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The original Broadway production of “Jersey Boys,” a jukebox musical that features the story of the 1960s rock ‘n’ roll group The Four Seasons, is currently being performed in Seoul, South Korea Korea from January 17 – March 23, 2014.

“Jersey Boys” runs until March 23 at Samsung Card Hall at the Blue Square in Seoul.

JERSEY BOYS is the real true-life story of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons about a group of blue-collar boys from the wrong side of the tracks who became one of the biggest American pop music sensations of all time. They wrote their own songs, invented their own sounds and sold 175 million records worldwide – all before they were 30!

This multi-award winning international smash hit Broadway musical has been seen by over 18 million people worldwide and now Korean audiences can see this musical phenomenon featuring a nineteen-member combined SA and international touring cast and 10-piece live band.

KINSA (Korea International Student Association) is promoting a ticket giveaway event to 10 LUCKY WINNERS. Each winner will receive 2 FREE TICKETS that are worth 80,000 – 140,000 KRW each.



1) Date : Sun. Feb. 2nd, 2014, 2 PM Show

2) Location : Blue Square, Samsung Card Hall in Seoul

3) Directions : Go to Hangangjin Station (Line 6), Exit 2 or 3


1) “LIKE” KINSA on Facebook at :

2) “TAG” a friend you would like to attend the musical with under this post. AND also have your friend “LIKE” KINSA on Facebook.

3) “SHARE” this post on your friend’s Facebook wall.

4) EMAIL the following details : Name, Contact number, Your Facebook Link, and your friend’s Facebook Link to


-DEADLINE: THUR. JAN. 30, 2014



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[Scholarship for international students who live in Korea/Scholarship in Korea/Undergraduate scholarship in Korea]

2014년 GKS외국인 우수자비 장학생을 아래와 같이 모집합니다.


GKS 외국인 우수자비 장학생은 교육부 국립국제교육원에서 외국인 자비 유학생 중 성정우수자에게 장학금을 지급함으로써 성공적인

유학생활에 대한 성취동기를 부여하기 위해 모집합니다. 많은 지원 바랍니다.


1. 장학금 지원 내용: 600만원 이내 (월 50만원)


2. 장학금 수혜 기간: 2014.3 ~ 2015.2 (12개월 이내)


3. 지원 자격: 다음 조건을 모두 충족할 수 있어야 함.


   1) 신청일 현재 국내 대학 학부 2,3,4 학년에 재학중인 외국인 자비 유학생 (학부생)

    * 한국정부, 대학 또는 타 기관에서 제공하는 유사 장학금 수혜자 (30만원 초과인 경우 제외)

   2) 전체 재학기간동안 100점 만점에 평균 80점 이상인 자

   3) 직전학기 학점이 100점 만점에 평균 80점 이상인 자

   4) 한국어능력검정시험 4급 (TOPIK)이상인 자


4. 신청서류 제출:

  "온라인 신청-> 본 외국인 지원센터로 신청서류 제출"

   1) 한국유학종함시스템(에 접속-회원가입-온라인 지원-지원서 출력 단계

   2) 온라인 지원 기간: 2014.1.28 (화) ~ 2014.2.17 (월)

   3) 신청 서류 제출: 외국인 지원 센터로 제출

   4) 신청 서류 방문 제출 기간: 2014.1.28 (화) ~ 2014.2.21 (금)  - 각 학교마다 다를 수 있으니 확인 할것 !


5. 신청 서류

   1) 지원서 1부 (온라인 신청 후 시스템에서 출력)

   2) 여권 사본 1부

   3) 재학 증명서, 성적 증명서 각 국문 1부씩

   4) 한국어능력검정시험 (TOPIK) 성적표 1부

   5) 공인 외국인 능력검정 증명서 1부 (해당자만 제출)

   6) 자기소개서, 학업계획서 (자필 한국어로 작성, 지정된 양식 사용) 1부

   7) 추천서 1부 

   8) 기타 관련 서류 각 1부 (봉사활동 증빙자료 등_해당자만 제출)


6. 유의사항

제출된 서류는 일체 반환하지 않으며 지원서의 기재 내용이 부정확하거나 미비서류가 있는 경우에는 선발대상에서 제외됨

*자세한 사항은 국립국제교육원(의 내용을 참고하시기 바랍니다.

