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Keeping Up with the Debt Collection Industry
The debt collection and general financial services industry
is one that is constantly changing and growing. And, if your debt collection
business isn’t keeping on top of things, you could wind up falling behind,
which could lead to losing out to the competi...

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How to Write Debt Collection Policies and Procedures
It is advisable for every third party debt collection agency to have, in
writing, and to follow a set and well-enforced code of policies and
regulations. If written correctly, policies and procedures will allow your
business to function more smoothly and ef...

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Consent and Revocation of Consent in the Debt Recovery Industry
Recently, an act was passed known as the Telephone Consumer
Protection Act. This Act requires accounts receivable collection agencies to obtain and document
contact consent, meaning, in other words, permission for them to contact
consumers in an effort to c...

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Are Convenience Fees Allowed in Debt Recovery
A lot of the time, when account receivable professionals are attempting to
collect on a debt, they don’t want to collect on just the debt itself. Instead,
they also want to charge a “collection” fee or “convenience” fee in addition to
the debt amount.    Th...

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Hopeful Trends in the Financial Industry
When the recession hit, it hit hard, and a great many
businesses were seriously affected. However, few were as badly affected as the
financial service industries, which really suffered. In fact, most financial services companies have not fully recovered fro...

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Do Debt Collection Agencies Progress Lawsuits to Trial?
The United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit
has recently ruled that debt collectors are not violating the law if they file
a lawsuit against a debtor but then do not go to trial; in fact, according to
the ruling, even if debt collectors never...

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Increase Productivity and Decrease IT Expenses
Modern-day businesses are made up of many parts and
departments, and it is incredibly important that each department is aware of
what each other department is doing and integrates this knowledge into its
daily functioning. That’s because the “pieces” or dep...

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Unfair Laws Against Debt Collectors
It is certainly no secret that being a debt collector is
hard work. These professionals must deal with rude people, hang-ups, and, more
often than not, low success rates. On top of all of these problems, however,
they typically face lawsuits from consumers ...

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How Consumers Can Interact with Debt Collections
When consumers owe a debt, they should, of course, make
every attempt to pay it.Not doing so is not only immoral and unethical, but it
is also an easy way to ruin one’s credit and find accounts sent to collections. However, before paying on a debt that they...

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How NOT to Deal with Debt collectors
For most people, there is nothing worse than picking up the
phone to find a debt collection agency representative on the other line. If, however, a debt collector
does call, it is extremely important to handle the call the right way. In fact,
there are many...
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