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Module updated to support PrestaShop 1.7.1 and also released following changes

Version - 2017.02.12
Change - Adjusted overrides for PrestaShop 1.7.1
Fix - warning message appears when there is no multiples seller integrated payment modules using "actionAgilePaymentModuleIntegrate"
( Illegal string offset 'agilepaypal' in /home/infin158/public_html/modules/agilemultipleseller/agilemultipleseller.php)
Fix - back office Seller Info management page - Seller Home category dropdownlist does not include "Home"
Fix - back office Seller Info management page - Seller Home category changes does not trigger block category cache.
Fix - Seller Management Panel - When you seller uploads a virtual product download file, it will upload upload 2 times.
Fix - Front store seller management Orders tab, some orders may displayed multuiple times in the list when it has multiple order statuses
Fix - When user manually enter URL of a seller product that has not been approved, it will cause server exception error, changed to show 404 error.

Change - To include the front filemanager in module ZIP package so that it does not need to be copied during installation to reduce installation time
Change - Text type custom fields, changed to max length 4000 characters and multiple line textarea input
change - Changed to hide all shared/public shipping carriers at Seller Management Panel - Shipping page (most customers feedback: confusing sellers)
Feature - Add seller email address "$seller_email" as smarty variable so that it can be used in PDF template
Feature - When upload virtual product digital file, a "uploading in progress" icon will be displayed and it will disappear when upload finished.

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We have added following 2 new features to Agile Seller Messenger
Feature - option to remove phone numbers from all messages send by email
Feature - option to remove email address from all messages send by email

This module facilitates communication between customers and sellers in a multi vendor store. A seller “Q&A” tab will be placed on store front product pages for customers to see previous questions and ask new ones. A “Seller Questions” tab will also be placed in the back office allowing sellers and store admin to see, reply to, and manage messages.
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Agile Seller Dashboard modules

This module is an accessory module of Agile multiple seller/vendor - for marketplace environment. It overrides back office of dashboard modules, so it will show stats info of the logged in seller. This is only for back office, not applicable for front store.

This module will override following PrestaShop original stats modules so that it will work for both store admin and sellers.
When seller logged in, it will show stats of related to the logged in seller. when admin logged in, it will show stats of whole store

At first version, we only support following modules
- Dashboard Trends
- Dashboard Activity
- Dashboard Goals

Note - this module only for back office, so if your seller do not use back office, you do not need this module.
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Agile Two Checkout - a PrestaShop credit card payment module

This is a PrestaShop credit card payment module via payment gateway two Checkout. You can accepts credit card payment from all over the world (in 15 languages and 87 currencies, in 211 markets). It is a very easy/fast/convenience credit card payment module.

PrestaShop 1.7x (Contact us for lower version of PrestaShop)

- customer authorize credit card payment within your store, very convenience
- Support 15 languages, 87 currencies in 211 markets at time of 2017.01.01
- Easy to configure and install
- Lower cost with low transactions (3.4% + $0.45)
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Marketplace solution core module - Agile Multiple Seller/vendor Version released today.

Feature - Show banner or header image on seller virtual shop home page. Seller can upload banner/header image at Seller Business Info page.

Feature - Change all JavaScript alert message to user friendly Modal dialog message box

Feature - When ad new shipping carrier is added, enable all existing installed payment modules for this carrier. (payment module has restrictions on shipping carriers)

Feature - File manager for sellers to upload images and files that can be used in their products and CMS page with the link to the files or images(in seller manager tools module)

Feature - Add new link "Sell with us" on top user info block (area).

Feature - Store(marketplace) owner is able to choose the way of seller product URLs when user at main store or seller virtual shop(multiple shop module).

Improvement - Removed AgileModule class and changed to use override of Module.php to implement some basic common features of agile modules.

Improvement - Moved to manage Google Map api key at agile kernel as common component to be able to share with other modules.

Improvement - Moved and merged cart controller from multiple seller/membership/prepaidcredit module into agilekernel

Remove - The option Store Takes Care of shipping fee cost is removed, because it causes problems when "Seller Collects Payment" mode.
Fix - seller business info page, id_country validation error because of HTML element not formatted properly.

Fix - undefined error when a country contains states and the state is not initialised properly.

Fix - When customer changed password via password recovery or update personal information, the association of customer and seller will got lost.

Fix - Breadcrumb Main store URL was incorrect when user in inside a seller virtual shop. it was pointing to seller virtual shop.

Fix - When there is no seller logo, it should "X" 0 it should show sample logo image "No-Logo".

Fix - Undefined index elinks error on front store - Seller Management Panel - Seller Payment Info page

Fix - When try to send an email to seller for non-seller order (store owner products), because seller does not exists, then invalid email address will cause error.