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[Job in Korea/Internship in Korea/Part-time in Korea/Full-time in Korea for international students]

-Company Name: Yujin robot

-Job title: Embedded Linux Programmer 

-Job Status: Intern

-Location: Seoul

-Job Description:
   1. Programming in embedded linux environment
- Embedded Linux glibc upgrade and device driver programming
- Number of available positions: 1

   2. Linux application development
- WebRTC Native API programming
- Network programming
- Number of available positions: 1 

- Degree Level:Bachelor’s Degree 

-Pay: 1,500,000 KRW Per Month

For more information, please visit KINSA website (>
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★ TOPIK is reorganized the format from 20th July, 2014 ! ★
[TOPIK/Korean language test/tip for  TOPIK]
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[Announcement of Winners] KINSA-G market 300,000 Gmarket Global eMoney Giveaway

*Here we make an announcement of winners of the event. *

'Join KINSA & G market now and get 300,000 Gmarket Global eMoney for all new members!' which run from Dec.18st to Jan. 05th. 

We're proud to announce the lucky winners of the event.

ID                           PRIZE
ruacon               \300,000 Gcash
kibonkoech       \100,000 Gcash
zizutg                  \100,000 Gcash
lovvelygin           \30,000 Gcash
magrea94            \30,000 Gcash
kcrico                    \30,000 Gcash

In order to receive your prize, Winners need to send us email ( with your ID & copy of passport (or Alien Registration Card)

After checking the personal information, the prize will be delivered afterwards.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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Full-time job in Korea/ Employment in Korea/ International Students in Korea

[ Full-time ] Samsung Delight 

-Job Description:

 1) protocol & tour service for tourists/visitors 

 2) Sub PR Marketing 


-Working period: 1st, Feb. 2014 ~ 1st, Feb. 2015


-Payment : within 2,000,000 kwn per year



 1) Fluent in English or Chinese ( Need to speak Korean a bit)

 2) able to work from Feb., 2014

 3) University graduate or a graduate-to-be within Feb., 2015    


-Working place: Samsung Delight, Gang-nam

For more information, please visit KINSA website (


 1) 삼성딜라이트 홍보관 내 의전 및 관람안내
 2) Main외국인의전 및 관람안내 / Sub 딜라이트 PR마케팅


-업무기간: 2014. 02.01~2015.02.01


-보수: 2000만원 내외



 1) 영어 또는 중국어 능통자(한국어 초급수준)
 2) 정규대학 졸업 또는 예정자(2015년 2월 이내)국적무관, 2014년 2월 근무 가능자

-업무장소: 삼성딜라이트 홍보관


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*Part-time job in Korea/Employment for international students who currently live in Korea *

[ Part-time ] Lifecare

-Company Name: Lifecare

-Job Description: E-mail translation & translation service for patient

 -Payment: 15,000 kwn per hour


 1) Native Russian Speaker

 2) fluent in Korean

 -Working place: Gang-nam, Seoul

For more information, please visit KINSA website (

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Full-time job/Job in Korea/Employment for International students who currently live in Korea

[ Full-time job] Halcyon Search International

1. Job Title :Chinese Speaking Accounting Clerk 

2. Job Description:
[Accounting Clerk]
-Cash flow
-Overall accouting duties
-2+ experience in accouting
-Excellent Mandarine and English skills
-Manufacturing industry experience preferred

Please submit resume to 

3. Job Type: Full-time job

4. Payment:  Negotiable USD Per Year

5. Location: Seoul , Korea

6. Degree Level :Associate Degree 

For more information, please visit KINSA website (
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★Part-time Job: Howoo Tour Company★

* If you're hired by Howoo Tour Company, KINSA will provide you a congratulatory payment of 50,000kwn. *

Company Name: Howoo Tour Company

-Available Position: Researcher


1) fluency in Korean is above intermediate level

2) fluent in Russian

3) able to work at home four days a week and work at the office one day 
office is located in Hongdae (홍대)

-Duty: Market research for tour company in Russia

-Working period: 3month

-Application deadline: ~ 10th, January 2013

For more information, please visit KINSA website at (
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[ Full-time ] 기아자동차(KIA MOTORS) - Overseas PR  

Full-time Job in South Korea

For more information, please visit KINSA website at (
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