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Running into "enter billing" issues while creating an Ad Grant account? Here is how to set it up correctly.
One of the questions that I hear often over in the Google Ad Grants Help forum within the AdWords Community is: “Why do I have to enter billing information to activate my Ad Grants account if it is free?” The short answer is, you do not, even though the…

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Looking to apply for Google's $40K/month Ad Grant called GrantsPro? Here is something you should read first to avoid your application from being rejected.
#nonprofit   #AskAdGrants   #googlegrants  #grantspro
A user in the Google Ad Grants Help Forum where I am the moderator (or what Google calls a ‘Top Contributor’) commented on the number of posts they had seen lately about denials for GrantsPro applications and asked if there was anything they should be…

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A good lesson in nonprofit marketing: make sure your imagery matches your cause.
+American Red Cross +CBS Sports+NFL +Buffalo Bills
​ If you want me to donate $10 to help those affected by the snow in New York then do not show pictures of a football stadium that is owned by a multi-billionaire.

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Truly a great group of people and very well deserved recognition for this great Breast Cancer nonprofit that works hard to make recovery a little easier.

Congratulations Cathy and Maureen!
Beyonce is featuring some wonderful people on her website today to highlight Breast Cancer awareness. +Kinsey Street Online Marketing client A Little Easier Recovery is this weeks featured story. Congrats to Cathy and Maureen for the well deserved recognition.

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41 countries. That is a lot of global good. 
Last week I had mentioned the big news that Google For Nonprofits was now in 5 countries but did you know that one of Google For Nonprofits most popular products, Google Ad Grants – Google’s nonprofit version of Google AdWords that provides up to…

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Kinsey Street owner, +Robert Coats, was invited to speak at Google's All Star Summit.
This last week I was honored to be invited by Google to speak on a panel with 4 other agency owners at this year’s Google All Stars Summit. The exclusive event hosted about 200 Google Partner agencies and the panel fielded a range of questions on running…

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Big news for nonprofits and Google Ad Grants - GrantsPro returns! $40K/month in free AdWords advertising for qualified nonprofits

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We're hosting an exclusive Google event on how to grow your business on May 21st, and you're invited to join us in beautiful Snoqualmie, WA.

It's a great opportunity to learn from Google experts about how to grow your business. We'll provide refreshments, all we need is your company.

Please RSVP as soon as possible. We'd love for you to come learn with us.

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Our latest review for our service helping nonprofits with their Google Ad Grant. 5 stars!

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The founder of Kinsey Street, +Robert Coats, shares 13 tips for Ad Grants set-up and management.
As the Top Contributor over at  the Ad Grants Help Forum for the past several years, having helped hundreds of nonprofits and answering thousands of questions regarding Ad Grants, there are certain areas that I have seen grantees struggle with. The following list will help when setting up and managing a Google Ad Grant account.
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