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When you search on the pattern: van gogh , via Google Search, do you get the effects of the new Knowledge Graph feature? Either way, respond to this or related threads.

This Google Drive Folder holders screenshots showing different results: .

At the current time, I postulate that this is an example of profile driven analytics in action.

Note, there's nothing wrong with profiling (in this context) since that's good old graph analytics en route to constructing what Google sees as an optimal bootstrap and rollout path. Note for instance, this time around they didn't take the Hollywood celebs route, instead (my theory for now) they've honed into journalists, analysts, bloggers and other profiles that a promotion oriented etc..

Anyway, data will ultimately prove my theory right or wrong :-)

/cc +Paul Miller +Eric Franzon +Ross Singer +Sean Golliher

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I've added a Google Drive URL to a folder that holds both pictures re. Google Search results. See: .

My Theory: Google has opted to rollout using a bootstrap chained culled from a profile graph. Nothing wrong with that per se., since its a good example of graph analytics dog-fooding etc. :-)

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I don't usually search for "Van Gogh" or anything that is covered by Knowledge Graph or Linked Data projects, in general. Despite the progress we're seeing, it doesn't serve the needs of, but rather, entertains people. Still a long way to go ;-)
+Slava Kravchenko -- depends. At this time, does Google's KnowledgeGraph sidebar appear in your query results? This is the critical first step of my experiments. All I have is a "theory" at this point :-)
still the same sidebar as in the past with links to everything (!?), images, news and the like. i'm logged in to my g+ account and in austria. is it released at all yet?
interesting! i just tried with searches i do often like searches for flights to bangkok or guesthouse in cambodia... i know that this is already known to google, because i'm getting flight promos very often as advertisments...
on the other hand i hardly tag my g+ comments..
+Jürgen Umbrich -- my theory is that analysts, journalists, bloggers, and similar profiles have been given precedence. I would even go as far as suspecting that many hardcore Semantic Web and Linked Data profile types may be the last to see this sidebar .

Anyway, this is all my own theory for now :-)
I see the sidebar consistently on different browsers, regardless of logged in state. Interesting experiment, Kingsley!
Good theory. But, I think it might be more about finding the right terms for a given profile. I'm currently in Ireland, using Chromium/Ubuntu and I don't see it.
I don't see the sidebar on chrome.
I see the right panel on firefox - must be some cash settings
I wonder if not for wikipedia, how will they do their summaries.
Most of the search results seem like having summaries straight first 5 sentences out of wikipedia.. i m trying to do a search that doesn't have wikipedia pages
Dr. Finin - they have a node for you in their graph!! sent u a fb mesg on it..
+Gunjan Kalra -- what's really important to those of us that fall into the profile: Semantic Web or Linked Data enthusiast, is whether hyperlinks function as keys for the data objects (items) in this Knowledge Graph. For instance, does the sidebar actually have a hyperlink for Van Gogh? By this I mean:

1. -- DBpedia's Hyperlink based 'Super Key'

2. -- Freebase (owned by Google) .
Whoever said that linked data people will be the last to see this, you're probably right; I do not see it lol.
+Brigitte Schuster sees it and she is not involved in SW/LD stuff, but in design and arts instead. Located in Switzerland and uses Chrome.
Thanks for the pointer Kingley i will check that later tonight. I just realized, and probably misled people into thinking browser issues. I was logged into a fairly new, possibly least profiled google account on firefox that let me see the knowledge bar.. and chrome had me logged in as my very-semantic-and likned data profiled account and hence no knowledge graph side bar. 
+Kingsley Idehen I'm sorry, I don't see a pattern yet, if we exclude randomness as a pattern class of its own. Need broader sample data :)
+Sarven Capadisli -- patterns :

1. rollout is uneven
2. minority of respondents to this post have access to the service.

