The Semantic Web Arrived Unannounced!

Hashtags have basically completed the self-annotating journey towards a Web where links bear fine-grained entity relationship semantics. It's all happening via Hashtags across Web 2.0 platforms using crowd-sourcing patterns. 

Here are some excerpts from a circa 2005 blog post I wrote about the Semantic Web's eventual materialization. 

"Today we are generally excited about "tagging" but fail to see its correlation with the "Semantic Web", somehow? I have said this before, and I will say it again, the "Semantic Web" is going to be self-annotated by humans with the aid of intelligent and unobtrusive annotation technology solutions. These solutions will provide context and purpose by using our our social essence as currency."_

"The annotation effort will be subliminal, there won't be a "Semantic Web Day" parade or anything of the like. It will appear before us all, in all its glory, without any fanfare. Funnily enough, we might not even call it "The Semantic Web", who cares? But it will have the distinct attributes of being very "Quiet" and highly "Valuable"; with no burden on "how we write", but constructive burden on "why we write" as part of the content contribution process (less Google/Yahoo/etc juice chasing for more knowledge assembly and exchange)."  

Original post is at: .

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