Linked Data Virtualization meets Oracle via ODBC
I've made no secret of the fact that one of Linked Data's most powerful benefits lies in the realm of data virtualization. In this particular post I showcase the effects of creating linked data views over an Oracle demo database, courtesy of an ODBC connection.

Why is this important?
Enabling the ability to find relevant information across disparate data sources, with precision as opposed to fuzzy text search patterns. This includes lots of serendipity along the way as an added in-built bonus.

Situation Analysis
A typical relational database is endowed with primary keys, foreign keys, and a data dictionary. Collectively, the feature over promise and utterly under deliver. As you will see re., Linked Data, a single data object identifier (a hyperlink) delivers the power of a super key i.e., a single identifier delivers:

1. an unambiguous name
2. a globally unambiguous name that resolves (by de-reference) to its representation (all related records across all tables)
3. data representation in the form of a highly navigable EAV/SPO graph pictorial that's serializable across-the-wire in a variety of formats
4. loose and late schema/dictionary/ontology binding such that changes can occur without schema tweaks while schema tweaks can occur pre or post instance data generation
5. loose and late coupling of data representation and data presentation.

Setup Process
1. Use Virtuoso's in-built data federation/virtualization engine to attach all the tables in Oracle demo HR DB via and ODBC data source name (this works with our own ODBC Drivers for Oracle or those provided by others e.g., Oracle).

2. Use Virtuoso's Linked Data Views wizard to automatically generate and ontology and instance data from the Oracle HR demo database.

3. Start exploring the powerful Linked Data mesh that results from the above.

Sample descriptor document URLs for some of the Linked Data Objects produced by the activities outlined above:

1. -- Programmer Object (instance of Jobs Class) .

2. -- Jobs Class and Instances .

3. -- IT Department (instance of Departments Class) .

4. -- Departments Class and Instances .

5. -- Countries Class and Instances .

6. -- Regions Class and Instances .

7. -- Locations Class and Instances .

8. -- Holistic View of Classes and Properties from Data Source Ontology .


1. -- how to attach 3rd party ODBC or JDBC accessible RDBMS Tables to Virtuoso with Linked Data virtualization in mind

2. -- importance of enterprise Linked Data.
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