My theory isn't proven, but we still have patterns :-)
So actually logged in with my address I got the sidebar, but NOT with my gmail (yet). There was a small link to wikipedia in the sidebar.
+Melvin Carvalho -- so its safe to conclude, no Linked Data URIs. We still have pictures enticing eyeballs. Basically, information and data aren't separated etc..
Nothing for me, in any browser, in either Canada or the US.
Thought about asking some of the freebase folks about it? They are probably "close enough" to the google search team rolling this sort of thing out.

There's a mix of both in and outside of google +Shawn Simister and +Thad Guidry for example.
Unfortunately I can't comment on how Google rolls out new features in Search.
Nothing for me, either here (Firefox on Ubuntu) or at work (multiple browsers on Windows). Mentioned your theory on my blog, will be interested to see if you come to any conclusions.
So "Paris France" at a minimum should be showing up for most folks from what I gathered so far internationally from other friends and folks around the world (Ukraine, China, and France) that I spoke with today. For Locations, you will get a small map on the right Fact Panel, it may or may not have a small grey handle underneath the map or fact panel to click on that will drop down showing more content from the Google Knowledge Graph - GKG. If you are more unclear about your search terms such as "Paris", you might have to add more keywords. Depends on the rarity of combined search terms. "Gandhi" appears to show up just fine for those folks with only that term alone to quickly see facts about Mahatma Gandhi, for instance....without fully typing out "Mahatma Gandhi". "museums in Paris" But basically... thus far... any famous person or musical artist is showing up..."Adele" or "Sun Tzu" ... along with Locations, both popular and obscure... "shanghai china" or "hefei china". But you will still see differences yet with more terms, but expect the natural language system to get a bit smarter in the future, and for now, remove adjectives and stick to simple noun/verb questions... like "parks in dublin ireland" is still semantically different than "public parks in dublin ireland" and GKG does not understand those subtleties yet. Give it 1 or 2 more years and you'll laugh at this comment, when it begins to autocomplete your entire sentences based on your previous days research and searching. :P
+Shawn Simister -- be rest assured all options where exhausted prior to me writing this post. Basically, I (and many other respondents to this post form the Semantic Web and Linked Data communities) assumed it hadn't been released at all until (in my case) I read +Paul Miller's post.
No side-bar for me too. For those who are getting the knowledge graph results, I am curious to know how Google is dealing with ambiguous queries, e.g. Michael Jordan, George Bush, Apple, Jaguar ?
I see it consistently when signed in, but re-running searches after logging out does not produce/expose it.
I don't get it yet. I've used Firefox and Chrome browsers from a Windows 7 machine in the UK when signed in.
It works for me with a German IP on when logged in but neither when logged out nor on and other national variants. I will be interested to see them add data for products and brands, i.e. from Freebase and GoodRelations data.
I see it now \o/

All I did was install Ubuntu 12.04 on my machine this morning.

Conclusion: Install +Ubuntu to +1 on the InterWebs ;)
+Sarven Capadisli - No, it isn't about Ubuntu. I suspect a majority of the folks on this thread now see the sidebar. I do now :-)

Conclusion: this was a selective rollout based of a profiling algorithm. Note, the pages promoting the sidebar gave no indication of the nature of the rollout. They could have just said: this service would be rolled out gradually over the coming days should the demo links not work etc..

Remember, there's nothing wrong with dog-fooding graph analytics and then using it to phase the rollout of a product or service. It only get's murky when the audience is unaware of what's happening.
+Kingsley Idehen As long as I'm using Google's ".com" domain, it works. Never liked that annoying "localization" feature, since I travel a lot around EU. Now I know exactly why :)
+Slava Kravchenko -- its started working today for most. Yes, the localization issue is just another example of a broken profile driven algorithm. I was in Spain last year, and I had to resort to Bing! as I don't speak or read Spanish :-)
+Stéphane Corlosquet -- I believe most respondents that didn't have access yesterday, actually have access today. It was a staggered rollout and profile driven (not a bad thing). They should have just been clearer about that part :-)
When Im logged into G+, I see the sidebar too but don't see it when I'm not logged in !
GKG showed up for me this morning.
All: If Google had clearly stated that the rollout was staggered this thread would be shorter :-)
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