X.509 Certificate with WebID watermark Generator for Windows
A simple utility for generating X.509 certificates with WebID watermarks.

Removing the following impediments to massive use of X.509 and PKI:

1. Artificial dependency on CA networks
2. Non Existent Trust Agility.

Once the impediments above are removed, PKI can actually deliver on the goals inherent in its design i.e., deliver ability to verify identifiers associated with people, organizations, machines across private and public networks (e.g. Internet). Adding a WebID based watermark to an X.509 certificate via the Subject Alternative Name slot is the key to enabling vital trust agility components:

1. exploitation of AWWW (Architecture of the World Wide Web) - URIs (for Names and Addresses)
2. structured profiles
3. trust logic - via semantically rich relations that are expressible in a variety of syntaxes while being constrained by a conceptual schema in the form of first-order logic.

1. start the CertGen.exe executable on Windows -- note, this utility will also be ported to Mac OS X, iOS, and Android.
2. follow the Wizard based interaction dialogs to walk you through the Certificate attribute capture process
3. use SPARQL Insert option to persist a semantically rich and machine readable relation (in triple / 3-tuple form) that associates your WebID with the Public Key of the generated certificate, to your Personal Data Space.


1. http://youtu.be/mjgXsjd8PDE -- old demonstration of OpenID+WebID protocol using Safari on Mac OS X
2. http://youtu.be/gzqHVUb3qrw -- ditto using IE (shows the Wizard described in this post, but at time of video new SPARQL feature hadn't been implemented)
3. http://blog.thoughtcrime.org/ssl-and-the-future-of-authenticity -- insightful Trust Agility post.

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