OpenID+WebID Proxy Service

Eliminating the need for password based authentication when challenged by OpenID services is simple benefit on offer when WebID is used in conjunction with OpenID via a proxy service.

Simple Example

Our service includes an OpenID+WebID proxy that you can use via the  URL pattern:{WebID}

OpenID+WebID Proxy URL Example:

You can test this pattern with any existing OpenID instance and simply enjoy the benefit of not having to enter your user name and password since redirection to WebID handles that, leaving you to simply present an X.509 cert when challenged for identity authentication by OpenID services.

Example OpenID Authentication Service Endpoints:

1. -- for signup
2. -- authentication
3. -- simple and functional OpenID service 
4. --
5. -- StackOverflow .


1. -- using OpenID+WebID protocol via Safari
2. -- using OpenID+WebID protocol on Windows . 

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