Fix - Error when try to load saved configuration of CSV field mapping(Agile Seller Tools module)

Fix - Error at deleting product attribute linked images when choose to delete all products before import.(Agile Seller Tools module)

Fix - JavaScript error "Image not found error" at front store seller product editing page - Images tab.
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A new version of Agile Express Checkout module has bee released. The new version of the module is compatible with PrestaShop 1.7x.

we also found following issue and it has been fixed.

Fix - State was not shown when"hide carrier" was chosen. It should appear because it may related to tax calculation.

Using this module, customer registration is not required. It also provides a fast and easy checkout process by allowing the use of Master card, Visa, American Express, debit cards. through Paypal without registration. And, it automatically creates a customer account using the information from Paypal.
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Agile Membership module release
-- support PrestaShop 1.7x

Version - 2016.12.07

Feature - Able to assign a membership to a customer or a seller automatically when customer/seller account is created.
The timing of membership assignment is configurable as following
A. Do not assign (will assign manually)
B. When customer account is created
C. When seller account is created (agile multiple seller module)
D. When seller account is approved (agile multiple seller module)

Feature - Able to choose a specific order status for automatic free trial membership assignment order.

Feature - Configurable to allow only one time free membership or not (It was limited one time only before)

Feature - Front Store - My Membership page - detailed list of available memberships and display different buttons "Purchase", "Renew", "Change Membership" based on current membership, make it more easier for user to choose or change memberships.

Fix - Add limitation of membership type to 100, because most service provider has limitations on HTML input fields in one page - to avoid issues on configuration screen.

Fix - Admin can temporary disable membership, but still able to configure memberships and add membership orders at back office, membership will not show up on front store.

Fix - Fatal error if you delete a product(=membership type) from Memberships category after module configuration

Fix - remove an unused empty java script file from the module.

About Agile Membership
It is a PrestaShop management module which will help store owners manage their membership based online store effectively, and allow them to focus on their business. With Agile Membership, you will have control of membership fees,membership expiration, and member only access content of your store.

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Agile Multiple Shop released

We have just released a new version of Agile Multiple Shop module which is compatible with PrestaShop 1.7.

Version - 2016.12.04

- Compatible with PrestaShop 1.7x
- Rewrote the module based on new Framework of PrestaShop 1.7x
- Feature - The "My Shop" link of back office upper right corner will lik to seller's virtual shop if current logged user is a seller.

- Feature - Breadcrumb will automatically show virtual shop when user is inside of seller virtual shop. it will becomes as following
Main Store / Seller Shop / Women / Dress

The Agile Multiple Shop module is an accessory for the Agile Multiple Seller module. It provides "virtual shop" functionality in the PrestaShop main store, allowing each seller to have their own virtual shop with - a dedicated virtual directory (URL), use their own logo, and even use a completely different theme.

Agile Multiple Seller and its accessory modules will easily turn your PrestaShop store into a marketplace like amazon or ebay to allow customer to register as seller to sell products on your platform.
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Agile Seller Shipping module for PrestaShop released

We released a new version of Agile Seller Shipping module that is compatible with PrestaShop 1.7x. The following changes and enhancement are also included. See our online store for more details.

Version - 2015.12.02

Supports PrestaShop 1.7x

Improvement - Change the range setting page to use rows for zones to support for large number delivery zones.

Improvement - Prevent linked carrier (Seller Default Carrier ) to be deleted. An error will be displayed if admin try to delete the "Seller Default Carrier".

fixed - when you use multiple languages, you are not able to change language at carrier editing page at front store - My Seller Account - Shipping tab

fixed - error when goes to range setting if it is free shipping carrier.

fixed - error page when seller create a new Free Shipping carrier and click "Save" button.

change - removed option "Default Behaviour" from "Billing" (based on price, or weight)
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Version of Agile Seller Commission module has been released and now is compatible with PrestaShop 1.7

Fix - Back office - Module configuration - Configuration option for Whose Cost of discount voucher was incorrect value. So it causes seller sale amount incorrect at commission calculation when discount voucher is used and configuration "Seller Cost"

Feature - Allow admin to specify the order statuses to trigger Seller Commission creation/generation (configure at seller commission module).
Feature - Allow admin to specify the order statuses to trigger Seller Commission cancellation (configure at seller commission module) .
Feature - It is configurable for store admin to choose use Paypal for payments between seller and store or not.
If choose not - Seller will not need to enter Paypal account unless use the seller use Paypal module to accept payment from customers
This configuration is added to Agile Seller Commission module.
Feature - Commission mode: You can choose one of following commission mode
Rate By Category
Rate By Seller
Feature - Export seller commission as CSV file.
Feature - Dependent configuration options appears/hidden automatically based on main configuration items.
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