem from the fact that I did not immediately agree with them that the work produced was unacceptable. I wanted to know the directions he gave them so that I could better understand why they did what they did and where it was coming from.

I feel that even though my subcontractors are not employees - they are still part of my team and I want to hear all sides of the story and try to understand where the breakdown happened instead of immediately jumping in to placate the client (which I tried to do in different ways).

The client dropped my business like a sack of hot potatoes and I'm left feeling a little befuddled. Should I have agreed with him right off the bat? I didn't think the work was that bad though I did see some mistakes.

So that got me thinking - IS the client always right? Even if I don't believe it, or I'm trying to see all sides, should I agree with them for the sake of it?

Random q - I'm doing some research for a client because she wants to submit some work for Marketing or Communications Awards.

Is there something like this for VA's/Administrative Consultants? Awards we can apply for? I did a light google search and all I found was something in the UK which doesn't help us American based VAs!

Hi all,

I have a client looking for a VA who can write blog posts on behalf of them. There could also be some data entry work involved in this, but the majority would be working with blog posts.

They have ideas and want to make them into blog posts that will be combined into an eBook. There will be around 2 posts a week and the books will be around 50 pages max. All writing will have a step-by-step process and/or product reviews.

Outlines and overviews will be provided, but at times it will just be posting and adding a pic. Other times it needs research. There will be constant back and forth until a version is ready but the VA needs to OWN this. They have a process to follow as well.

The VA should speak and write in English proficiently - fun writing, not formal.
Must have internet access (I would like a weekly or bi-weekly meeting)
Take small steps forward on big projects
Google Docs & Project Board (I like Trello)
Work minimum of 10 hours a week

If this sounds like a good fit for me at


Hey all - I got an email from Google Apps saying that Google+ is now part of it's "core". Does anyone understand this or can explain it to me? What's happening with G+?
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